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June 27, 2005


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While you wait, practice what you're gonna say to get dismissed from jury selection. A few possible ones...

1) Come on, your Honor - Look at him! He looks guilty to me!
2) I don't work well with others.
3) It is in my belief system that Police Officers are always correct, and NEVER lie. (I actually saw someone use this once and he was dismissed)
4) You see, I've got this blog to keep up...
5) Have I ever been convicted of a crime? Well no, but thank goodness you only asked about convictions, because I've committed a ton of crimes that I just haven't got caught at yet!


Nothing worse the jury duty. But hey, at least your gonna get $25 for all your hard work. Maybe you can bye some gum or something.


That is so cool. I love Law & Order. Let us know if you see Adam Schiff anywhere.

Queen of Ass

At least you don't spend your day of "civic engagement" doing stupid stuff, like downloading porn all day.


When the judge dismisses you, loudly ask "Is it because I'm a lesbian?"


Aren't the interior shoots for Law & Order done in the studio at Chelsea Piers?

I used to work downtown, so seeing all the locations never got me all that fired up, but I did see Jill Hennessey at Lohmans a year ago. Now that was plussing.


I only registered to vote for the first time last October. I'm hoping to not get called for jury duty. I don't even know where my county courthouse is!


LOVE L&O. How exciting to have wifi AND be in the same courtroom as has appeared in shows.


Somehow you manage to be a "cool guy" and a goober all at the same time. What a talent. Wifi rules!


I agree with Jennifer. Part of the reason that I love reading your blog is because you're a geek...but you're a cool geek. And I like the fact that you speak your mind and don't care what anyone else thinks. It's a great trait. Keep it up!


Dang, how many times have you been called for jury duty? You're a seasoned pro, it seems.


I had to go once while we were in Michigan, got sent home after a couple of hours, then I had to call back every day for the rest of the week to see if I had to go back, which llkicuy I never did. Nice that you have to do it on your birthday!

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