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November 22, 2004


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Sometimes I miss living in New York City. I was twenty something back then, single, and shopping like a maniac! I lived on 95th and 2nd with 5 other roomates! What a life. You're right though,...nothing like that would happen in Savannah, that's for sure! ha


I think about this sometimes, too. I used to think about it all the time, when my son was tiny. But since he's been a toddler, walking and running around the city, I've realized that there are huge advantages to be gained by raising a kid here. Some of them are just snobby things. I like that my kid knows the ins and outs of public transportation (he could put the Metrocard into the bus reader the right way when he was 10 months old--I'd just lean over with him in the sling and he'd put it in--Take that, tourists!). I like that he knows what edamame are and that he likes to eat them. I like that he's a pro at eating at restaurants by now (almost 3) because we've kept going to them his whole life.

I also like that he doesn't have a concept of private ownership of outdoor space. To him, anything outside is public space--parks, streets, etc. When he's somplace where people own their own years, he'll say things like, "I want to go play in that playground!" Or "Why aren't there any kids in that playground?"

He interacts with a huge slice of humanity on any given day. He knows about all the kinds of jobs that people have, from construction workers to restaurants bussers to business executives to building supers, that many kids in the suburbs or country don't ever encounter. He knows about maintaining personal space on the subway, and talking quietly when you're in a crowd. He doesn't think that people who don't look like him are any big deal.

I think it's important to give him exposure to fresh air when I can, but I think the things he's learning as a city kid are going to be better for him in the long run than just hvaing clean lungs. When you have a baby, the city just seems so big and dirty and hostile. It's more fun with a toddler--you can introduce them to the joys of Delcioso Coco Helado and the Metrocard machines.

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