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September 30, 2004


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Ha! Good old fashioned sex! Orgasms (the more the merrier)are uterine contractions (which I'm sure you already knew)and can give you a nice jump start on the actual birthing contractions. Besides, you wanna squeeze in a lot now because who knows how long it'll be before you get to resume such activity after your bundle of joy arrives! Not to mention...those contractions hurt like the devil later...and it would be nice to look back and remember what you were doing that started it as the hours tick by.

OK, maybe not. If she remembers the later part of those contractions more vividly than the beginning stages...you might never have sex again.

Just make sure she knows that epidurals are her friend!

L.A. Daddy

My wife's mother made her drink lots of castor oil. I couldn't even stand the smell of the stuff. All it did was give my wife nausea, cause diarrhea and make her throw up. So I guess it was an old wive's tale after all.

Messed Up Mama

My Mother swears that taking a long walk will do it. After all it helped her get a start on labor with my youngest brother. I agree with Kristie, sex is known to help get things going. One of my cousin-in-laws who has had 5 kids says that if you plan a romantic dinner the baby just can't pass up the chance to interupt. So I guess you could go for a long walk to a nice place for dinner, and then go home and have sex. LOL


When my SIL's mom was overdue, her dad put her on the back of his Triumph motorcycle and did 90 mph down the Pacific Coast Highway. The next day she went into labor.

My problem was staying pregnant. My son was born 7 weeks early and my daughter, 4 weeks early. We have no idea why either.

Speaking of preemies, if you have time, could you write your own early birth story? I'm very interested in how preemies turn out as adults. I look at Monkey Boy and wonder if he's the way he is (kind of on the weird side) because he's a preemie or inspite of it.


Yeah, don't do the castor oil thing. The reason it induces labor is because dehydration induces labor. Which is a pretty yucky way to go. (Both my babies were late, but the second one decided to kick me into labor on the heels of a stomach flu. Ewwww.)

Red raspberry leaf tea is supposed to be good. It tastes fine, if you like tea. But then again, I drank tons of it late in my pregnancies and as I mentioned, both of mine were late. So clearly I am full of crap.

However! The sex thing just might work! ;)


Having sex with my husband in my ninth month was almost a comedy of errors. We had the best intentions in mind but I'm a relatively small woman who gained almost 60 pounds during pregnancy. I felt like a beached whale. DH and I must have looked like a bunch of roman wrestlers fighting over a beach ball. We ended up laughing so hard that we ended up not having sex.

But at the suggestion of my SIL, I ate spicy foods for about 3 days straight. You name it, I ate it. Everything I ate had either Mexican jalapenos, Thai curry, Chinese chili peppers, etc. Sure enough, after 3 days, my beautiful little boy was born!

Good luck!

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Good job, thanks


Well, I have no favorite, since I dislike labor of any kind--but my only method of inducing labor is getting off my ass, and laboring!

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