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September 23, 2009


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Papa Bradstein

Oi. Who are those guys? I assumed it was much like this, with a fair amount of anguish and relationship mechanics--who takes the Peanut to school? who picks her up? ...and so forth--to fill the empty spaces.


MD....proud of you for being able to let go....
to add to your list of quiet times.
Better than most reality stuff out there.
peanut rocks!

Mom Gift

What a real post. Your honesty gives readers a perspective not usually seen by most people - that of the man in the situation of divorce. Solitude can be healing, just don't let yourself go too far in it. Looks like you have an amazing little piece of sunshine who loves you!

Addiction Treatment

My marriage actually dissolved because I had to check into drug rehab for my voracious cocaine habit. It was for the best though, I think I just fell out of love with my wife anyway.


And here I thought I had to take my viewing of My Antonio to the grave. Consider yourself lucky that you make time to read voraciously. It kills me a little bit inside that I can no longer hide under my covers with a flashlight and stay up late finishing a book cover to cover. Keep the good blogs coming!


As always, enjoy your honesty with yourself and your ability to write. You're kinda weird and cool. The P-nut is a cutie.

Big Pumpkin

Divorce is never easy for all parties involved. But we do what we feel is best, we hurt, we grieve, we learn, we reminisce, and we eventually move on.......Rocking days to come, yo!


Hey, this is coming from a 19 year old female whose parents have been divorced for the majority of her life, if you keep on having this great relationship with you daughter, she will grow up to be a strong and wonderful human being. Having an open relationship with your child no matter how old she is the best thing to do. It has always been like that for me and my father and i am happy to say that when i go to visit him, I always feel the need to walk under is arm in the store. Just because I can.


I think that you are really a lucky man. You have no problem being alone. Most of the people can not stand to be alone. We only choose to let people into our lives. I can see that you have picked a good friend for life, (your peanut).


You and your daughter look like you are having a lot of fun. I am glad that there are fathers who love their daughters that much.


Live it up! Life is too short to worry about anything. Love the story.


Everyone has to have their own space and time alone. I think that it is good that you spend the time alone.


Thanks for sharing your day in the life...with us. I think that they should make a reality show.


I totally get the 'Maybe a little too good with the alone thing'. I also love listening to a song till I am lost in it. Enjoyed reading your posts....:)


Great post. I had a similar experience when I divorced 4 years ago, although in the beginning I had my two young daughters about 80% of the time. I got remarried last year, and I'm now struggling to find enough time for my wife, my daughters, and myself. Someone usually feels like they aren't getting enough. I miss the time I spent with just my daughters, and they miss it too. Didn't see that coming. Enjoy her immensely before settling down with someone else (assuming you intend to do that).

single dad

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed. Really a nice post here!

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#165 DANIELLE, NY Thank you, now I do not have to do the work on looking thgins like that up .you seem to have better records than most anybody ..it is nice of you to share your information and work with us ..we do appreciate it.#167 MODERATOR we know you cannot work 24/7, and it was a weekend morning to boot, I bet you just missed it and I bet a once in a life time thing like this would never cross your mind at our zoo. Thankfully we got to see it, Rita Petita got photos of it, and we would love to find somebody with the sound on in their video camera who also captured it .we are not sure that Rita can replicate the sounds.#172 PANDAFAN-NORTH The thing that I feel most when seeing Princess Lin Ping and Prince Fluffy-Butt nurse is the reminder that they are still babies. Her size may be one of the reasons, plus like in the case of Fu Long getting to occupy a section of the exhibit with his mom to about or just over 2 yrs of age .there is no room in the Panda Castle for a large male, growing daughter (or son), and mom too. Thankfully we could keep up to 6 (including a nursing mother) or 5 adult Pandas. Not all zoos have that option, especialy in parts of the world that have been occupied by larger, longer civilizations than we. I think it was one of the reasons we got to keep our two girls until the younger was 3 ..earthquake made for no room there, and we had room. Not all zoos have the room to grow. I was at our Wildl Animal Park the week it opened, and was always amazed when it grew, and grew, and grew. If I am not mistaken it could still grow and not use up the piece of land it has. It is too hot for Pandas, but it means other warm weather animals could be transfered, to make more room for pandas.Thank you for sending the link I enjoyed it.#173 LINDA LUVS PANDAS It is not yet known if nurturing past the 6th or 7th month is needed, the bears to seem to just know thgins. Case in point Gao Gao was rescued, injuried and malnurished at an unknown age, but less than a year old for sure. Bai Yun was born in captivity (a daughter of the Great Pan Pan-wild/and a captive bred mother), and was removed at 7 months old to the care of the nannykeepers. That pair alone has produced 4 cubs. Bai's daughter with Shi Shi already has doubled that number of cubs, Bai has birthed and raised 5 successfully, and Hua Mei just had her 8th cub this season. The best news is that both Shi Shi and Gao Gao were wild born, helping to make the gene pool deeper, or wider -whatever is appropriate. This information was gathered by reading the blogs, and comments. The unknown status was part of an answer fromt he staff, nannykeepers, or the moderator. None of us can know what is right , some think that rescuing Shi Shi and Gao Gao is the wrong thing to do, but it sure has brighted up thgins here in San Diego.#178 LUCILLA nobody, but nobody could so quickly get a look at Prince Fluffy-Butt's diary than you. Did you hack his computer or what???? Well I don't care how you come by such important information thank you for sharing it with us.


BY: Honey, what shall we get Yunior for his birthday?GG: You know what he wants BY: A baby broehtr I know but that is up to the Panda God, not me.GG: Have you read his blog? He has a list.BY: Oh and how many items are on our dear boy's list?GG: Hee Hee, 68 at the last count. He keeps adding to it.BY: So after baby broehtr, what does he want?GG: Baby sister.(At this point, Bai Yun stands in front of her husband and gives him a Seriously' look of exasperation. GG looks up from his iPaw2 and grins.)GG: Well, No. 3 is a huge giant ice cream cake with a no 2 made of apple and honey clusters. No 4 is a enormous pizza. No 5 is a mile high boo burger .BY: Why does your son want so much food for? The nannykeepers are already feeding him too well.GG: Because he is a chip of the old son of a gun Panda Papa?BY: Humph, anything else?GG: Phone number or email address of Ms Panda Universe 2008, a ticket to Rio for the Carnival, a red corvette or thunderbird hmm, do they make them any more? First ediition Super Panda comic book .a visit from his jie jies and ge ge a role in Kung Fu Panda 3 .a ride on an elephant or rhino .a chance to see all the animals in SDZ a party with all the SDZ animals and nannykeepers .a new garden to redecorate .some rose bushes hee hee, here is my favourite one year's supply of sweet Golden Arrow bamboo shoots my son has taste BY: Hmmm, I am kinda missing the girls and Sheng, maybe if I get them on a conference call and if Tai could pilot the Panda Plane Mei Xiang wants to see him too and he maybe getting a sibling soon too Let me see what I can do .GG: Darling, you always know best. You go girl!BY: Hand over your credit cards cos I need to do some serious shopping then GG: (gulps) Yes, the love of my life.BY: And you are the centre of my universe, my sweetheart, cupcake, sugar pie honey bunny GG: Eeeeee, my fur is standing, there is only so much sweet nothings I can take. Here are my cards, enjoy yourself!BY: You are simply the best!


AJ: Hey Lin Ping, way to go, loved your fall from the tree. You really are sotinhemg else!LP: (giggles) I wanted to surprise Mommie but I forgot how big I had grown. The branch couldn't hold me.AJ: And you got to go to that cool place to get photos of your insides.LP: I was sleeping most of the time, they gave me a sharpie. Ouch!YZ: Mommie wont let me climb very far yet.AJ: Yes, she has been talking to my Mommie, I think she is learning a few things for Da Mommie Monster.YZ: Normally Mommie is calm and serene, now she is playful and plays tricks on me.LP: My Mommie too, she is always holding me down, dragging me and tumbling me.YZ: Yeah, and my Mommie uses all four paws and treats me like a ball .AJ: But the girlies like it and they will go ooooooh and awwwww!'YZ: Girlies?LP: I think Yunnie is too young AJ. Hee Hee. Wait a few more months more then you can tell him.AJ: Maybe his daddy Gao Gao will! I am the Son of Yang, born to bless the beauties.LP: ROFLOL!YZ: I dont understand ..AJ: You soon will, just enjoy the milk bar while it lasts.LP: My Mommie and I have been eating boo together. I like that.AJ: I love attacking her while she is eating her boo!YZ: YES! I learnt some of your moves and have attacked her butt and neck folds. Not the ears, leave the ears alone' my Mommie is vain about her perfectly shaped ears, hee hee!LP: gtg, my keeper wants to play. I think it is bath time.YZ: Bath? YuCK.AJ: bb, cya.YZ: Tomorrow, log on same time?AJ: When the Mommie Monsters are asleep, hee hee.YZ: Panda Cubs Unite!AJ: Panda Cubs Unite!


DOXIEMOM 19 I saw your comment under Gaos first photo .must I rimend you those are MY FLUFFY FEETSIES. I am not likely to Share Them .so Gals get your Stares while you can. I know he has four of them and we could share, but he only has one SET of Feetsies.ON THAT NOTE RITA PETITA We cannot thank you enough for such wonderful photos who knows if we will ever see a portrait of the 3 of them together ever again. I, for one, am glad that you have devoted yourself to the Panda Family at San Diego Zoo and photo tracked them so well. When I start going through the pages of your Flickr Album I can get lost for hours and that is just back as far as Yunior being born. Most every one of your photos is wonderful, some are breathtaking, and some are history as it happened ..but without the photos who could tell our wonderful Moderator that Marion (Scotland) and I were mistaken ..it wasn't Yun Zi and Bai looking at each other, it was the three Gaos saying a quiet hello. She probably missed it somehow it was early, on a weekend, and we cannot expect her working 24/7.Perhaps Lucilla could take a few notes about the photos, so that after she gets other things out of the way she can write a story telling us what they had to say to each other.I really hope that somebody who shares their videos -especially with sound has a link for us. We will buy you some POP CORN to eat while you wait in line next time to see the Pandas.


I was just reviewing some of the cotmmnes of a previous blog, posted May 19, 2011, The State of Pandas in the Wild (?). There was a lot of expressed concern regarding Su Lin being released into the wild . I would remind everyone that this is a semi-wild environment that she will go into. It is a safe enclosure, and is not totally without supervision. In a post on Pandas Live On, the scientists and keepers at BFX grew alarmed after the unexpected snowfall in March, collected a large team of searchers, went into the protected semi-wild area and did an immediate search for the mother panda and her cub. They found the cub 1st he was resting peacefully up in a tree (no doubt where mom put him), they posted a sweet picture of him in the tree, then mom was found a short distance away, calmly munching away in a stand of bamboo growth. So this is encouraging that these bears are not put there and forgotten. The other bears in the enclosure were also accounted for. Since the American born bears are sort of stars , to the Chinese, in their respective centers, I am sure the Chinese will be respectful of their stature in the States. To whoever compared the status of Mei Lan vs. Su Lin, I would remind you that Mei Lan is younger than Su Lin, and not ready for breeding at this time.Thanks for letting me have my say.


I was watching the cam here at 10:25 EST and saw an adaborle Bai nursing Yunnie in the moonlight. So sweet. I cannot stand to think of our little boy weaned and grown up time does fly. I still go back and watch the video of our little pink baby. I have what is a silly question and perhaps I have not read the different posts but, why are the Madrid twins not being raised by their mother? Does she even see them?Moderator, is SDZ the only zoo you know of that lets the mother raise their babies until the normal age of weaning in the wild? It is so nice. Bai normally does not seem bothered at all by Yuni, she just ignores him if she is not in the mood to play or nurse. I know this is to get them to breed more often but it is a shame. I think this is truly the nurturing that the need to mature into adults.Mary glad your surgery went well! I am sure you will be healed up in no time.Moderator's note: Others zoos allow panda cubs to stay with their mothers until weaning time, and from what I've read in these comments, the zoo in Austria kept their mother-son pair together until he moved to China.


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i live in Asia and I'm fairly new to giant panda life cycle, eaicepslly a panda cub's. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could tell me: whether Yun Zi, after weaning, ever gets a glimpse of either of his parents in a long while? Or is he living all alone by himself and never gets a chance to even come close to smell his parents at all? I hope you all do not think this is a silly question, but I really do wonder whether the cub is very lonely.Moderator's note: He currently is in an exhibit that is right next to his father's, so they can certainly smell each other; if Yun Zi climbed high enough, he could see his father, too. Please keep in mind that adult pandas are solitary in the wild and would not be keeping company with another panda (see post ). Yun Zi is not considered a cub any more but a subadult. He has plenty of things to do to keep from being bored.


#173 Linda luvs pandas e28093 For pitucres of Hua Zui Ba and her cubs in Madrid, see #48 Danielle, NY for the link to the article with pitucres, and #87 Lucy for the translation of the article from Chinese into English that Lucy was so kind to do for us. Most of the time when pandas have twins, they care only for the first born and abandoned the second cub. Now a system has been developed, keepers are feeding the cubs alternatively and the mother take care of one cub at the time. It seems that the keepers in Madrid are allowing Hua Zui Ba time to eat and sleep by herself, and the cubs are taken care and fed by the keepers during these me-time for mommy. There have been times when an exhausted mother killed her cub by accident while rolling over, so keepers are keeping an eye on that to avoid unnecessary accident.


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Lizzie, I haven’t been able to find any information about the roeasn for Dong Dong’s death, but she was an old panda (27 years old, +/- 3 years) and I believed she enjoyed a healthy life until the end. Which I think is comforting. Pan Pan is indeed still alive and residing at Bifengxia. Pan Pan was rescued in April 1986 and it was estimated that he was born in 1985. Dong Dong was rescued in March 1990 and it was estimated that she was born in 1984 +/- 3 years. So she might or might not have been a year older than Pan Pan. It is easier to evaluate the age a cub, as it was the case for Pan Pan, than the age of a 6 year old adult female (+/- 3 years).


Barbara, thanks for the reropt about thermal imaging. I just think it is amazing that, no matter how much information is in your reropts, it always opens a new gate of more and more questions! lol When it comes to SDZ's pandas and polar bears, no other group of fans, bloggers, or any animal lovers, have a bigger thirst for more and more knowledge. I think it is wonderful. The more we can learn of Giant Pandas, the higher the percentage of survival rises.Thank you San Diego Zoo and your team of scientists and care takers, for all you do to educate the world about animals.


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