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January 24, 2005


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I hear you. I had the additional pleasure of shopping for gadgets and "necessities" up the age of one because we will be in Japan. Yes, I know those very same things are available there and if they're not then I could order them but I wanted them, I mean Eli needs them, NOW. My only regret is that those very purchases will most likely be out-of-date by the time he needs them. And will I have the restraint to not get the next best version? Probably not, sadly...


Wait until your second child, MetroDad!!! You won't be buying any of those gadgets. Probably the only things you'll have on hand are a bunch of clean diapers, some baby powder and a couple of wipes. Sterilizing will mean wiping stuff on your sleeve. Warming the bottle will mean 30 seconds in the microwave. While you're right that you eventually learn what works best for you, it's also true that you just aren't as anal when it comes to the second child. For better or worse!

p.s. I love your blog! Found it from someone else's blogroll and now i'm hooked!


Who sterilizes bottles? My kids are now 8 months old and a run through the dishwasher is the best they get. We have NEVER sterilized a damn thing.

THREE strollers? Damn.


The gadgets aren't really for the baby, they are for YOU. And since your happiness and comfort counts too, it's all the justification you need. I mean, where would your sanity be if you couldn't go have those cocktails at the neighbors?


You mean the baby swing/rocker isn't a necessity? Huh. It afforded us an extra hour or two of cryless time AND left us with a free hand to hold the Jack and Coke with. Since I'm counting my bottle of Jack Daniels as a VIP in the baby gear arena, I'm voting the swing deserves Sainthood, or at least a baby necessity spot.... Seriously, 4 IPODS? I'm impressed.


Where do you keep all that stuff? Being a minimalistic animal, i'm still in shock to see how much space a little one can take. Raising an urban child means to live up to your nose in "stuff". I used to think our apartment was big, until she started crawling (sigh)...


MetroDad, you're famous! I was reading the San Francisco Chronicle's blog feature this morning, when I spotted mention of MetroDad. Very cool.

By the way, I found your blog a couple months ago from Laid-off Dad and became hooked. Love your writing, love your style.


three words. Right Start Catalogue. you know it don't you? I ordered all kind of crap from them, because I too an a gadget junkie. Consumerism at it's finest.

greg from daddytypes

Actually, the Pampers in Japan have a yellow stripe running from front to back that turns blue when the diaper gets, to use diaper industry-speak, insulted. That way, you can tell at a glance if and how extensive the need is.

Of course, if the people at Pampers Japan had any sense, it'd be a BLUE stripe that turned YELLOW, but hey. They also drive on the wrong side of the road.

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