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November 13, 2004


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Mellie Helen

Oh, it's true, alright.

Shortly after the arrival of my son, once the colostrum turned to white milk, the ol' glands were working overtime to produce the sweet liquid and the tanks were rather, er, full. Sweet lil' baby was asleep and therefore not about to feed at the moment. What to do...DH was in the dinnig room on the phone. Talking to a client. In Full Work Mode. I was in the kitchen. Ready...aiiiiim....FIRE!

Hee hee! While his face and reactions told of his surprised amusement, he victoriously kept his "business voice" the whole time. Kudos, dear.


I still find all of this awkwardly disturbing... but fucking hilarious!

Andrea R

It's gotta be a full breast, primed right about at let-down time for maximum squirtage.

L.A. Daddy

You're too funny, Dude! The missus and I KNEW you were going to try drinking breast milk this weekend. Weren't you surprised by how much it tasted like regular milk? just a little sweeter!

Jerry Scott

I would had drink her breast milk to,but I can not find women like that if I could I would like it very much.


why all the fear about breast milk? I bet cows don't spend all this time thinking about it. If it were me , I'd ask for the tap. (unless it was my mother or something) lol.

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