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November 09, 2004


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Pasta, a simple salad and bread is pretty close to a one-handed meal, IMO. Granted, you need two hands to get the wine open. I'm also working on my second degree black belt in Crock Pot - can be a lifesaver, although I really cringe every time I see it on my counter...it shrieks DOMESTIC.

I'm also working on winning the lottery.


I found some of the best (and easiest) recipes on the Very Best Baby website. 30-minute meals on the Food Network was also a great resource when I was home with my daughter. Good luck - I think saving money was one of the hardest things I had to learn!

L.A. Daddy

Our family lives on microwave quesadillas. Take a tortilla, throw in all your leftovers, cover it with cheese and microwave it for 15 seconds. Voila! Instant meal.

1) Spaghetti (not pasta, spaghetti) and sauce.

2) Have soup with the grilled cheese.

3) Boboli pizza shell, pizza sauce, and sliced tomato on top. There is already cheese in the shell, so you don't need any sprinkled on top.

4) Make hot breakfast for dinner, and save the cereal for actual breakfast. Sausage and eggs or sausage and frozen waffles taste yummy any time of day.

Maybe these aren't one-handed, but there are two of you. Otherwise, a bouncy chair in the kitchen doorway may provide your peanut with some entertainment as Mommy and Daddy play with hot and sharp objects while sleep-deprived. I swear, we never cooked before our peanut came nine months ago, and these meals have kept us from withering away to nothing.

And we've informed her that she'll need to go to college on scholarship, so she should get crackin'.


Oh, that anonymous comment was from me, Carrie

You're so funny. Your "pin the tail on the servant" comment made soda come out of my nose. And I totally empathiize with you on the whole cooking thing. My husband and I couldn't cook at all before we had the baby. I think for the first few years we lived off Campbells soup!


Because I just didn't get my quota of unsolicited advice delivered today:

http://www.menumailer.net/ emails you a 6 night menu of all healthy, good stuff plus detailed cooking instructions and an itemized shopping list. You can get menus for 2 or 6, in low or regular carbs.

Okay, I've just noticed my youngest is licking the television. Clearly not enough vitamins or some missing enzyme.


Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook: Feasting With Your Slow Cooker

There's none better- and you don't even have to worry about pots and all that sort of nonsense. Throw a bunch of stuff in the crockpot and leave it there for the day to cook.


I have a couple of cookbooks that are geared towards meals being prepared in 20 minutes or less. These will last you a lifetime...because before you know it...you and Bosslady will be rushing around after work and school to make it to Girl Scouts and soccer practice. :0)


Oh those are so our meals. You think $1,000,000 is bad, try 3, we have 3 boys.

Trader Joe's all the way, baby....


19 bean soup, anyone?! Hilarious post!


I'm sorry, but it's beyond my tiny little reality that people can't cook. I mean, it's interesting, but how does a person get to that?

However, I have 5 kids, 4 stepkids and I've cooked three meals a day for more than 25 years. Wow.


Andrea R

Yeah, I'm with mothersong. Two teens, a tween and a toddler here. I'm in the kitchen half the day.
My suggestions?
Tuna casserole.
Kraft macaroni & cheese.
Do they have that in New York? :D


Breast feed her till she is 18 man! What are you thiniking? You have a ready source of free, healthy and ,apparently from your other posts, fairly tasty meals. Hell, you could all live off of breast milk! Though your wife may have some strong feelings about this.

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