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January 14, 2005


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This grandmaw thinks you rock, Metro. Congrats on the award.


Hehehe Great stuff here! 2000 hits yesterday? Looks like you've already won a big prize with many becoming a faithful following! I've been around blogs and posts for a very long time and I just don't understand why someone would go through all the time and energy to leave a negative comment...they must live pitiful lives. Obviously you don't, so enjoy and congratulations!


I voted! I voted! I promise already, I voted! I even nominated you for Pete's sake. I don't even know Pete and I nominated you anyways. All that for someone who has never even read my site!

I know...I know...my ass looks good in these jeans...
haha Good luck!


I heart you MetroDad...and The BossLady and Peanut too. Screw the negative folks.


I lurve your sense of humor..you make me almost pee myself sometimes! Fuck the prudes..who need um..You forgot to tell them..Don't let it hit ya in the ass on the way out! :)


"Talking smack is not a means of insulting other people... it's done as a sign of respect."

That's right! I only ever talk smack to my friends; why waste that time and energy on people you don't care about, right? *L*

I'm sure plenty of us are on your wavelength, and I appreciate another chance to laugh during the day, when I check out what you and the family are up to.

Keep being you; screw everyone who doesn't like it, I say.


Funny stuff! After reading through your golden oldies, I have to comment on the mini-vans are for women entry. I happen to be one of those dudes and I have to tell you, there are some great reasons to drive a mini-van as a man. Here are some:

Here in southern calif, there is so little cool factor in mini-vans, they are really cool. Sorta like a Vespa.

When my buddies ask what I drive, I get to tell them a maxi-wagon. They usually nod their approval becasue anything maxi has to be good.

Unlike a hulking SUV, I don't rip my fashionable and hip-hugging Gloria Vanderbilts everytime I climb into one.

My grandma can climb into one without scraping her knees.

The secret handshakes from hot soccer moms.

You have my vote for sure.

Ann D

Your post made me laugh. BTW -- I think some people log on looking for a reason to get their knickers in a knot. :-)

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