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December 14, 2004


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Been there...done that. Quite a few times. Keep dropping hints, they eventually get through.


As a mother of 6 kids, I am certain that what you just said is SO TRUE!
Funny, funny, funny.....

Little Red Hen

It's been a while since my kids were babies, but a lot of that other stuff still holds true...hubby still wants more sex and if he's being extra helpful he wants something...probably more sex.


Ok Metro, I am adding you to my husband's "favorite" links. You two have a lot in common. His name is Rick, say hi when he visits.

Dave K.

Hey, now. For the record, we dads read too. (just slower is all) Apparently we're the "quiet and loyal" types... ...just like our wives trained us to be. :)


It's just that women are more of "hang around and chat" type, and men are more of the "shut up and get stuff done" type. So men don't comment as much unless they're engaged in shameless blog-whoring.

teh mama lara

oh how i wish my pornstar boobies were as appealing to my man as your wife's seem to be to you.

oh how i wish i could convince MY man that when i offer oral sex - i am NOT joking - take me up on it, dude, what're you thinking? i could go on - but i will spare you...

thanks for your blog - i enjoy your writing and love to read about your adventures with your beautiful daughter!


You rake your lawn? Geez, are you whipped.


So, that's what hubby wants when is being "extra" helpful...silly me, I thought he just wanted to see me in a coupla different positions. Well, next time I will just hand him the car keys instead of bending over. ;)


I've learned that there pretty much isn't a time when men don't want sex. Through pregnancy,sore boobs, birth, sickness, even come flu season,...they're always ready.
Thanks for the glimpse inside the male mind. I love your blog.


I am a man. I not only read you, I've linked to you. I am expecting my first child in about two weeks, and people like you give me hope that I will not completely lose my shit within the first six months. That you're still blogging is also very encouraging. That you have time to watch football is amazing. That you're not having a lot of sex confirms all my worst fears. If we have a boy, I will name him Metro.


I'll send my husband your way. He only washes my truck when he wants to go out; you could teach him a thing or two!

godfather j

oh...you are such a f--ing panderer!!! But you are so entertaining that i'll still read your rant...but i may have to encourage bosslady to start blogging to balance this sort of behaviour out..... :)


Dave...Never admit that our wives have us trained like lab rats. It's ok to admit it to yourself. But like Fight Club, the first rule of being whipped is that you don't talk about being whipped.

LOD...I live in Manhattan. I don't have a lawn. I don't even have any plants. I had a cactus once but it died.

Jenny...hand him the car keys, give him $20 for drinks, and tell him to come home whenever he feels like it. You'll be bending HIM over.

Suzanne...you know men who wanted to have sex during birth? Again, I repeat...during birth? Wow!

Emlyn....Hahahahaha!!! Who says I haven't lost my shit? Good luck with the birth. And let me be the first parent to say "Congratulations", "Good Luck", and "May the Force be with you!"


lol! Hmmm..bend him over..that sounds kinda fun! ;)


Hey I am a guy and I read this. It is very senstive, touching and well written. I would say Phillip Roth like. Having a baby neccessitates a blog. Its a 21st. century chick magnet. Since you are not be allowed out enjoy the attention dad.



New dad of a 7 week old here. I check your blog almost daily and get excited when I see that there's a new post. Love your dark humor. But like other guys have said, I think us men are more the strong silent types. Anyway, we're here so don't discount us!


Well...the Dads have spoken!!! And along here, I thought I was just being read by stay-at-home-moms. I'm glad to see some fellow members of the fraternity of man. Now that I know you're out there, I won't reveal any more of our secrets (like where we stash the porn or hide the cigarettes).

Mark..I'm flattered by the Phillip Roth comparison. Though I've always been more of a Mailer guy, I'm just glad you didn't compare me to Saul Bellow! And although I'm of Korean descent, growing up in Manhattan makes neurotically satirical Jews out of all of us. Call me Zuckerman!

Caius...First, let me say that you have the coolest name I've ever heard. And since you have a 7 week old child, you and I are both pretty much on the same page here. In a bit of schadenfreude, I just hope you're as fucking tired as I am! (You are tired, aren't you?)


Thanks. I love my name now too. Hated it as a kid though. Got the crap beat out of me a couple of times until I mushroomed to over 6" one summer :)

Tired? Ha! That's an understatement. I love all my childless coworkers who complain about being tired 'cause they only slept for 5 hours last night since they were out partying. They have no freakin clue what tired is. Hey, I always thought that sleep deprivation would make me see pink elephants and stuff. Haven't seen any yet. You?


Hey, Hang on a second! I'm a dad of two girls! I love this blog of yours. I read it all the time. Been away for a few weeks but I'm be reading regularly again now.

I must admit I admire your courage to post honestly. I have spoken it, but never got the nerve to post it. But men are easy. A simple idea for women to follow...Feed us or F&*# us. You'll get anything you want. And the later is a much higher value.

Anyway..Blog on Dude!


I was surfing p0rn and ended up here. Like, where's the pics?

(It's funny how sex motivates!)


Funny post. As a full-time dad of three, let me just add that if you ever want to have a sex life again, stop at one child. There's an outside remote chance that you will resume normal sexual activity with your beloved at some point in the future as the first born gets bigger, you two stop worrying about every second of every day, and sleep becomes a regular part of your life again. However, the second child puts you right back into the same whirlwind, only worse, and God help you if you ever have number three. Each child makes it exponentialy harder (and thus the likelihood of sex ever more remote). I've been changing diapers every day for five and a half years, and I'm still changing them on two kids. Sex is a distant memory... sorta like the Royals winning the World Series with George Brett and Hal MacRae...

Big Mark

Good job, thanks

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