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December 17, 2004


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Seems the sap got on yer writin' muscles as well.

Perfectly normal, I'm sure you will fully recover.

(and just think, by the time your Peanut can truly get into the whole Christmas gig, you and Bosslady will be ole pros!)


ha! and i'm happy with a total mies van der rohe christmas to compensate the baroque excess of my childhood.

writers who only have one trick, even if they play that trick very well, get boring after a while. excessive sweetness is too cloying to be anything much, but periodic sweetness like this in the midst of caustic verbiage is as sorbet for the mental palate. very good.


Awww, you made me all teary with your Christmas past.
And dayum you made me tired with your haggling for the tree and lights...I was screamin at the screen--Give um the damn tree already and somebody help him carry it!-- Sorry, I get carried away sometimes..hehe
I hope you have wonderful Christmas memories with your daughter and wife from now on.


Why did you make me cry? That's OK, I am lactating and I love to cry.


While I do feel badly that you didn't have special traditional Christmas memories, I think you missed what Christmas is all about. It's about celebrating the birth of Christ and the righteous way he lived his life. It's not about trees and lights and toys. It's about loving Christ and being good to others. Are you even Christian? Or are you one of those people who celebrate the materialism behind this holy day?

With that said, I hope you, BossLady, and the Peanut have a great Christmas.


As my Christmas gift to you I am not going to tear Betty a new one for having a nasty attitude.

Your story made me sad...but I'm happy that you and Boss Lady will make wonderful memories together. I'm even happier that Peanut will grow up with parents who love her as much as you guys do.


If you're looking for a change, come on down and buy your tree at the Farmers' Market at Union Square. You get to deal with an entirely different type of monosyllabic cretin, with the added bonus of dense clots of humanity stifling every step.

I know what you mean, though. Once it's up (and you've popped a few dozen Advils), it all seems worth it.


That's one of the sweetest damn things I've ever read. Peanut is one lucky little gal.


You're better parents than we are. Last year, our girl's first, we were too tired to put up a tree, and this year, I'm too tired to try to keep her out of it. We did, however, get her presents (that she won't really be interested in!) Yea I'm all about the love, the love of the presents!

Goofy looking trees and imperfect experiences are way more interesting than the perfect ones that probably don't even exist. Those perfect people are BORING!


Funny...none of my Christmas memories are bad. Maybe because I'm Jewish. :)
Thanks for more reasons to hate NYC! You're the man!


A really beautiful piece of writing. Almost brought a tear to my eye. You seem to be a truly great father. The Peanut is quite lucky to have you in her life. Have a very merry Christmas!


LOL... Dude, It only gets better! Wait until your peanut wants to help decorate the tree. My wife and I laugh so hard because if I hang one up and the kids catch me doing it, they'll say, "I wanted to hang that one up" then when I hand it to them they would hang them all on ONE branch. My oldest is six now and there are usually only two or three ornaments that are higher than she can reach....But those are the most beautiful trees!

Merry Christmas!


Hi! I discovered your site from Catawampus and wanted to comment on how touching your post was. My DH also grew up with not-so-fond holiday memories and has more than made up for it by being the greatest father to our 3 children. During Christmas, he even dresses up as Santa!

Merry Christmas to you, bOssLady and the Peanut!


Beautiful. I came to your post via Catawampus also. I am also going to resist ripping Betty's post. It is Christmas, after all.

May you and yours have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for sharing.


Isn't it amazing how our kids can give us a happy childhood? Merry Christmas!


why would you wear a cashmere sweater while handling a tree? is it a ny-thing or a guy-thing?
merry christmas - it gets more special as your peanut gets older.


That was nice, MetroDad.

Re: your previous post on your average blog reader. I'm a woman too (from Sydney, AUS & not a mum) but I get more laughs out of reading your blog than most things! Although I have to admit, when cereal milk comes out of my nose from laughing over my breakfast it isn't pretty.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


I, too, found your site via Catawampus, but I came over here to read your post before I finished hers, so I thought she'd be ripping the first commenter a new one - here you are, writing a touching story about your baby's first Christmas, and they had the gall to criticize your writing. FWIW, I think it was beautifully written.

As for Betty.. well, there has to be one in every bunch, eh?

Merry Christmas!


Also here via Catawampus. The part about haggling for, and then dragging home the tree that grows proportionately brought back fond memories. Thanks for that.
While my family's tree frequently had nothing under it but some new under garments and a few things from the local carnival supply; I have so many happy Christmas memories. Your story made me grateful for every year that my mom, sister and I got to decorate a simple tree.


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