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November 16, 2004


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Oh...don't worry when she finishes they'll go back down to normal size. And then shrink a bit more.

That's the sound of bubbles bursting...


I know I'll miss mine when they're gone... I have a feeling that my currently size F (yes, that's right, F) knockers will be replaced with C's that sag down to my knees. I'm going to look like something out of national geographic!

Good for you on trying the boob juice,


L.A. Daddy

"Pffewww"...that's the sound of me spitting coffee out of my mouth after reading today's entry. I almost lost it when I read the part about you sticking your hands up in the air and throwing your wallet on the ground. Hysterical, dude. Reminds me of when the missus was breastfeeding. She went from looking like Gwyneth Paltrow to Dolly Parton. It really was like living with a porn star! Keep up the funny stuff. I'm hooked!


I had- key word here being HAD- nice mega-melons when my youngest was at the height of his nursing.

Now that he only suckles once- or if he's really pissy, twice- a day, the mega-melons have slowly deflated back to lemons. Make that saggy lemons.

I need a lift.


More than a mouthful, you say? Aw, you can't fool me---you were too chicken to even try to milk from the tap.

Put on the powerful milking machine and try it she will like it. since she had big F cup breast to milk see how much she have. The milk is fill it full in the bottle and donor some


Thank God I am a discreet A-cup.

I'm surprised you are even allowed to *look* at her breasts; I have heard from my mom-friends that nursing makes them very sore.


I just found your blog through someone else's. It refreshing to hear a guy's point of view...I must say, this post made me laugh out loud..a good belly laugh.lol.. My husband now thinks I am a freak. The boob thing...mine never went away. :/ Hubby doesn't mind..but I do..I get two black eyes when I try to exercise! ;)


First of all. If I dont stop reading your blog I'm going to end up without a job, but I cant help it. I love it!!!

Ive read that your wife's boobs will go away. Utter (no pun intended) nonsense. Started at a C, had a baby D. Years later and still D.

My husband says he is blessed.

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