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September 28, 2005


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Sara P.

Thanks, MD! Been waiting for a new mailbag for a long time. This one didn't disappoint!


MD, you should be a writer. That is some funny shit.


Wow, as always, very informative. 1) It reinforced the rule about not eating yellow snow. 2) I will definitely make sure my blog is spell-checked (wouldn't want to piss off MD!) and 3)I need to get famous so we can enshrine my brother in the Fredo Hall of Fame!

Great post. I can't wait for October's Mailbag!


Are you sure you only have 11.5 months of parenting experience?


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Strunk & White. Elements of Style is my favorite! Have you read "Woe is I" or "Eats, Shoots, Leaves?"
(I'm a dork. I know)


I'll agree with Landismom, MD. You are wise beyond your parenting years. Having raised 3 children, I've always believed that two keys to success are being able to improvise and thinking on your feet. And most important? Have a great sense of humor about it all. You've definitely got it covered.

One Eye Jones

Winona Ryder "fucking her way to the bottom?" That is a classic line. Gonna have to remember that one!


For the poop artist? What about Duct Tape! 1001 uses, including keeping diapers tamper proof.


Someday all of winona ryder's ex-boyfriends should form a band. The white guy with dreads from soul asylum could be the lead singer. Ryan Adams could mope and smash things. Beck could actually make the music. And maybe they could teach Johnny Depp a few chords so he could play rhythm guitar, provided he eventually stops acting so fucking french.

They could be the Traveling Wilburys of the 21st century! The music will be really crappy but you'll have to watch the streaming video podcast just to see how they've all aged.


Ok, come clean. How many kids did you have BEFORE your 11.5 month old? I propose we start our own blog/TV-show/sitcom/book deal/kindergarten and make quadrillions. You can be the funny writer and I'll be the boring assistant/accountant in the background. I promise only to hire gorgeous blond Swedish women as staff.


Queen of Ass

Do you think the playboy thing will work if my son's 6? I'm trying to wean him from my bed and get him in his own, but so far, it's been a damn long process.


Well, I wish I had read your advice on artistic poopage BEFORE I started potty training. It probably would have saved me a lot of grief.

Billy Carter--snort!!!

I sincerely look forward to next month's mailbag!


I think your advice is dead-on. Just so you know, I still take off my diapr and play with my poop, too. So I appreciate you not allowing that stick-in-the-mud mommy to stifle her creative child's poop-frolicking tendencies.

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