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January 03, 2011


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Thank you for this wonderful post.

What have I learned? I never believed it was possible to love anyone as much as I love my child. Loving her makes me want to be a more compassionate person to everyone in my life.

Also, being a parent has forced me to "get over myself", and get past those things that I've allowed to stand in my way. How can I teach her to go for her dreams, if I'm too afraid to reach for my own?


Put enough ketchup on something and even I might eat it!


It is terrifying how much my kids rely on my love.

Get better with being terrified.


I love the image of you having tea. You're an awesome dad, I am sure.

From an asshole


Manners and empathy. I know a few adults who need to be re-parented by you.

I've learned that when I've handled a situation poorly, a sincere apology to a child is magic... for both of us.

Caroline Walberg

I always love your posts MD! As the mother of my first (almost 1) I look at her every single day and marvel at this perfect little creature and constantly am thinking of the things I want to teach her and trying to comprehend how time goes by so, so fast with children. It almost doesn't seem fair, but it continues to become more fun.


hi md...just wanted to know your thoughts on the amy chua wsj article. you going to write about it?


"Lacking a car seat, I also once strapped my daughter into the backseat with a bunch of bungee cords." ...Hilarious!


motherhood kicks my ass. i've laughed, cried, got real mad, etc but i've learnt tt things will improve. i just gotta wait. sometimes a long time.

i've also learnt i haven't really got to know the real me till i got a living, kicking, screaming kid.

btw my kid is just 1.5 yrs old. i know things r just gonna get wilder, noiser and chaotic! bless me.


YES! Pls comment on the "Tiger Mom" story!! Fascinating stuff. But you must not forget to read the follow-up letter written by her daughter... inspirational.


Here's the link to the letter: http://www.nypost.com/p/entertainment/why_love_my_strict_chinese_mom_uUvfmLcA5eteY0u2KXt7hM

Audubon Ron

If I only knew then what I know now I still wouldn't know shit.

james singleton

I've learned to be prepared for one milion and one questions that i don't have the answer to nor care about also that i hate puberty in girls anyway.


My dad said I love you with slightly more frequency than yours, but not much. My response is identical to yours.

As for the baby poop thing today I had my breath taken away, literally. The last three diapers he's "created" have been the three worst diapers he's EVER created. I'm honestly a little scared to find out what's waiting for me in the morning. The lesson learned in this though is that I might consider investing in Huggies. Because if babies are doing this every day people will be needing wipes for a long, LONG, time...


One thing I learned is our children are the greatest teacher in the world.


Proving once again why this is the best daddy blog on the internet. Thanks, MD. Thoughtful as always.


Driving with your children in the car is the surest way to teach them foul language.


Love this post!

They're only at each of these beginning stages of life once so it's definitely worth making the time and sacrifice to be there now.
Totally agree with above comments on time. Once in a while Wifey and I think, what did we do with all that time before we had before!
Even though your children are precious, still make time for your partner.
To be open and free to improving yourself as a parent. No-one is perfect!
Don't sweat the small stuff. You can buy new or fix/clean/mend broken/dirty furniture/etc. Your children are irreplaceable.


I just found this blog and really love it! So interesting.
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grammar nazi-ette

"you had better" or "you'd better." not "you better."

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Love this post. It's been a month since your last post. Keep up the awesome writing!


I've learned that boxes, pans with spoons for drumsticks are WAY cooler than a drum set. Thanks for the smiles.

Linda C

What haven't I learned! First and foremost -It is never too early to start showing your child that you love them. Just remember that hypocrisy is the number-one issue that fuels teenage rebellion. It is not enough for your adult friendships to be right, they must look right in the eyes of your family too.


Awesome lessons. I've learned that watching and listening are the best parts of being a parent. I've learned that encouragement is a very real gift we can give. I've learned that Christmas is 10,000 times better with kids. I've learned that weathermen promising snow to kids in Texas are the spawn of the devil and should be shot when the snow fails to appear....


We're just about to have a baby girl and your entry made me smile so much. Methinks my husband's going to like your entries.


I wonder if you made the diaper thing more complicated than you needed to.

I remember seeing my mom make do with a sanitary pad on my baby sister once, because she was just too tired and sleep deprived to care.

Dana Sternly

Gosh how did you live with yourself while your wife had sex with other men while still married?


MetroDad, where the heck are you?!!!?!?!? I've been waiting for your next post!!


Nice blog.


That being a dad is a never ending learning curve and a splendid experience

frugal baby

Parenting is never ending journey. Enjoy the ride and go with the flow most of the times.


Learning from real life experience, not just some book, thanks heaps for the post! It's definitely going to prepare me well for what is to come. Keep those posts coming

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Love your writing style, thanks for sharing! And yes, poop & fart jokes are always crowd pleasers!

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Hi, I've been reading your blog for years now, starting from my first pregnancy all the way through now my 3rd kiddo! I appreciate all the laughter that you've given readers like myself... but are there more posts to come?

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I've never seen my dad cry. My daughter has seen me cry. My dad never told me he loved me. Consequently I tell the Peanut I love her practically every other minute. The point is that maybe too much emotional display is just as bad as not enough but I've learned that I'll always lean towards the former.


come on, MD, low hanging fruit:

Susan A

Miss your posts!! Are you ever coming back? or have you moved on??


I hope all is well with you and that you're doing ok. I miss your posts and humor.


I second what Aimee said. Miss your updates.

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emily c.

I learned that if you want the truth, ask them right before they fall asleep. When they are super tired, they always tell you the truth. Kids are listening to you all the time, scary!
BE PRESENT for your child as much as you can. Tough, but worth it.

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