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April 15, 2011


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Welcome back! Mwah!

My only child is a lot like a lawyer, too. She fully expects to make her case, negotiate, and if push comes to shove, she's got court reporter transcripts of what you ACTUALLY said. Drives me batshit crazy, and yet...I love the mind on her. I'll bet you feel the same about the Peanut.


I've missed you, MD! Please don't take such a long sabbatical again. It always makes my day when I see a new post from you in my google reader!


I guess I don't read enough blogs to know what over-sharing male writers you're talking about. And honestly, who cares? I don't think anyone would characterize you that way. I have been checking this blog on and off for the past 3 effing months because I love your biting, cynical, intelligent, sarcastic ass.

Don't stop.


Keep the blogs going

My daughter is 5 - she is literally following the path of your Peanut.

I read this blog so I know what to expect.


Well, we can't stop you if you must go, but think about all the guilt you'd feel leaving us with only emo blog crap to read. You really should write a book btw.


It's always good to read a new post. So good to see this one!

And good luck when the Peanut turns 7. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll survive my girls' "'tween" years, let alone the teen years. Sheesh.


Stumbled upon this while bloghopping from dadblag to dadblog. I appreciate your writing style and witty observations. I will say that there are those of us who still do read blogs, so I encourage you not to shut down, even if your posts are sporadic.

Plus now I can vicariously enjoy "city parenting life" without giving up the comforts of bucolic Santa Cruz.

Jessica's Mom

Have you read My Korean Deli by Ben Ryder Howe? I just finished it and after reading your post thought you might like it. Always enjoy your posts - Jessica Kirkwood's Mom.


This is something I can totally see you doing!



Um, the whole sweating out illnesses is not really an Asian thing, it's a mom's from all over the world thing. My WASPY mom tortured me with the same remedy... maybe they're all on to something!


Every time you take a break from blogging, I figure it's because you've gotten some paying gig as "Parenting Humor" guy for The New Yorker or Popular Mechanics, or maybe doing rewrites on "MetroDad: The Musical". Glad it's just that you're a slacker like the rest of us.


It may take me a while to get around to it, but I always love reading your blog posts.

RookieMom Whitney

Don't go away. The quality of writing in the parent blogging world needs to be upheld by someone.

And now that we Jewish moms are sending our kids to school with bento boxes, someone's gotta muse about the way things used to be.


A friend of mine recently became a dad and referred your site on his Facebook. I am not married, not a man and do not have a child but I've loved reading your entries. I have even referred your site to friends of mine that are now new dads. It took me a couple months to read all your blogs and I've enjoyed every minute of it. Please don't stop blogging.


Please don't stop posting. You make my day when I get to read your blog!

Jan Cook

Metro Dad, I've been following you for a long, long time. I check your site every month wondering when you'll write again. I'm a 56 yr old white female graphic artist, born in North Carolina, raised in Louisiana, spent most of my life in Texas, currently living in Seattle, I married my high school sweetheart who died 6 years ago. We had three daughters. I like reading what's in your head because you are funny and young and Asian and write well. You provide me insight into a world I've never been. Please don't stop writing. Thanks.

Post pregnancy Belly

Please don't shut this site down its a fun read - pics me up when I'm feeling a bit crabby.

Brian Clark

I totally agreee that we need more REAL men blogging. The world needs more guys making fun of other guys who do girly shit like feel, share household responsibility, change diapers and other pussy shit like that. Cause our culture is going to fall a-freakin-part if guys forget how to keep each other in line.

Seriously, though, I have stopped checking for new posts a whilr ago, and thought I'll just see, maybe he's back, and yahoo, I get to read two new posts. Glad you have chosen to keep it up for now. I can't believe P is almost 7, been reading for about 4 years. Can't wait to hear her tween adventures and your reaction to them (my Twins are 8, and every once in a while I get little glimpses of what is right around the corner), but that's a ways off.

Well, I am procastinating, gotta go write a newspaper column about what a sensitve new age dad I am.

Sandra chin

Metro dad, please don't shut down your blog. The other day, my hubby was playing with my 18 month old daughter and Serenity started saying "bum" and then my hubby retorted "your bum!", and I immediately thought of you and Peanuts enjoyment of toilet talk/ humor, and then I thought, how cool is that that some stranger's writing at the other end of the planet can permeate my consciousness, this would not be possible in the previous generation of mums and dads. If you feel artistically drained, take a breather for as long as you like, but do share your ramblings with us! Imagine what you would be writing when Peanut is16!


Have been eagerly awaiting your posts, emo or not; I personally would prefer you continue.

I've asked to have MythBusters tackle the fan-death issue. I'm waiting. They might find it way too easy to make fun of Korean grandparents. My husband, at 35+ still believes that shit!! I figure there must have once been a reason, like getting carbon monoxide poisoning from something running on other than electricty or ... I don't know.... it's just... ODD.

I would like to know your opinion of whether the Peanut is growing up more Americanized than you would like. Like, on a scale of 1 to 10, how worried are you?

And, yes, they already did the circus reality show, I saw it on public tv.

You'll need to come with something like African Albinos who live in De-Contamination Units to find one that hasn't been taken.

But seriously, I greet your posts like a light in a dark world of apathy.

Serene Tng

Don't stop writing!! I've been following your blog for some time now and it always lifts up my spirits and totally cracks me up! Your wit, intelligence and humor is so rare these days. And you make parenting seem so fun and show that we can laugh at ourselves even in the most trying times. I'm sure you give a lot of hope to people. So keep writing and more often please.


Glad you didn't decide to close up shop. I read your blog several years ago and kind of went MIA in the blogging world, but I find it sad when people I go to look for have disappeared.

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The Mad Momma

This won't make sense unless you really know Indian culture but I am a half Tamil, one quarter Bengali, and one quarter Garhwali (google them!) Indian Christian. My husband is a Hindu brahmin (that is the highest caste in India) and from the west coast, a Konkani.

I was the nail that stuck out the most and got hammered. And yes, it hurts. On the bright side, my kids are from an India that is full of people like me. Hopefully they won't feel the pain. And oh - we make all our own traditions.


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Hi Sean, you are never too late to complete the hnellacges. However, you may miss out on comments by the other participants as they search and sift through the blog posts in the next challenge. If I remember correctly you have completed challenge #2 as well. Is that right?The third challenge comes out on Monday. Thanks for sharing your advice, experience and how you go about writing and researching for a post. You have some great advice and the processes involved are invaluable for bloggers. As to the frequency of posting - that is a really difficult one and I think the blogger needs to go with what they are comfortable with.


1) Would you recommend WordPress as a plrfotam for a website? I've seen a number of mixed responses from developers and marketers.2) How many blog posts do you think you should write to have any impact online?


Jim I had commented on your new ceivtrae style for your comics recently and altho I tend to like your old stuff better (less busy) I have to mention what the new ones remind me of/you have to see it: A 2006 animation-over-motion-picture movie that uses similar visual technology. It's called A SCANNER DARKLY, starring Winona Rider, Robert Downey Jr, Keanu Reeves, & Rori Cochrane. It's labeled as a Sci-Fi and the plot is described as an LA undercover narcotics agent/cop's double life as a drug user becomes dangerous, and it is totally bizarre. If you haven't seen it, Jim, you have to rent it; it's also playing now on cable station HBOZON, an HBO extention channel.


Yum Yucky / Ugh. The work-pregnancy combo is so dang hard to do. I remember tdawros the end of my last pregnancy while getting ready for work in the morning, I had to lay down and take a break. So it was wake up, get half-dressed, law day and take a break, get up and finished getting dressed, go to work. Gah! LOL.God bless you and Baby!


Balanced Melting Pot / I know I'm late, but I wish you luck with the pregnancy (and if you've alaredy given birth, a happy healthy baby)! Can't wait to hear from you in the new year.

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Looks perfect I loved the writing style


I find that Facebook and Twitter have sort of become my outtels for those many random thoughts that fly around in my head and have nowhere to go. Also the 'moments' that happen throughout a day or week are shared more on Twitter/FB than on my personal blog. I've gotten away from writing there atm, but I'm not sure the blame can be entirely laid on the doorsteps of twitter and facebook. I've always gone in cycles with my blogging. Sometimes the ideas flow faster than I can blog them and I post almost daily, and sometimes I got nuthin' and the blog goes quiet for a while. I've been like that since well before twitter/FB came along.


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Monica - I look forward to cheknicg your blog everyday to see what is new and what great ideas you have to share with us all. Being a new mom, I LOVE seeing what words of wisdom you have..ps, you have inspired me to switch to CD and am going to be making our own baby food for our little one. We had planned on that from the start, but after seeing your system and how it works for you and your family I am so looking forward to getting started (even though I am still at the point it makes me cry to think of her getting bigger everyday!)[]


congrats on starting your new stiueds on becoming a RD! I have my BS in dietetics but never did my internship, my kids are too little for me to sacrifice working 10 months full time for free with homework every week! My advice, pick a school that offers a coordinated program. I didn't pay attention and did a didactic program ..get your 4 yr degree, then apply to internship. Good luck! You'll make a great RD one day! Lisa {smart food & fit} recently posted..

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