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July 08, 2009


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You know, I'm the say way—I have a never ending list of advice I MUST impart to my children. I thought I was the only one with that particular parenting quirk!


Good advice, Once my grandpa told me " its better to ask for forgiveness than permission." I thought that was pretty good advice.


My favorite advice is "It is our job to make the world a better place." My husband and I both emphasize this without regard to religion or politics. It's easy . . . follow your heart. (That one is my fave and one I'll share)


My dad has gems. The best for my teenage years:
"Be good. If you can't be good, be careful. If you can't be careful, don't name it after me."


i remember a few my dad gave me....
the whole point in getting them down is to kick them and run.
y fight with a fool? anyone watching will wonder who the real fool is.


My dad has always lived by the book,
His advice to his daughters:
1.Never do anything that wont let u sleep thru the nite.
2 take the criticism some one gives u on your face and the applauds after u r gone, seriously. If its the opposite, find their selfish motive.
I think it has helped me see thru false flattery in my life and know my real friends. Thanks dad.


I'm fifteen and this is really great advice


Great list. Interested to know who was most influential in your life and taught you what you're teaching your children?


My dad's advice that I always remember: Never do anything half-ass, be kind to animals.

My mom's advice: Vote. Vote. Vote. Volunteer and don't let today's sun shine on yesterday's problems.

My advice: Always hold open the door for someone else and always give up your seat to someone who needs it more.


My parents were great with advice, but my dad always had one favorite. Before we would leave the house with friends he would always make us say, "All boys are bad." This was fine until college when my sister replied with, "But all men are good!" haha

rick salot

the best parking spot at the supermarket is closest to the cart return, not the front door.


My grandfather's favorite saying is the #1 rule I live by. It works on so many levels. "when you sh*t in the snow, in the spring it's gonna show".


One that is missing.... If everyone jumps off the Brooklyn bridge, do you have to?


Mom gave me all the nervous upright(uptight) stuff:

1) Clean as you go (when cooking) (I now do this, it is in fact helpful. Ok. )
2) Keep your hands inside windows and away from moving parts (this actually worked! I have never had stitches or broken bones! Well done, Ma.)
3) Make your bed every morning. (Oh hell you didn't think I was that goody two shoes, did you? So I bought a duvet. Plop. Done.)


My dad: "Fall in love as much as possible."

My advice to my kids: People in love shouldn't cheat on the one they love.


I got little bits of really good advice from pretty messed up parents. This alone taught me that you never know when brilliance and beauty might strike.

Other really good pieces of advice I've received over the years include:

* Be a duck wearing a raincoat. Let insults roll off you twice.

* Never ever hit first. If someone else hits you first, make sure you hit last.

* At some point being abused becomes your responsibility. Stop going back to people who treat you like shit.

* Birth control is your responsibility. Only date men whose mothers taught them the same thing. Cover your bases twice.

* You can do anything, if only because there will always be someone telling you that you can't.

* Anger can be a good thing. Sometimes it's the only thing that will get you out of bed when you are depressed.

* The three most important times to look someone in the eyes is when you meet them, when you say thank you, and when you apologize.

*Saying sorry means you are going to try to change the behavior.

* Some fights aren't worth winning. Weigh the relationship as a whole against the thing you are fighting about.

* Ask yourself every time you are faced with an ethical dilemma, does this change who I am at the core? Will I wake up in 20 years still hating myself. Does this endanger more people than it will help?

I turned out pretty well.

Scott Yoste

So many beautiful and funny tenets to live by. Thank you all. Here are a few from my dusty path......
From my dad (a quote he "borrowed" and passed along)
"Within every adversity lies the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit."
For my sons,
"a transparent life guided by faith allows you to place whatever skeletons your past has created on the front porch for everyone to wave at as they go by...."
For my daughters,
"You will always be able to have a loving hug from your daddy regardless of the circumstances."


"Pole swirling is for fire fighters alone"


oops posted my alopogy in the wrong spot! Threw my back out and so the challenge post didn't get up until now. These cupcakes were great. So sorry for the delay. hope I can still play along!


I'm so ready to participate this month! I <3 Cupcakes. Just cuurois, as I'm new to this, do you make a special album or just post on that date to your blog? Thanks. Jeannette {photographydiva@mac.com} or www.jeannettesiciliani.typepad.com


My dad gave me so much advice, I can't remember it all, most of it I have just incorporated into how I view everything.
A few gems:

- Don't go looking for happiness, you will only find it inside yourself.

- Be your own person.

- Never trust anyone who wants to lead desperately.

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As always these are incbedirle!! Erin as been my favorite photographer since before she did this professionally! I still have a pic she took of us at her brother in laws birthday party that caught just the right moment of us dancing! That is what she is so good at- always catching the right moment! Thank you so much!!!!!


Ok, that is seriously a stinnung couple! I don't even know them! .And, you better enter that doggie pic into some canine contest! I could just see that pic on the bag of some wholesomeTexas dog food! Not to mention a commercial! You work magic Pledge sis!


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This was a complete waste of of 5 miutnes of my life.All he did is repeat himself saying it's science and learn how to get the systems . This gave ZERO information. We KNOW people set up systems we were looking for HOW to set up those systems.Fail


Everything is way too expencive, best opoitn go to bar and find boy/girl either preference and go home with them, the swedish are generally quite into that ;)lol and just jump the metro gates, I never paid and never got caught.Malmoe has a good student music scene and is a place you can actually afford to live!


Someone's sense of humor needs adjusting.From my eeenrixpce, most 'women's' advice columns usually center around communication and perhaps therapy alone or together. I realize that both of those things are horrible for men (JUST KIDDING). But usually the advice given is for the women to wake up!I love that book 'He's just not into you' because it speaks to women who will sit home and obsess about why a guy will not call them. If you only knew some of the crap these women think up to avoid the obvious - HE'S JUST NOT INTERESTED!!!!!


At least the author of these jokes didn't see man as one dinaismonel.I'll give you women a hint, good food, for me any way, keeps me happier much longer than good sex. (And, there's no such thing as bad sex.)It is a joke, albeit not very funny one, tired humor, etc. Now, did you hear the one about the blonde on the airplane?


One of the funniest tighns about these comments is that some people want to compare a joke to serious advice columns. This suggests some serious problems with perspective.Didn't Helen and some commenters fall for the same thing a while back when a man penned a satire about the phone conversation he heard between his wife and a friend? Get a life, folks.


Melissa,You're right. That photo does make me look buxum. The goodies are on their way. Woo Hoo. Katherine,I think CJ is svinag his kilt wearing for Dan's graduation. Should be exciting. hugs


You look very "buxom-bomb shell" in the top picture :) Roger and I are so etxecid about the Mississippi treats! Now that we are here, we miss being down there...not too much though


Trey,Yes, it was funny and sexist--but it is suppesod to be humor and really, can a blog be that serious all of the time? and really, it is no worse than some of the trash they have on Oprah or advice columns for women where they talk about what a bunch of selfish dogs men are.


I'm going to agree with Emmie, The Con is just an incredible song/record and has been a great out let in recnet times. The back story to my question goes like this. I was an elite athlete and wentask all girls school and practically no contact with boys my whole life. When I finished school I finally came to accept that this was because I like girls. I met a girl and she'd been in a 3 year relationship and I'd obviously never been with anyone. She had chased for about 5 months and I finally let her in but then soon after I got too scared and bailed. Now she is dating another girl but I'm still really good friends with her and we hang out all the time. As the year has gone on I've liked her more and more and we both still know there is still chemistry etc, what would be your advise in going about getting her back, or should I just give up? Thanks, Brittanie


My husband is an evyreday-hero to us. He has weathered the storms of life with us. He is also a hard working farmer and we love him very much. With the strain of being a working father and husband, and with all the manual labor a farmer does, Francis, is a great candidate to win a prize!


Hey Tegan and Sara.So I'm 16 and I'm about as gay as it gets. My problem is that I'm only out to about 4 close freidns. I don't go a day without hearing something very offensive and geared toward the LGBT community. No one is out at my school, but I'm so sick of hearing these things, and I'm afraid for the kids who are still in the closet. For them, as well as me, to hear those comments it would keep them from coming out. So do you think, for my sake and theirs, I should come out to show that they are effecting people, who may be some of their best freidns? A few of my good freidns are often bashing gays, and I think if I came out, it could change their mind.Hope to hear from you!- SageP.S. I've been a fan for a long time, and you've inspired me to want to make a career out of music. So thank you!


Awesome List!!!


i know I'm posting to an older blog but, my dad's only advice has always been work hard. from the time you clock in to the time you clock out. Play hard, and never ever be afraid to stand up for your family, your country or for what you believe in. For everything else he leads by example.


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My dad used to say, "Everything in life is bullshit and you're either buying it or selling it. Which do you want to be Callie, the buyer or the seller?"

Yes my dad was a salesmen of sorts ;p. But Honestly, one of the best pieces of advice I've ever gotten.


My dad always told me to (Think before you do or say & be happy)


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Amy King

I'm the only girl in our family, that's why my father is so protective. But even though he is like that he is also sweet, he always bought something for me whenever he is out of the town. Although sometimes I feel mad at him for he wants me to do what he wanted, not what I want. Like choosing my course, school and even friends. But despite of it I love him because he is a responsible father. and if someday I'll become a parent like him I'll be a responsible parent to my daughter like my father. I want my daughter also to remember that "She has to enjoy what life has to offer, but always remember to keep right and rational". Because that's what my father taught me.


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This is a sweet post. Because my boys are only 4 and 7 we aren't at the life lessons stage but there are a few basics that we have been driving home that will hopefully serve as building blocks for more complex tips later.


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