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March 11, 2005


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HA! Brilliant!


Holy cow, dude. You are hysterical. I just snorted Pepsi out of my nose. Thanks for cheering up a dreadful Friday.




Yay! We LOVE the Mailbag!



ozone ferd

good stuff man, good stuff. 70's classic rock RAWKS!!!


Too funny, Metro. Especially the grandma one!


And I thought my husband and I were the only ones to sing Cure songs to our baby!!! Glad to hear we're not the only ones. Great post, Metro!


laughs laughs laughs at Granny in love! you're such a goofball! *snort

Nazi Vampire

We don't cry during Rudy because there's no blood.

Just kidding, great post. I'm glad I wasn't drinking Pepsi.


I love the mailbag!! You keep me in stitches Metro!


Anyone who can find a way to mention Ricardo Tubbs, Thomas Jefferson, Humbert Humbert, Kunta Kinte and Rudy Ruttinger all in the same post has got to be some sort of misguided pop culture genius. Bloody brilliant! I love it!

Leila Winters

*dies laughing* Ahh, endless wit...I used to be one of those kids that watched a minimum of three hours of TV a day (Simpons hour, Newsradio/Seinfeld/Third Rock line-up (mostly Newsradio *drools*), X-Files/Outer Limits, and Late Night/Conan [post satellite: South Park, X-Play, Daily Show/Stewart]. But it seems only a handful of years later, moving into the college dorm, neither me nor my roommate decided to dish out on getting a TV and I haven't really looked back since. It's maybe three hours a WEEK, if I'm lucky, and decide to go out to the TV Lounge on a Wednesday night to catch the Comedy Central line-up of a new episode of South Park, Daily Show, Dave Chapelle (and Drawn Together just 'cause it's there). But really...there are just other things I'd rather be doing than watching TV.

Video games for one. Haha, which is WORSE than TV because it definitely consumes more hours...but at this point, I figure the TV thing is a phase. (Besides, it's just gotten shitty compared to a few years ago) My sisters were always good about offering a respite from my vegetating with trips to the mall or grocery store. Pretty much, if there's something you want, you gotta come along to get it.

(by the way, total jaw drop with the Simpson's writer guy. Your MC friend, too. Lol, that kid sounds HILARIOUS.)

*weeps* MetroDad, truly you offer hope to the mixed up younger generation...I had resigned myself to the fact that I will most likely not be able to date for a few years since the only people I know that share my brands of interests (ie: X-Men/Marvel/comics in general, vids, Smith/Tarantino/movies in general, wide array of music, good writing) are not in my age bracket...but it still gives me hope in a strange way to find people who can share in my nerdfest. Every person I find that is able to relate to the more eccentric side of my personality makes this strange little one so happy. ^_^

BLAH! Enough on the cheese! Still loving the blog. (Haha, and my roommate gives me a weird look whenever I mention my visits to your site. I'm sure she now thinks I have an illigitimate child she doesn't know about. She said something to that degree. :P)


Count me in as a fan too, Metro!!! Although I'm considerably older than Leila, I also love your offbeat sense of humor and great writing. Your eclectic personality makes for many hours of entertainment and it makes my day when you post a new entry. I read A LOT of blogs and this is one of the best!

p.s. My husband thinks your a riot too!

Queen of Ass

Okay, the gangster kid? My son's doing something similar, and there's no African American influence there. He's started to do this whole hip-hop move and saying "yeah, baby!" more times in a day than I can count! I might get onto him for it, if I could stop laughing at him for more than 5 mins at a time!


Always funny. My worst fear is that my kid will be the gangster kid. I dread the day when she comes in the house "raising da roof". I only hope she gets my good taste of Dave Matthews, The Cure, REM, and Jack Johnson. My other fear is that she will come in the house with Daisy Duke shorts singing sweet home Alabama. Classic Rock? *shiver*


Too funny, Metro. I remember the first time I yelled at my son to finish his vegetables. The words came flying out of my mouth like a cartoon. It was like my body was overtaken by an alien being or I was possessed by another spirit. Whatever it was, I couldn't believe the words had come out of my mouth. Called all my friends to tell them. Thankfully, a few of them had kids already and told me that the same thing had happened to them. Guess it really is a rite of passage into fatherhood! Wait 'til it happens to you!


MD -

This line was the funniest shit ever - I was rolling in my cube at work. I can't believe you got a Alex Haley character in your blog. That is some funny shit, yo. (Said only the way a dorky white man can say it.)

“Hey Kunta Kinte, I finished my vegetables. Now, what’s a young brother gotta to do to get some motherfucking cheesecake around here?” My buddy was never prouder.

Leila Winters

Aaauugghh!! Okay, so this isn't related to your entry in the slightest, but I didn't particularly feel like an email. Do forgive the transgression.

I got a phone call a few hours ago and my second sister-in-law is in labor and at the hospital!! Hahaha, now I'm wishing I forwarded your "in the birthing room" tips to him...

This is the first "mixed baby" in my family. My mom didn't balk at my brother bringing home a white girl mostly because she was happy he was getting married at all (we pegged him for being single4Life) and because he's notorious for being the toughest one of all of us...so any woman besides my mom that can tame him is a good one in my ma's book.

So in a few hours, I'm gonna officially be an auntie of 3! It's gonna be a boy and I'm sure he's gonna have nerves of steel. Both his parents are tough cookies. (One: weapons specialist officer for the Army/Taekwondo sensei/co-owner of financial advising firm; other: teacher for special needs children/dominatrix and wife of my too-cool bro)

(And don't let him fool you, the first love of my brother's life is my mom. She's his biggest soft spot, his wife says she's okay with being second ^_^)

Just wanted to say that! Their first baby! Time for celebration! (And I'll do my best to sneak food to the new mother, as per the instructions from this board. :P)


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