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August 05, 2005


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Cool! I didn't know babies could walk at 10 months! She's not even a year old! Do Asian babies pick things up at a faster pace? And MD, a picture of peanut would be great! :)

Cameron Cavers

That's right, asians are smarter, even at an early age... :)

Actually, I know the average ages in Japan for walking, sitting up, etc. are even later than in North America, so I really doubt that's true. And for what it's worth, my cousin's blond haired green eyed daughter walked from 9 months...

The idea is, the more physical exercise you let a kid do, the stronger and more coordinated you get. Apparently, babies in less developed countries can hold their heads up at 1 month old, and walk way before their first birthday because their parents are holding them and moving them around a lot more than babies in developed countries.

I heard this info before my daughter was born, so I tried to hold her and keep her on my lap while I work (home office) as much as possible. Her neck firmed up before 3 months, she could sit in my lap well from 3 months, sit up on her own at 5 1/2, and at almost 7 months, she's already trying to stand up in the tub and is doing a sort of pre-crawling backwards shuffle. I have a feeling I'm going to have a very similar to Metrodad half-scared/half-proud reaction in another 3 months or so.

I'm not an expert on this stuff, but I'm pretty sure it's all because of the way we've played with her; neither my wife nor I are particularly athletic or anything.


Congrats to the Peanut! I hope you've got everything breakable on lockdown.


yikes, maybe our babies are like sisters with different mothers (why doesn't that sound as cool as brothers with different monthers?)

anyway, my [half korean/half chinese] 10 month old just started walking yesterday too!! i am so scared... and sad that we need to *really* baby proof the house this weekend.


well, you can always lock her in the closet if she gets too rambunctious..he he

okay, i'm just kidding for all of you child welfare agents out there. i've never, ever locked my kids in the closet. no really;P

sorry, i sorta like your blog...


Oh man, does that mean I can be only 8 months away from my lil gal walking? I hope not, I am already dreading her crawling as I will have to childproof everything...

Really, that is so cool for Peanut! I hope you got some of it on video!


I didn't walk until I was 15 months old (and broke straight into a run). I'm hoping, like crazy, the twins take their time too. Hearing your story makes me nervous at the thought of two little ones running - in opposite directions. It feels like we're outnumbered now - I can't imagine what it will be like when they are mobile.

Congrats to Peanut! And a sincere "good luck" to Metrodad and wife!

Linda B

Wow, 10 months huh? I guess the baby proofing will start earlier than you planned :)

My little one (10.5 mo) is just crawling like a mad one and currently emptying the garbage can in our office. I can't imagine what will happen when she starts walking. "SIGH"

The leash sounds like a pretty good idea now doesn't it? Kidding ;)


Congrats and welcome to a whole new world. You will now be taking whatever babyproofing philsosophy that you and your wife may have to a whole new level.

My first daughter didn't walk until 14 months and I was psyched. My younger daughter is probably going to walk sooner. She is 6 months old and really scooting around right now. I will soon be attaching swiffer pads to her onesies with velcro and having her help me clean the floors. I did it with the first one and it was quite funny.

Morphing Mama

Dude, you are in so much trouble. Tod-lar walked at 10 months. It's cool when they walk early, but they still have a 10 month-old's judgment (and, as I'm sure you know, at this age 2 more months is a huge difference cognitively). I couldn't be more than 3 feet from Tod-lar for 3 months. GOOD LUCK!!


Wow! Congrats to Peanut! :D

David Cowan

Having been through the experience now 3 times, I would bet that when Chestnut and Walnut come along, you will see that each child's development (including walking) depends upon the rather random combo of genes, not special parenting. Developmental milestones are early reminders that each child is her own "nutty" self, with a personality that always trumps environment.
...Meanwhile, I hope you've got your stairs gated and the exit doors bolted high!


Heh. Before you know it, she'll be hockin' you for a learner's permit.

One thing is for certain, and you already know it. Your life is about to change, Big Time. From now until you take your last breath, you will always be Running After The Peanut.


Awesome! Sure it's a lot more work running after a toddler, but it's so much fun watching those first few unsteady steps turn into full on running!


Congrats! I can't wait to our Lima Bean gets here, much less walks!!

Clint Carter

Congratulations and put on your running shoes. 6 months ago my son started walking at 10 months, 6 days ago I watched the little hoodlum make a quiet attempt to hurl a stolen watermelon down the basement stairs after sneakily rolling it from our kitchen floor. Needless to say, thanks to him I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since our 8 year old was his age. Actually, it is a blast chasing the little booger.


Heh -- Molly started walking at 10 months, too. We were blowing bubbles and without thinking about it, she just WENT.

Such a special time... enjoy it!


Boy, 10 months? That's pretty early. You'll really have your hands full now. But you know there's a special kind of mommy/daddy radar, and in a few months you won't have to watch her quite as closely.


We're nearly there ourselves. Our wee man is 9 months and is taking 2-3 steps unassisted at a time.
Congrats to Peanut!
Now, move everything breakable up 3 feet.

Queen of Ass

Oh hell. In about a week? You're gonna be writing a post about how much it sucks that she's walking....


One small step for a Peanut, one giant series of anxiety attacks for MetroDad.


Aw, come on! It's okay to be proud! Our little dooder walked at 9 months and my husband has been bragging ever since. He's not the one who had to do the childproofing!


Wow, the new design is great!


COOL!!!!! I am SO sorry to be so sadly behind on my blog reading.

This is great news! My kids walked at 9 and 10 months respectively, and I loved it. Saved my back from having to bend over and hold their fingers while walking.

It will be a few months before you have to chase her (when she starts to RUN), so revel in your good fortune now! ;)

LOVE your new look, too.

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