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September 29, 2005


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Those are fucking hysterical titles. Here's one for you.

"I'm Uptown. You're Downtown. Let's Meet in Chelsea."


"I'm crazy for you like the homeless man outside my window"


"My Yankee Cap Don't Fit Over My Mullet So Good"


"Is That A Gun In Your Pocket or Are You Happy To See Me?"


I got nothing! Just wanted to say that your song titles were hilarious. And I want to hear the songs that you and Bosslady make up! Especially that one about SPAM. Mmmmm...Spam!


"I'll Be Your Bagel, If You'll Be My Schmear."


In honor of Johnny Cash, and all those New Yorkers wearing black:

"I Walk the Subway Line"


Those are ingenius! You are one witty dude, MD. And you might actually have a future career in country music!


"I'd die for you but I'd kill for your apartment"


Lemme get this straight -- no country music stations in NYC??? Maybe the city isn't as bad as I thought it was after all.

Peter's Papa

Brilliant! That is a fun game. Be back when my creativity kicks in.


You must check out the band Banjo & Sullivan. They're the ones who got murdered in Rob Zombie's "The Devil's Rejects". There are some great titles on their CD like: "I Was Tryin' to Quit, But Now I've just Quit Tryin'", "I'm Home Gettin' Hammered While She's Out Gettin' Nailed", not to mention "Lord Don't Let Me Die in a Cheap Motel". Excerpts are on Amazon.


"Wild Wild (Upper) West (side)".

I love the Blues Brothers quote.


HAHAHA.. As a county lover, I have to say, your songs might actually make it. I have one to add to the list. "Oh shit, my dog just ate Paris Hilton's dog."

the weirdgirl

This would be perfect for my area:
"Over-bid House, Underpaid Love"

And for those of us geeks:
"You Bought My Truck Off eBay but Got My Heart for Free."


As a hater of country music, I loved this post. Brings a little bit of rock and roll attitude to country. Well done, Metro. Well done.


"My Tits are Fake but My Love is Real"? If that's not the greatest title for an urban country song, I don't know what is. Good one, MD!


As a longtime reader and first-time commentor, I'm writing here to say that I absolutely MUST hear Bosslady's song about SPAM. My family and I are obsessed with SPAM. Must be a Korean thing. It's by far the greatest processed lunch meat ever invented. Goes great with kimchi.


"The Nanny Done Gone and I forgot my kids names."

"He called me Shaina Punim and I Shot Him Dead Last Night"

"My drivers name is Achmed but he's a Cowboy from DesMoines"


Thought of another one:

HymieTown Hoedown


"Without you, I'm just another ho"

"You're my Port Authority Princess. I'm you're Queens Boulevard King."


"I'm a Bandito for Mojitos"

"Take my Heart, Not my Cab"

"Let's Order In from that Redneck Place"


Good one, Metrodad! I only lived in Manhattan for 3 months so I can't really contribute as much to the flavor of life there as I can in SF. So here's my Garth Brooks country ode to San Francisco:

"I've Got Friends in Parking Spaces"


How about "I've Got The I-Can-Pay-$9-For-a-Pack-of-Smokes-But-I-Can't-Smoke-Nowhere-in-Public-Cause-I'll-Get-Arrested Blues.

Wait a minute--that's a blues song--DAMMIT!


"I'd rather see you in Sing Sing than be single in the City"

Mr. Big Dubya

"Here's my BlackBerry, Text Someone Who Cares"

"ConEd Worker's Daughter"

"My girl's gotta turnstyle on her bedroom door and my MetroCard is empty"

"Drop Kick Me [insert non-secular individual here] (Through The Goal Posts Of Life.)"

"There's a Tear in My Cosmo"

"Queen of my walk-up"


"Don't cry on me 'cause I just got this dry-cleaned"

"If you wanna be with me, you know how to text me"

"If you clean the dishes, I'll call for Chinese"


Oh, my Metro. Now THIS subject is something with which I'm intimately acquainted. In fact, if you're interested, I can probably give you the big time hook up for CMA Awards week in November, which is in NYC this year. All the country music your Beer Hector can handle.


"She Up and Left When The Market Went Down."

"Mommas Don't Let Your Babies Grow-Up To Live in Jersey."

"If This Is Hell's Kitchen Then Show Me Stove."

"Lance, He Was Born a Rambles Man."

"She Said, 'What The Fuck Are You Lookin'At Pervert?' And That's The Last I've Seen Of My Heart."


"if ya ain't got the dough, no cameltoe rodeo"


I'm just not creative enough to come up with something . . .


"My Rent Is Controlled But My Heart Done Went Crazy."

the weirdgirl

Oh my Lord! Is it just me, or is Dutch one funny son-of-a-bitch?

chocolate makes it better

Ok how about these.

"Screaming and swearing on the front lawn for your love"

"There's a gap in my heart as big as the one in my teeth"

"My love shines as bright as the red on my neck"

"You might be my cousin, but it's still legal"


Oh my gosh, this made me laugh.


"I promise if you let me do this film, I'll stop, I won't go to Bedstuy Brooklyn to cop"(dope that is) You pretty much crack me up with this post.


My doublewide don't fit on Park Avenue.

hey I gave it a shot.....


"The Co-Op Board Denied You, But Here's the Keys to My Heart"

"That There Rockerfeller Dude Aint as Gold as My Front Tooth"

"All My Ex-es Live in Brooklyn"

"Mama Was Right, Flashers Ride the Subway at Night"

Love the ring/clap one. BWA HAHAHAHAHAHA


"My Love For You Is Stronger Than The Smell Of That Homeless Guy's Urine"
"I Lost My Heart In A Pothole On The BQE"
"I've Tried Brenda, I've Tried Nancy, But I won't Tribeca"


We lost our country station in Los Angeles on August 17th 2006 and banded together as fans to bring country back to LA as members of countryboards.com 6 months later there is now again FM country radio in Los Angeles and Orange County California.
San Francisco followed the Los angeles Lead and now has a country music station.
We have put a section on countryboards.com to assist country fans in New York in getting Country back on your radio dial... www.countryboards.com
We are willing to help you if you want to work to get a station back! It CAN be done, we have seen it happen :)


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