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February 27, 2009


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Poor Peanut. It's called lack of discipline! If it were my child's party, birthday or not, that party would hzve been stopped, she would have been disciplined, then she would have apologized before the party resumed. Mean? Maybe. Do my kids respect me and those around them? Yes.

They're not perfect but when there's an opporunity to teach them manners I do my best to take it nomatter what's going on.


As a pre-K teacher, I have to admit that I really do think this whole "Queen Bee" tsunami is starting younger and younger. I've been a teacher for 15 years and it amazes me how meaner girls have gotten at a younger age.

I've spoken about this at length with a lot of my teacher friends. We all see the phenomenon but we really can't pinpoint the cause. But you're right. It does say something about us a society.


Dude, if "The Future of Hip-Hop" is available in a 2T or 3T, I'm all over it.


Another vote for "MetroDad", and I love your 'iPod' logo.


My favorite one is "Daddy drinks because I cry." But it's been done by other stores, so there may be a copyright issue on that one.

How about:

"Hi. I'm new here."
"Good thing I'm not one of those ugly babies."

Will think about some more.


Sounds like the Peanut has inherited her father's sense of humor...


You need ladies' shirts. I think BossLady t-shirts would really sell!


"Be patient. Now!"

"Because I said so."

"You are not the boss of me."


The preschool Queen Bee scenario is truly upsetting.

My daughter suffered from that a little bit at that age. I worried that she was turning out to be like me and that her little classmates had already decided she wasn't "cool." I worried about that a lot.

But as she got older and made real friends (and especially when she became involved in sports), that all changed. She's turning 13 and really IS cool... because she doesn't care about being popular and doesn't hang out with mean girls.

The Peanut is going to be fine... especially if she's inherited your sense of humor.


i *love* your onesie / daddy shirt idea!
how 'bout infant / toddler shirts, tho? my Chub-Chub is 14+ months but is already wearing 18-24m! i don't think i'll be able to keep him in a onesie for much longer!

my heart broke while reading your bit about the queen bee(yotche)s! the hubby & i have been talking about a sibling for our Chub-Chub and that post made me realize that i do not want to have a little girl! i'd hate to see her go through that!


I just saw a bright pink shirt on a five-year-old boy which said on the back, "Don't laugh. This is your girlfriend's shirt."

Perhaps some variation of "Be nice to the oldest. They had two parents to raise."


Is it some mandatory ritual that requires Korean sons to call their mothers every Sunday? If I miss a single Sunday, my mother turns it into a major scandal!

A Free Man

I think girls have always been mean, but as guys we just didn't have to grow up in that particular hornet's nest.


I still want to see a onesie that reads:

It's not you. It's me.


You're so talented. Love reading your offerings & wish they were more plentiful but I appreciate/ am actually in awe of your ability to edit.
Sorry to hear about the bad kid party but I'm so chuffed to hear that Peanut made the best of a bad situation. Also, I'm cribbing notes from Grace, who wrote "...cause the parents let her act that way." If my daughter ever pulls that crap, that's what I'll do.

Daddy t-shirt: "Sultans of Sling"


I've got no kids of my own, but three nephews who love bodily humor, so I'm going to have to go with "Pull my finger". Gross, but still cracks me up. I still like the simple METRODAD on a plain black tee. Make sure to have some in women's sizes too please!

Papa Bradstein

Re: More conversations from hell.

You know you brought that on yourself, right?

bryan m

Sign me up for all of those shirts, MD. I love them all. And my wife wants me to tell you that you should do some women's tees as well.


I had to re-read that I thought it was going to say, Girls gone wild, the hooter years...?!

the mean girls is starting a bit early? wealthy city kids? no? Nanny's as parents? no? not sure, we've avoided a lot of that and oldest is in 6th grade so we sort of expected THIS would be THE year.. so far.. no??

mama nabi

Onesie: "Give my mommy another shot of caffeine, STAT."

Self-serving? Maybe.

On the butt, "Huggies - The Freshmaker" Hm. Yeah, scrach that, Huggies would want royalty fees.


The shirt ideas are awesome. There are certainly not enough good daddy shirts out there. I scour through the racks right now just to find a couple here and there. I'll buy some as soon you let us know.


For the onesies: Mother Sucker!


XTjlgF 8g74dlGaSnxCc96lsg4l


The MetroDad "tag" on all of them should be your masthead chairs below the neckline in the back.

"I love it when you call me big poppa" is GREAT. Thanks!

Big J Man

Regarding Toddlerspeak, it just kills me. But, I've begun to compile my own pronunciation table. For example, here are a few variations on S:

"S" -> "Sh", as in: "Maisy and Tululah took turns shitting in the pool."

"Sn" -> "T", as in: "Daddy it's Towing! Can we go outside and build a Towman?" and "I'm hungry, can I please have a tack?"

"Sm" -> "P", as in: "Look daddy, she's piling! I love it when she piles at us."

the mad momma

world over, little girls are terribly cruel without even having to try very hard. i'm sorry peanut faced it so early.

on the bright side - you dont live in india where kids are taught young not to socialise with kids from other castes/religions etc. yes - its not common, but its been known to happen


Mean girls are horrible, thankfully, my daughter gets along for the most part with everyone in her class. But she has had a couple of run ins with Queen Bs. She was at a party with a six year old earlier this year. None of the first graders would play with her, and all the kids younger than her were busy playing (read: screaming and running around for no apparent reason) with their counterparts. Which left no one to really play with her, fortunately, she found the balloon pump. So she spent the time she wasn't eating, playing with balloons and coming over to talk to me. She didn't get left out when it came time for the prizes. They gave her a balloon with a piece of paper.

But she enjoyed it anyways, she had a great time.

Just to let you know, I enjoy the hell out of reading this blog, I don't relate much, because I don't really feel akin to your stature in life. But I understand the parent moments! OMFG @ "Whats the magic word?" That was a great moment, I slipped one time at the strip club and said that too! But I got the best lapdance ever.


Love all of your posts. Thanks

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Here's one of my favorite sayings that would be perfect for a onesie. "Tits are for kids." agree

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I always love coming here and reading about parenting from the dad's perspective. Another great post, MD. Thanks!

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We haven't come across too much of the mean girl thing yet, though Maggie did have the experience once of being left out at a 6 year old birthday party. The girl who invited her was a casual acquaintance and she didn't know the other kids - - Maggie is very outgoing but they did NOT include her. She took it all in stride. I liked the comment that kids this age probably don't know the consequences of their behavior - - I'll remember that one. I've never seen it in the boys yet


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MetroDad: CHAOS THEORY: February 2009

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