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October 25, 2004


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Ha! You crack me up!! I've only seen that show once and I wasn't really impressed with it. I probably won't see it again because it is in direct conflict with Pimp My Ride, and I can't possibly miss that. :0)

Wasn't Nicolette Sheridan supposed to be in that? Did I miss her somewhere?


Everytime my husband watches this, I'm overloaded with baseball, football and Formula 1 racing. You know, so he can prove to me that he's still a man.


I'm Susan also, it must be a peeing standing up thing.

We have watched the show from the beginning and I its very fun to watch, but I was watching the baseball game in PIP and had been watching football all day before that.


We've been watching Housewives, too. Your secret is safe with me.

Don't worry, you don't have to start sitting down to pee until you watch Gilmore Girls and Trading Spaces. Just do me a favor, and put the seat back down, will you?



What about the time we watched all 6 DVDs of BBC's Pride and Prejudice in one Sunday? I forget...Were you peeing sitting down that day?

That's what I love about you MD: You're the metrosexual of my dreams...Sensitive, stylish, and sexy....


You SLAY me!


Watch Veronica Mars!

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I hate generic Dumb-Fat-Guy-With-A-Hot Wife sitcoms as much as you, what a crappy plague!

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