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December 29, 2004


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Glad to hear all went smoothly. Yeah, you'll be taking out a second mortgage for a pony..A Mustang! :)

Tom N.

So how exactly does one get upgraded to first class? I've heard of it happening before, but on the couple of times I've tried raising the subject with a ticket agent ("so, any free upgrades to first class?") I've been rebuffed. What's your technique (besides having a cute baby, of course)? What's the approach, and the ways of improving your odds?


Well done. My wife had to fly to DFW with our 3 week old son in May 2003 and we were a little stressed about it. But, like your Peanut, he came through like a champ. I remember my wife talking about a wave of relief when the plane touched down and there was nary a scream from our little trooper. I'm guessing that's only a feeling a traveler with an infant can have.

Congrats on the uneventful journey and the upgrade.


Glad to see all went well with your flight...and glad you are back to blogging. I LOVE reading this blog!


Glad to hear all went well! Happy New Year!


Jenny...if ANYONE is getting a Mustang, it's gonna be me. Besides, my daughter will be allowed to drive m car the same time she's allowed to date...at the age of 30.

Tom...in order to schmooze the upgrade, you've got to at least have a mileage account with the airline you're flying. You've also got to learn the different classes of airline tickets. A knowledge of SABRE or the airline's computer system also helps. Some tickets can't be upgared in the system. Begging helps. Charm helps. But a willingness to make the ticket agent's day is worth more than gold. They get treated like shit all day. So a little niceness goes a looooooong way.

UncleHornHead...I don't have anything to really say to you. I just love the name "UncleHornHead." I can't stop saying it.


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