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August 09, 2005


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Ok dude - you need to retract this apology. 'Cause it's not necessary. I'd guess that Mrs. Armstrong herself would agree with your sentiments about the personality cult that's sprung up around her; she closed her comments because of it. And she's a willing participant in her own popularity, what with the TV and print interviews, speaking engagements, etc. I took your comments not as a jab at her, but at the readers and bloggers who've placed her on a pedestal that's normally reserved for celebrities.


Word, Jason. Just...word.


I didn't think anything of your comments about Dooce. You actually complimented her writing and admitted to reading her site daily (me too, btw). You did liken her blog to Jennifer Anniston's haircut but I'm willing to be she's been called MUCH worse.

Don't turn off your comments section when you get huge, okay?


Who is dooce?

Mr. Big Dubya

Hey - I read that post a few times and really saw nothing wrong with what you said. Actually, I read it only because I liked seeing my name - that was cool, heh, heh, heh.

It was still a good interview and you got your point across about blogs under the radar.


I'm with Jason. I do believe that was a huge overreaction on dooce's part. I guess no matter how big you get, it still hurts when people talk shit about you, even if it only seems like they are talking shit about you (when they're really not). God I'm confused.


Goddammit - I was SO looking forward to Dooce jumping up and singing backup vocals for Ronnie James Dio at the BlogHim Conference. Way to screw that up, MD.

Chocolate makes it better

I hope you had your brown undies on!!


Many great blogs fly under the radar and someday they'll be as big as dooce's. But it's totally unnecessary to tear down one person's blog in order to appreciate anothers.

I know I'm biased but I appreciate your apology and I think it's a good point to think about. Dooce is popular and it doesn't mean she's dead inside. She wants to be appreciated for who she is and what she writes and I hope if I ever get as much traffic as she does, I'll be appreciated for what I write in spite of my popularity.

Have I babbled long enough to win the daily Blabbering Blogger Award?


Why is MetroDad a great dad, in addition to being a great blogger?

Because great dads know that if you hurt someone's feelings, even unintentionally, you apologize.

I hope to be a fly on the wall when you explain the concept of 'sharting' to the Peanut.

The Zero Boss

Come on, people - group hug! GROUP HUUUG!!!


Congrats on the article, and thanks for the mention.

When a glib comment sets off such a large ripple, you know you've arrived.


I read the article and, and, and, you mentioned MEEE! Thank you so much. I read YOU every day too, and now I think I adore you. Wait, I already did.

Don't worry about any reaction to your comment. The last time I checked, it was a free country.

We've all gotten our share of trollery and reaction. It's never fun but that's how people are. If everyone always agreed, life would be pretty boring.


in our house sharting is known as gamble and lose. never pretty. thanks for the laughs.


You are a scholar, a gentleman and a truly hilarious man.

And I agree with landismom. Although I found your comments about Dooce to be completely innocuous, it appears that you did hurt her feelings. And like we try to teach our kids, it's important to say you're sorry. It doesn't always matter if you're wrong or right. What matters is that you can be man enough to apologize. So good for you!

(Sharting! Ha ha...I'm gonna be laughing about that one for days)


Who loves you, MD? Awww yeah!


Wow. Now I want to read this interview and find out what the hubbub is about.

Mrs. PetCobra

Hug it out bitch, hug it out.

And thanks for mentioning my husbands blog - he was on cloud nine all day! :)


Personally, honey, I don't think you said anything wrong that would warrant an apology. However, you are a proper gentleman and I expected no less. Peanut will have to get all her lessons on integrity from you, babe. ILY!

Penny Pressed

Lord knows I worship at the altar of dooce myself, but here's the thing: No one's gonna break your knuckles (or, you know, make it look like a suicide) for being honest and saying anything less-than-ass-kissey about her.

I think, anyway. (When they find your body in the river, let's hope the FBI aren't fans of Mrs. Armstrong, too.)


I'm pretty sure that Heather turned her comments off due to the bandwidth they ate and the monetary cost of that. I'm here because of the interview you gave so that's a plus for you, if you WANT to be more popular.......I'm sure there aren't many of us who don't. If the blogworld is the new highscool and you can actually be popular for the way you think, who wouldn't want to be a part of that?


I think Dooce will survive.

She's popular because, dammit, she's an entertaining read. Well-written blogs that are good reading will find their audience...as yours seems to be doing.

As for you, you perverse man, you, now I know what "shart" means. I am eternally grateful. That one will end up in the Blog d'Elisson dictionary, right up there with "frint."

Ah, the things I learn from blogging. Dutch ovens. Covered wagons. Sharts. Mmmmm, good.


MD could have been more tactful in making his point about 'less traveled' blogs. It's the old "you never lift yourself up by pushing other people down" rule. But, I understand the sentiment.

Reporters operate with a pack mentality. It's great for the few bloggers who stand the spotlight, not so great for everyone else. But isn't that true of fame in general? How many actors and actresses do their thing in Hollywood day in and day out and never get 'discovered'?

Blog like your writing to a friend, but with an outward speaking voice. Enjoy your craft and it won't matter who is watching.


I just wanted to thank you for your kind words about my blog.

To say that I was touched by your words would be an understatement.

Again.. Thank you.

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You did liken her blog to Jennifer Anniston's haircut but I'm willing to be she's been called MUCH worse


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