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December 03, 2004


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I remember that well! That puzzled, pissed off look my son gave me, as he wondered what the heck it was that just poked him. Even that sad little hurt-feelings pout he got right before he started to cry. God I love my little punkin!!!
enjoy your blog...

L.A. Daddy

Did Peanut make it through the nite?


I wouldn't count on the sleeping through the night thing just yet. I'd give it say...2 more years.

The bad part is that you get so used to them waking up in the night that when they stop doing it, you wake up anyway and have a panic attack because they're not awake so something must be wrong. So you get up to check on them, and of course they're fine, but now you're out of bed anyway and in the dark you step on some happy meal toy or something and you can only curse under your breath or you might wake the kid up. Welcome to parenthood.

Kim Voynar

Let me let you in on a little secret, bud: they only sleep 8 hours at a stretch every now and then to LURE you into thinking that you're going to be getting a full night's sleep regularly again. Ask Jay how many full 8 hour nights we get around here....


Thanks for jinxing us Metrodad. While YOU may slept through the night, Peanut was back to her usual self and woke me up at 5am. So glad it's the weekend when it's YOUR turn to do the 5am shift. xoxo.


Sorry, BossLady!

Didn't mean to jinx us. If it's any consolation, I promise to take care of Peanut all weekend so you can get some much-deserved Mommy rest. Before you go to bed, just leave your boobs near the fridge so I can feed Peanut the fresh stuff.

I love you, BossLady! You're the BREAST! (hahaha...still funny!)



Don't stress yourself too much, guys. She'll get to sleeping. You're just paying your dues like the rest of us in parentland have.


Korean Death Stare . . . bawhahahaha!!


On that note...is this not the coolest Halloween costume ever?

Oh yeah...shot's can make them sleepy, but they may end up crying for 5 hours straight to make up for it.


I love your blog!! Thanks for sharing, BossLady and MetroDad!!

Big Mark

Good job, thanks


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