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July 01, 2005


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You guys have fun!

We are going to a local Bar-B-Que. Usually we just set off fireworks in front of the house. This is the first time in years that we'll be going to someone else's house to sit around.


I live 7 miles from Ocean City, MD. That said, I will be nowhere nearer the beach and either of the 2 fireworks shows that night than my actual residence. We just moved to the area a couple months ago, and found out that for anyone insane enough to actually drive or take the Park & Ride bus into Ocean City, they might not make it out for 2-5 hours after the fireworks have ended because of traffic. We have a 1 year old boy, and since he is normally sound asleep then, I'm kind of hoping to convince my husband that we should just let him rest and forgo any other fireworks shows w/in 20 miles of us. There's always next year :)

I am jealous - hiring a nanny for an overnight trip sounds like heaven. Have a great time!


We also are doing absolutely nothing. Aside from the fact that the roads and airports are massively crowded, it's jut not that easy going anywhere with a 10-month old baby. You spend more time packing, getting ready and worrying that you never get to enjoy the trip anyway. So we're spending 3 glorious days at home, doing nothing. No fireworks. No family. No barbecue. No nothing! Can't wait. Hope you and the family have a good 4th.


Surf, BBQ, drink beer, watch TV, lather, rinse, repeat.


This 4th of July? Sit on my fat ass in front of the television, only to get up for a new beer or to flip my steak over on the bbq. Baby's due in 6 weeks. Figure this is my last opportunity. Going to make the most of it. Or the least of it. Whatever.


That's the most relaxing weekend that the BossLady and I can envision.

That. sounds. awesome. I can't imagine a better thing to do, just don't go creating another peanut again! Say hi to freedom for me... i hear it's pretty sweet.

what's the swanky hotel? we stayed at the hudson, and I highly recommend AGAINST it. the rooms there were smaller than our bathroom at home. there was no room for anything. we had friends stay at the not-remotely-swanky Sheraton and they had a massive corner sweet overlooking the park.

BTW, soho grand and the W on union square are both very cool.


Sleep, study, learn our new DirecTV system, maybe lunch and movie with friends.


We'll be one of those families trapped in non-stop traffic jams all weekend. Going to my sister's house for the whole weekend. Hopefully, the kids will all keep themselves occupied and we can get some relaxation too! But we're dreading being stuck in the car for 5 hours with two little ones in the backseat. Hope you, Bosslady and Peanut have a nice weekend!


I'll be packing to move for the 4th time in a year! After visiting Texas for 9 days with two young children and a third on the way, we decided to leave the "rat race" of NYC for a year and take a sabbatical in Texas where everything seemed to move at a slower and quieter pace. So I will be packing and getting ready for this sudden but very necessary move.


Don't forget you can go see Temple/Beast With 2 Backs at CBGB's tonite!! (If being lazy doesn't suit ya by then)


we're heading to NYC (again), but not for a luxurious stay in a hotel, unfortunately. We're staying with my MIL, and getting started cleaning out my husband's grandmother's apartment. Any suggestions on cool places to take the kids? I've heard there's some huge fountain/play area in Madison Square Park--have you been there with the Peanut?


We did our weekend away last weekend to the Lake in NH. This weekend we are watching the masses stuck in traffic to the Cape on tv. We are going to a cookout or two but otherwise, nothing. And that's ok! We spent last weekend sweating. Glad to spend this weekend in our A/C'd house. HAVE FUN!

Queen of Ass

Mind if I tag along? I could totally use one of those "relaxing" things!


The plan is to stay as far away from the Mickey Mouse fans as possible. I can't believe the number of people that choose to spend their holiday in 90 degree 90% humidity waiting on line with other sweaty smelly people. If those half wit teenage neighbors keep their fireworks down, I plan to sleep until all the tourists go away....in September.


This weekend we've made two trips to the pediatrician. How is that my kids waited until summertime to get bad colds? All winter it was nothing but stomach viruses.


WOW! Your weekend sounded awesome. We drove 5 hours each way to see friends in Western Kentucky.. When Baby Girl wasn't in time-out, we all lounged on their couches and watched Saving Private Ryan, Delta Force 2 and every other war movie on TBS.


Well, I was in Maryland this past weekend and I hung out with a friend and went into DC a couple of times. It was my first time on the East Coast, sadly enough. When I asked my parents what they did today, they told me they slept.

ozone ferd

Well, I had baseball, hamburgers and mother-in-law, is that close enough to baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and mom?

4-day weekend for me with family hanging out around the backyard pool grilling burgers and steaks. Attending a movie and baseball games. Napping in the hammock. Making memories.

Pope Benedict XVI

I ate too many hot dogs and cheetos.


Oooh, that sounds like such a great plan! We went to the county fair and smelled pigs and sheep. Yeehaw.


We ended up staying around and then on the actual 4th I took the long sojourn down to the end of our cul de sac where my older son and I watched the parents (and some teens) light up the night with fireworks. I must say, for a suburban cul de sac show, it was quite good. The other half of our herd, my husband and younger son stayed home as the younger son (5 years) freaks out about the noise from the fireworks. Next year I think I may check ebay and get him one of those white noise headsets and see if he can wear the headset and watch the fireworks. He may look a bit like the Hyper Hypo character that Mike Meyer's used to portray on Saturday Night Live, but maybe without a harness and helmet it won't be as obvious to others. There were actually quite a few younger kids sportin' the headsets on the cul de sac. Just goes to show ya that with every new kid, the kid gear and technology changes!

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