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October 06, 2004


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Welcome Princess! BossLady & MetroDad: great fucking job-- you did it! I couldn't be happier for you and your families. Much love, respect and support always. Congratulations!

Calvin Broadus

"I just wanted to share my happiness with all of you..."

Oh. My. Freaking. God.


For some reason, the phrase, "Yes, Milady," comes to mind. Perhaps some of your readers can help me with that.
TheBubble and I couldn't be happier for you. And we can't wait to meet her. One thing that should be made clear to your readers, when you have the time, is that there is no delivery that ever goes as expected. But most of them already know that. See you soon. Get some sleep. Keep up the good work. Love to the BossLady and Miss Parker. We'll kill some expensive scotch soon...
The Phoenician...


Congratulations! I don't suppose there will be baby pictures posted anywhere....


Congrats! That's wonderful news. Can't wait to hear all the gory details...


Congratulations! Hope you're all doing well.


Wow! Hey, congratulations! I wish you more than three hours of sleep in a row.


Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for your little Miracle.


Hey, linked over from The Zero Boss!

Congratulations! Nothing like childbirth to give a woman some serious mama cred, eh?

da Godfather

Welcome Peanut!!! I know that you are going to be one amazing little girl, and i can hardly wait to meet you. MetroDad and BossLady "Right On!" congratulations!!! and you thought the adventure began when you took the red pill, or was it the blue pill - anyway, a new adventure we all look forward to sharing with you. Keep up the blog and give a big kiss to BossLady - what a champ....see you all soon....

Rachel Ann

Mazel Tov! May you have lots of joy from her! May she live till 120 years all in good health of body, mind, heart and soul. May she drive you crazy with her antics and her dreams and may all your worries be little ones.

Messed Up Mama

Sorry I'm so late in sending my Congradulations! I'm very glad to hear that all is well and your beautiful little Princess is here.

Purtu Porti

Good job, thanks

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