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February 02, 2005


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Not fair, Metro. I just laughed so hard I fell off my chair, waking up my 76 year old mom, who thought I was having a heart attack. What should I do? No, wait, I was just going to comment, not ask advice! What. a. riot.


You owe me money for some drycleaning, buddy! I just spit out coffee all over my new shirt. And I'm in the office! Crap! Good thing I keep some baby wipes with me at all times. Parenthood does prepare you for everything. Thanks for the good chuckle. It's great how you can discuss serious parenting issues in one post and keep us laughing our asses off in the next. Keep it up, Metrodude!


Funny shit. By the way, My Two Dads, not entirely crappy TV... But then, I occasionally watch reruns of Golden Girls at 3AM with my little one, so my TV opinion is basically worthless. Keep it up, I look forward to every new post!


I love the new feature! When is the next one?


I'm a SAHD but I have to admit this was pretty hilarious. Every once in awhile, I'll find myself whining about taking care of the baby and doing chores around the house. But then I'll catch myself and realize how good I've got it. I'd much rather do all the housework and play with my daughter than spend all day in the office. It sucks having to ask my wife for money but I'm getting used to it. :) Next time I find myself whining, I think I'm going to go shopping for a pink Porsche to make myself feel pretty. Great idea, MD. Thanks!


You slay me Metro..just when I thought I couldn't laugh any harder, Dr. Detroit is brought into the picture!


You are the best! I don't know what you do for a living, but you should consider switching careers. Maybe writing a new TV show for NBC? Keep it up!


ROTFLMAO...funny, funny, funny! I can't wait for the next installment!


Only one flaw in the ESPN theme idea. Who is finished with laundry before 11:00 p.m.?

Thanks MD I needed the chuckle!


I think now that I need to buy flowers and a big slab of chocolate for Jay, just for sending me here. That was awesome. And way better than most REAL parenting guides.

JJ Daddy in Savannah

Yo, MetroBabyDaddy- That was some mad stupid crazy shit, yo. That was off the wall like Lucy Ball.
Pour some Hurricane into your pimp cup, fire up a blunt and kick back and watch Scarface, you deserve it.
(However, don't forget to finish folding the laundry)
But don't dis Greg Evigan, no. That homey was in BJ and the Bear. Word.


I have to agree with Mamacita. This was definitely better than all the parenting books I've read! I can't wait until the next installment!


That? Was priceless. Rock on, Metrodad.


You f-ing crack me up Metrodad. I gotta say I think you are one of the funniest parent blogs yet. Are you sure your only 17 weeks into this?

Jennifer (new mom to 9 month old girl)


p.s. Nothing worse then white kids busting out with the ghetto speak!


I like the Q & A Metro...i'll look forward to the next addition.


Holy crap, dude. That was fucking hilarious. I am serious, P. - you and BossLady MUST get yourselves out here before Peanut is too big to fly easily. Cosmos await.


This site is going to become daily reading for me, I think! My girlfriend and I just discovered we're going to have a baby, and while it's #2 for her, this is gonna be my first go-round and I'm, como se dice, effing terrified?!? Great great site, I already sent a link to my lady love so we can comepare notes.

Very Mom

MoonUnit? Hilarious!


haha. funny. way way funny. keep em coming. will be back for more.



WTF? There is no mall in Chevy Chase! I believe you are thinking of the fine indoor cash-sucking establishments in Friendship Heights.

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