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April 20, 2009


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Lately, my iPod is sticking to albums from:
Animal Collective
Regina Spektor
Trevor Hall

check 'em.


Man, I hated taking piano lessons when I was a little kid. My mom told me I would regret quitting.

As usual, she was right.


I am so with you on watching what the kids like. Our oldest (3) has a varied taste in music, and it always cracks me up to hear what's gotten stuck in her head. Especially when she's singing "Mama's Boy" by Chromeo at the top of her lungs in the shower, or "Loverboy" by Billy Ocean as she goes to sleep at night. The little one (1) doesn't do much but shake her butt to dance, and it doesn't take much to get her going. I am very interested to see how their musical tastes differ as they get older.


Lately I've been obsessed with these two bands
Friendly Fires
White Lies

Both are very different contrasts of music but worth listening.


I was just listening to my 12 year old play Outshined, by Soundgarden, on his electric guitar as I pulled up your post. When I showed him the videos, he was quite impressed. He was even more impressed by the one kid being sponsored by Gibson. LOL, my husband told him he'd buy him a car if he can end up playing like Kim Thayil.

My 7 year old just quite piano lessons. It's clearly not for everyone. He wants to take up drums. I see a garage band in my future!


My brother & I took piano lessons for years. I was average, but after a while the teacher actually asked my mom to let my brother stop!
iPod wise, I never stray far from Ray LaMontagne or Brett Dennen, but have recently been into Dan Auerbach's (The Black Keys) new album.

Papa Bradstein

That drummer keeps better time than Moonie ever did, but let's hope he doesn't drive his car into the pool.


first, let me say that I'm a huge fan of your blog. I could gush about it for hours, but I won't. I'm sure you know how awesome you are. Here's what I've been diggin lately...

-Split Lip Rayfield
Bluegrass band from KS, with a website, splitliprayfield.com

-Ryan Montbleau band
Not sure where these guys are from, but I came across them on myspace. Definitely check out "Inspired by No One", and "Honeymoon Eyes".

-Aretha Franklin
Um...Enough Said!

And, last but not least...

-Langhorne Slim
The lyrics on this guy are KILLER!



Maybe I am a bit late jumping on this particular bandwagon, but I would highly recommend Gogol Bordello, a Ukranian (I think) tongue-in-cheek punkish band... they sure make for an interesting listening!

Christian Owens

We Are Scientists


Thank you for your stories! I'm sure your daughter will have very fond memories linked to songs that she learned while growing up.

Here are some tunes I've been enjoying recently:
- TV on the Radio (Dear Science album)
- Wild Beasts
- White Lies
- Ladyhawke (album came out in 2008 but she has a very 80s sound)
- Friendly Fires


Direct quote from my (Korean) five-year-old... "Is that kid Korean? And he plays guitar? He's good. I wanna play, too!"

I'm guessing you already know about him, but if not, check out Joe Bonamassa... joebonamassa.com


love your blog! we have a blog where we share some music that we love. Please check it out if you have time!


Kimberly C

FIND 'THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM' They should be HUGE. HUGE, I tell you

Dan the Music Master

It's never too late to restart those piano lessons, as long as the childhood baggage can be controlled... That's not always an easy task.


1. Fleet Foxes
2. Lykke Li
3. Sigur Ros
4. Lady Gaga <-- so embarrassing but true. Peanut will dance her butt off to Poker Face.
5. Check out Weezer's cover of MGMT's "Kids" mashed up with "Poker Face" on YouTube.


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Our destiny offers not the cup of despair, but the chalice of opportunity. So let us seize it, not in fear, but in gladness.


Music makes the world go round. I think that you are doing the right thing with Peanut. Do not make her do anything she does not want. She will start to have feelings like you do. She will want to do plenty of things that will not work out for her and plenty of things that will. You have a great little girl. They are born that way.

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I'm a person who likes the rock music, for example the alternative rock and also heavy music, but I'm respectful for every musical genre because everyone has to have the opportunity to listen different music.

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I know this is really late, I've only just stumbled upon your blog and I am hooked and have been scrolling endlessly through your page.
And since music is one topic I feel strongly about, here are my recommendations:
Mates of State; their album 'The Re-Arranger' is epic
The xx; I guarantee their album 'xx' will get you up and moving
Ellie Goulding; Her album 'Lights' is a great boost in the morning
Death Cab For Cutie; 'Plans' is perfect for those rainy days you spend in your bed reading a good book

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Lucianno is a wonder kid. The first i saw him was on youtube with Santana.


Feb05 No matter where you begin, you can swahcose your many gifts and talents, in the genre of POP, JAZZ, or even some Country.As did Ray Charles, & others. This will elevate your proclivity for versatility, and being eclectic in nature. Go for it!!!


Andria Lindquist - k. now it's my turn to comment on yours. :) dude these are sick. i keep gtietng asked to shoot at pikes and i always cringe. you took what could have been cliche seattle and made it unique and beautiful. love the can one. and a lot of their close ups they look so natural. perfect. the hugging one in front of the pikes is bomb. menu one sick. LOVE love them.


I love all the pictures.. You guys look amianzg The one I really really really like is the one with with the soccer ball and the ring, so simple but yet so creative and nice.


Just an addtion to my susggetion on how I deal with the issue of lyrics music. After we fill out the whole list of how the different genre's of music deal with drugs, sex, parents etc. We then make a new page and list what are the blessings of listening to God and what are the consequences of listening to the messages of the music. It really gets the kidsthinking. One of the biggest things that my kids came up with that showed up over and over was guilt and shame . I use Galations 5:19-23 as reference for comparison. This also works for Movies, books, tv shows.Blessings!!!!kathy


Your dates are right in the middle of snpirg break, one of Orlando's busiest times. Disney offers no discounts, they don't need to, certainy not in high season. Their lowest price rooms are probably sold out at this point. You can check by going to their website. Instead, try one of the hundreds of hotels motels off property either on International Drive or Irlo Bronson Highway. There are plenty to choose from. Many have free shuttle service to ALL of the theme parks lets you avoid the parking fee (Disney is $12 per day)Expect to pay full price for Disney tickets, unless you qualify to buy them ahead of time from a place like Triple AAA. Sign up for your free birthday pass if your birthday falls on those dates.Also, check out the tourist magazines found everyplace in the area. They will give you coupons for hotels, food entertainment. Have a great trip.


I don't hate all new music. I like a lot of new music but most are underground.But I think today's mranstieam is absolute crap, talentless noise. Compare a mranstieam punk rock band such as Green Day to an underground punk rock band such as NoFX or a mranstieam rapper like Lil Wayne to an underground rapper like Lowkey Plus, today's mranstieam music that kids love has one of these things: auto tune, crappy lyrics, back up band, untalented musicians. -Fact.I also like some new mranstieam music like Foo Fighters, Oasis, Radiohead, U2, Rage Against the Machine etc but they were all formed before 1995


I prefer Classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal over just shgtirat up Classic Rock. I would never hate music for being too new. However, most new music isn't very good. I don't dislike because it's new I dislike it because it's not good. There are a handful of new songs that I like, just not very many.I wonder if we could reverse that question and ask if you are ignorant enough to hate music for being too old? hmmm


if you're into jazz or want to get into jazz, kind of blue' by miles davis is the fundamental jazz album, the one owned by non-jazz lietnsers. it's very smooth stuff. the best track off that is titled so what' i love jazz, so if you need anything else, i would b happy to point you on the right track


Lee, This is a delightful riveew of what it was like. My childhood, though earlier, closely paralleled yours, as you describe it. In the early 1930s, my mother had come to the Ozark community of Damascus, Arkansas to teach English. She met and married my Dad and set about as a one woman force to bring public health to that community. I still recall seeing screaming children being drug [literally] down dusty roads to the schoolhouse to get their immunizations immunizations were something never before heard of. They did not increase her popularity with the children. Her dedication to eliminating the heartbreakingly common diseases was rivaled only by her determination that I, her firstborn, NOT speak like the locals. Right alongside the double negative use taboo, was the forbidden use of ain't. I must have been a real pain in the neck, as I recall at slightly over 3 years old correcting the grammar of adults! (I'm sure Mother didn't hear THAT or I would have received a double negative on both backsides.) The music was emblematic of the region, the life and the times, many of which were hard and sad. Imagine my shock when YEARS later as an adult at a Blue-Grass Festival I realized This is the music they played on the lawn on Sunday afternoons in Damascus!” Although Mother probably never recognized it, still later I recognized that my life long LOVE of music and rhythm had been born as I soaked up those blue grass harmonies and country hymns. I was eventually taken the 50 miles to Little Rock and the plays and concerts presented at Memorial Auditorium there to get culture. Somehow the determined lady I was lucky enough to call Mother managed that. Thank you for bringing those memories back so perfectly. The plaintive beauty of that music and those mountains are ours forever.


Hi, nice post. I'm a new apple user and I found it very useful.I've a qeiutson though: since I've many compilations (like OST), I'd like to keep those albums organised in this wayname_of_the_movie_OST/title.mp3Activating the option keep files organized', itunes would change the structure in the usual artist/album/title.mp3.So, for the initial import of all my mp3, I should at first uncheck the keep files organized', import the files, tag the OST as part of a compilation' and _then_ check the option. In this way iTunes will keep the original dir structure.Now I'm wondering if there is a way to do this trick every time I ll add in the future a OST to the Library.I also noticed that itunes when reorganizing files (for example, the files in the itunesstaging location to the correct artist/album/ structure) leaves some files in the itunesstaging dir: in my case it left the dir in the staging dir, without any mp3 files but with the folder.jpg file.Do you have any suggestions for these 2 qeiutsons?thank you


troll is obvious. And how the hell is this not metal; power cdrohs check, guitar solo check, powerful vocalist check, leather and long hair check. I mean it's a song ABOUT metal for satan's sake, the ignorance of some people amazes me


I'm wondering why the foilnwlog approach isn't preferred I have my music collection on an external WD WorldBook drive it's got a pair of 500GB drives in it (1TB total) that I configured as a mirrored RAID configuration. So I have a bit less than 500GB of redundant storage (in case one drive fails I still have my music).I leave the default iTunes setting for organizing my music (the box is unchecked rather than checked as advocated in this thread).Then what I do is tell iTunes to import the base folder into my library. It reads all the music into my library without moving or copying it. This way my c:drive is not stormed with music copies and I have my music on an external redundant storage device.When I download music from iTunes (buy more) it does go to my c:drive location (I could probably configure iTunes to have this location be my external mirrored drive so I have automatic backup).Seems worth mentioning now that these external mirrored drives are readily available.

Mandie Phillips

I also despised being taught with any instruments before. I would even create reasons just so I could not attend the lesson. But now, I am blaming myself for not continuing it. I would have been famous in our school now.

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