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March 17, 2005


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Another great post poppa! You really do need a daddy site of your own! Metro could not have found a better substitute!


6 days past due? That's nuthin'! Try 11 and 12 days past due, buddy. I was soooo pregnant, that when my husband and I had sex to try and induce labor (it didn't work), my baby girl in-utero asked for birth control! I'm enjoying your posts, Popppa Large - looking forward to more of your writing.


I'm glad MD left his blog in such good hands! I can see why you 2 are friends. You're both great writers and you both have the same sense of humor. You must be a New Yorker too!

p.s. Both my kids arrived more than 4 weeks early, surprising the hell out of me and my husband. Of course, we weren't prepared for either one. Didn't even have our hospital bags packed. Be careful what you wish for!

JJ Daddy in Savannah

You better watch out about confessing to your baser, human impulses (like momentarily thinking about why guys leave their families) on this blog, man. There's are some people, I'm not naming names, (See "Take my kid, please" from last week) who will mau-mau you for that.
Those unnamed persons seems to think if you have a bad thought about your child, or call him a funny, yet um, disrespectful name, like "The Little Butthead" or The Leech That Sucked The Hipness Out Of My Life" in times of stress that you ought to be reported to Child & Family Services for thought crimes.
That would be doubleplusungood.


Here is a question for you big poppa:

Today I met my daughters toddler room teacher (this will be her first time in day care)

it was a man.

I wrote all about my reaction and worried state on my own blog. Please read www.pecanspeth.blogspot.com

I would love a male point of view, you and metrodad are very insightful. Consider this mail bag day


Poppa Large


"Big dad on the West Coast" - much as I love New York, I'm not from there. Cali kid (not born) but raised.


For this my husband is grateful he missed the pregnancy. We shall hide this from his innocent eyes... I enjoyed it myself though. Sh.


Dude, You are hilarious!!


hahahaha.... a guy at work told me his wife was a week past her due date, so I said "have tons of sex...even ingesting prostaglandins orally will help soften the cervix!" He asked if i'd write him a note. ;)

Love the guest posting! Of course Metro Dad would not have left us in any old hands...


I am about to be a father of two anyday now. I have to ask though is it to much with job and school and wife and kids. I don't want to be oneof those people that just leaves, but I do need some time to gather my thoughts. When and how do you accomplish this?


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