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March 16, 2010


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I watch only HGTV, so what does that say about me? I'd never,ever watch American Idol, or Survivor. But, give me a home-decorating show, or buying a house someplace I'll never live, and I'm glued to the TV.


Forever and always The Amazing Race.


Wow, reallity tv is the reason I don't watch TV.


I'm afraid to admit that even though tonight's Marriage Ref show - which will feature a guy who collects hotel soap - is not about me, it's about me anyway.

BTW, your tagline - "Poppycock from a Cocky Pop" - is sheer frickin' genius.

chillin in IA

Let us not forget Hoarders, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Celebrity Rehab, Sober House, Ice Road Truckers, Bridezillas, Trading Spouses, Undercover Boss...... I <3 U reality TV :)


What we need is a return of "Battle of the Network Stars", only have it be reality TV.

And I say this coming from my sanctimonious perch where I watch The People's Court.

And I once wrote a post entitled "I am Bravo's Bitch" which I am. Totally.


Ahhh....that's what it is...I'm SUPER intelligent!!! My favorites are Survivor (I've watched every season, I think), American Idol (a new fave), Deadliest Catch, The Alaska Project...oh, and can't forget Rock of Love with Brett Michaels (are those women for REAL???)! There are lots of others I've watched and enjoyed, too. I even applied to be on Survivor a couple times, and after sending them a video of me shooting an aspirin out of the air (that someone tossed) with a bow and arrow they didn't pick me! Can you believe that? I was just too good for that show. But I still enjoy watching it!

Oh, and the fingernail thing? I do that, too. But usually if I'm eating something out of the bottle it's whipped cream...


I'm now kind of wondering what it says about me that I don't give a fuck about reality television. The people on those shows annoy me, and since I can't actually leap through the screen to slap them, what's the point of watching to be annoyed? I just can't muster up any caring about the stupid drama, to be honest. Perhaps I'm antisocial.

So instead, I'm all Criminal Minds, Castle, House, that sort of thing. Something where there's a puzzle to be solved hooks me.

The Patchwork Beat Mad Hatter

Who is Metrodad?

At the old-young age of 41 Metrodad is a leading-edge relic of Postmodern Capitalism, the final hurrah of a generation lost between boom and bust.

He is a yellow Bud Fox, an optimistic Woody Allen, ineffectual to the point of tragic, his hubris providing the only comic relief.

Living the retarding dream of “ivy inclusion,” Metrodad failed to learn hard lessons young, survive his time and surface a man, he so remains an un-mentored boy, unable to outpace the achievements of his female counterparts.

Metrodad’s accomplishments and life’s experiences exist only to serve his brand, one that he promotes with a well-conceived mixture of spurious megalomania and crippling self-doubt.

Metrodad is among the last descendants of a bygone era, a not-so-great grandson at the bedside of a wheezing, dying corporate patriarch, forced by intricate dependencies to secure a trust by hawking the final drips of his self-worth and masculinity. :(


I think I watched only one season of Project Runway and one season of Top Chef, and that last one only because it was set in Chicago.

Leanne K

There's a new one on CBS Undercover Boss, Amazing Race, American Idol, Hell's Kitchen, sometimes DWTS, the Bachelor, Bachelorette. If i had cable i would watch Project Runway, (used to catch Jon and Kate), just to name a few.


You are not alone, Project Runway, Biggest Loser, Millionaire Matchmaker and Top Chef are my favorites. However, I do make time to go to the movies, too. An Education would appeal to your crowd, as would A Single Man, while not nominate for best picture, Colin Firth was nominated for best actor.

Paige Jennifer

Guilty. During commercials, I call my sister to gab about the drama. Our parents must be so proud.


16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, Real Housewives (of every city), Millionaire Matchmaker, The Hills, The City, Kell on Earth...you name it...I watch it! Of course my husband LOVES movies so he's always trying to watch reruns of something featuring Eddie Murphy and I want to stick a pen in my eye!

Sandra Chin

Strictly from a socio-anthropological slant, I think reality shows fill the present day need of community in our diasporic universe. It also makes us appreciate our own kith & kin more- I mean,can you imagine having such inane siblings as the Kardashians or having a mothers group as bitchy as the "Real Housewives" ???


I'm not sure that Dancing with the Stars counts as reality, but I love that show. It's riviting to watch someone like Pamela Anderson "dance" if that's what you want to call what she did. Watching 80 yr old Buzz Aldrin dance made me cry. It's really brave to dance when you suck.

I'd watch you in a reality show if you promise to do that thing on the couch. Just Kidding.

Amber Star

I was just telling my husband, as I read your blog, that people who use and understand how to use and what zeitgeist means freaks me out. At that point he snapped to attention and dug into the depths of his college German to tell me that it is only time spirit. That really cleared it up for me. Thanks.

Amber Star

Ok, I opened my book before reading all of the problem. The only reality show we watch is "So You Think You Can Dance" and I LOVE IT. The others are merely pale shadows fading in the brilliance of SYTYCD.

Personally I like "Sons of Anarchy", but my kids are grown. :)


and what about qvc? Try it out


The reason why "reality tv" is popular is probably more of a statement of how horrible media/entertainment has become. It is a pursuit of cutting corners and creating margin so far to a point then not only are we getting less value entertainment as a society but we also have conformed to actually "enjoying" it. I guess we figure that actors are actually just overpaid reality stars then if I were a media conglomerate I would pay no names for the same product less the costs. Sad state. Although I do watch BB, Amazing Race, Real Worlds, Survivor, etc.... shame.....


I think that reality tv is popular is because that is the only thing on. The cable channels play rerun after rerun everyday. If you want to escape from the real world, than you have to watch what is on the tv. I hate to say that I put the tv on the news channel and watch the same old news hour after hour, with the mute on. I really need to get a life.

Boom Trucks

reality TV turns the intelligent into toy trucks loving, nascar racing, ball scratching morons. TV in general is killing us physically and mentally.


I think we all like our tv programs. I schedule my afternoons around them. That is just life.


It is so hard not to fall into that trap. They do not make original programs any more. I can really see your point.

new balance

I want that my love to you will turn into bright sunlight so that to warm your heart. Do you like it?


While both Lauren and Kent were wonderful dancers, Kent does not yet have the upper body strength to pull off many of the dance styles that involve lifting and catching his partner. He will grow into it. Lauren had strength, grace and the ability to dance every style given to her. She deserved the win. congratulations to her!

New Balance

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I don't like the realities show, actually the only one that I watched was Survivor in it first season, the others are a total piece of crap, specially Big Brother, dude I really hate that program.


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