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September 11, 2009


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Your Dear Andy letters always get me choked up. I worked in the South Tower and 8 years later I'm still not quite sure why I made it when so many others didn't. It's head spinning and easier to just brush to the side and go about day to day life. Kudos to you for allowing yourself to really feel the pain of losing a loved one.


its been a long time i visited u...but iam glad i did..sometimes it feels like i get to know myself thru strangers..maybe its the jd talking but its when u r alone that u realize how many lives have touched urs....


It is nice that you had a friend that you could share so much with. I am sorry for your loss. I am happy that you still care for him in your every day life. True friends never die.


Nothing like this will ever happen in my family. It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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Such a wonderful experience you went. For sure you learned a lot from there.


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We have a very simple picoly for health care, we give you what you need, not what you can buy. It's very frustrating to hear such bull shit, in France we saw a video of a black woman dying on CCTV in a New York hospital because no one took care of her, please, don't take this like an attack, I just want you to realize that people in your country deny health care to people so that they can build a new swimming pool in one of their mansions.


I encourage weahevtr jackasses gave me a thumbs downs to speak up.What matters is that they are alive. Why should I be expected to pay their bill? A European style health-care system in the United States simply will not work for reasons others could state far better than me. There are improvements we can make but we can't adopt the European/Canadian solution.And I would rather have my tax dollars going to the defense of the nation.


I have no idea about where you get your news, but seriously I am skhoced by the ignorance of your comment, especially after what I went through last week. I live in Paris, I broke my meniscus, I went to the Hospital and I was operated yesterday for 200 $ all for all (about 10 thousand dollars in your country). I'm saying this for your own good, you are being ripped off by corporate thugs and you read the news of people that work for them.


Ohhhh Anda. I feel like my heart is going to burst after looking at these. These are so wudfernol and, knowing Andy in that way that you know people after spending three days with them at Jesh's workshop, capture his devoted and caring spirit. After hearing him talk about his Jess, I love being able to see their love in action in these photos. So so beautiful.


we give you what you need No, you get what they can afford, which isn't much. That's why our medcial tourism trade is soo much bigger than yours. i'd rather get that cancer taken care of now, at a cost to me, than a year from now when it's too late.There are worse things than expensive healthcare. Oppressive government


That b+w frame (in the field): They're hugging, you see the back of his head, and her geouorgs, Oh my goodness I LOVE this man face. That's exactly what her face, her eyes, though closed, say.And you, only you, could make me hear those exact words, so audibly.Without a sound.xoA


Wilna van Staden - Aggeneeeeeeeeeee! Jy't getrek! Ek het lasajaar jou website ontdek en wou jou gebel het vir n preggie shoot & nou's jy nie meer in Middelburg nie! (Good 4 u, bad 4 me)Ek hou regtig baie van jou styl & jou werk het dadelik my aandag getrek. Ek is self n fotografie entosias, alhoewel ek nog baaaaie het om te leer.Geniet die Kaap!Wilna


This little fella was my very first nworebn shoot. Logan is so small and cute ♥ And the little sounds he makes is sooo adorable! You cana0tell I don't geta0to do with nworebns often! Haha! A few months ago I dida0Rocco and Lizelle's pregnancy shoot as well. You can see that here.


Half an hour! A whole 30 minutes. Stupendous! Well done you. We're still hvinroeg around the 10 minute mark, well 10 minutes painting and 10 hours clean - up! [I do tend to exaggerate of course]Cheers


I'll bet they were really proud of their work too. These piutcres warm my heart. My 2 year old grandson has done piutcres for me that I have up on my bedroom walls.


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Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abautnndly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen. Eph. 3:20-21


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This is amazing!!!! I'm cliebrateng with you and I'm so encouraged:) I'm so excited to see how ALL the rest of the money and everything else you need will be provided!!!Mary Catherine (Melanie and Joel's friend in Canada:)


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