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July 18, 2008


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Jozet at Halushki

My only weight loss regimen includes mild to wild panic attacks in quick succession and a lot of cigarettes and coffee.

Not healthy at all.

Other than that, I can vouch for kale being a wonder vegetable. It can work miracles, and every bunch has at least one leaf shaped like the Virgin Mary.


My in-laws bought us this Kangen water filter and swore by it. I thought it was a bunch of new age crap, but I did it (mostly just to prove them wrong). You gradually move up levels of anti-acidic water and it supposedly cleans and fixes everything but the middle east. I was in a lot of pain, stomach issues, when I started, but I've got to tell you, now that I'm used to it, I really feel better. I used to be hampered by extreme indigestion and I rarely get anything now. Who knew?

As for veggie stuff. We did it for about 6 months last year and we're currently nearing a month after starting it again. I love a good steak or burger or French Dip or... well, you get the idea. It's actually a lot easier than I thought. The only reason I started eating meat again in between was because a cow said something about my mama.

The hardest part is that I can't stand fake meat or tofu. I get by on fruit, veggies, and pasta or rice dishes. Facon? Forget about it.


the craziest diet thing - doing the South Beach diet...twice. The first time was hell and the second time was exactly the same. It worked though. Friends of mine do something like the blueprint cleanse once a year and some weird shit comes out in their....shit.

I hope your summer doesn't get too much worse.

Wishing you happier and healthier days ahead.


Sounds like something I would be willing to try. I checked out the Blueprint Cleanse and it looks as if their territory is limited.
I'm in Virginia... is there no hope for me?

Thank you for antidepressants

Dude, have your tonsils removed. You won't eat for a week. Trust me. I'm on day 5 post-removal, and have been able to consume about 254 calories. If you can get past the pain, it's all worth it.

Seriously, I had my tonsils taken out for medical reasons, but I'm 41, and the recovery is long and hard. The weight loss is a small perk compared to the pain.

Jeremy I.

I did the Master Cleanse last year for a week. Felt like hell at the beginning. Felt great afterwards. Even ended up losing 6 lbs. Of course they all came back after I was re-introduced to the glory of bacon! I still plan on doing it every once in awhile just to give my body a rest from eating so much crap.


Been a vegetarin all my life and never had the inclination to try meat. I can't imagine having to kill a living thing in order to feed my stomach (end of sermon). Anyways, people get fat on vegetarian food too. Like with every diet, moderation and balance are the key to being healthy. And exercise. Agree with one of the other commentors - switch to Indian food where there are tons of vegetarian options and you won't even miss meat. But not the crap Indian food that you get in the restaurants in the U.S. Get your hands on a good cook book.
As for crazy diets, I am proud to say that I have never tried one in my 34 years. I love my food way too much and cannot give up anything. But I am very careful about the quantity and also the quality of the stuff I am eating these days. Definitely helps to cut out preservatives-loaded food and stick to simple, healthy food.


MD, I'm so sorry to hear that life is wearing you and BossLady down. Wish there was something I could do, but all I can offer is one of those corny and absolutely useless virtual hugs.

I've never really done anything crazy to get healthy other than cut caffeine out of my diet for a short period. I did, however, become a vegetarian for 2 months in high school. Then my parents took us to a Korean bbq restaurant and that was the end of that.


I grew up in a serious meat-eating family in Iowa. Until I moved to California in my 20's, I never even heard of anyone being a vegetarian. Proud to say that I've been vegan for the past 5 years. I won't even begin to preach about the health benefits. That was a side benefit. I really decided to stop eating meat because I saw a documentary on modern "kind" slaughterhouses. I'd never seen anything so cruel in my entire life. My diet is very extreme but I strongly endorse giving up meat as much as possible. Your body and soul will both thank you.

JJ Daddy Baby Momma

Oy. I once went cold turkey off caffiene - I was at about a liter a day Diet Coke. I thought I would die - migraines for 3 weeks. Then one day, I woke up and the world looked brighter.

I'm right behind you - I haven't had time to even say "Hey" to a vegetable for a long time - too darn busy.


While bartending in LA one summer between acting jobs, I once lived off whisky and cigarettes for two months. Lost a ton of weight. Does that count?


My condolences about the roughness of the summer. I'm sure our current heat wave isn't helping any either.

Anyway, I have a bit of an odd diet(vegan + fish), but between that and all the walking that life in NYC brings, I've managed to stay the only slender one in my family.

I didn't do it to lose weight, but going on a 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat ended with me clearing out my mind as well as my fat cells. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED. Vipassana is secular and FREE. they feed you a diet of lentils, veggies and tea and when you walk out at the end, you'll find much of your emotional baggage vanished in addition to a couple inches.


I'm so sorry about your cruel, cruel summer.

Weirdest diet I went on--the Shangri-La diet. You eat plain olive oil. So disgusting. By day 2 my gag reflex was triggered just taking the cap off the bottle. I decided I'd rather be fat.

But some time has passed and I have been back on Atkins for a few days now, and this is truly the only thing that works for my body--both for functioning and for any hope of weight loss. I've got to do much better with exercise this time to make it count. If only this humid midwestern heat wave would let up, I'd be able to get my head around it. I'm sure of it.

Swamp ass. Heh.


I'm starting the Master Cleanse tomorrow. If it worked for Beyonce, I hope it will work for me. Wish me luck!


Visit this site and watch this video and see if your thoughts about eating meat changes:

Here are some additional things to consider. Cows have a natural lifespan of about 25 years and can produce milk for eight or nine years, but the stress caused by factory farm conditions leads to disease, lameness, and reproductive problems that render cows worthless to the dairy industry by the time they are four or five years old, at which time they are sent to the slaughterhouse.

Although cows would naturally make only enough milk to meet the needs of their calves (around 16 pounds a day), genetic manipulation, antibiotics, and hormones are used to force each cow to produce more than 18,000 pounds of milk a year (an average of 50 pounds a day).

Few consumers realize that veal is a direct by-product of the dairy industry. In order for dairy cows to produce milk, they must be impregnated. While female calves are slaughtered or added to the dairy herd, many male calves are taken from their mothers when they are as young as one day old and chained in tiny stalls to be raised for veal. The confinement is so extreme that they cannot even turn around or lie down comfortably. As author John Robbins notes, “The veal calf would actually have more space if, instead of chaining him in such a stall, you stuffed him into the trunk of a subcompact car and kept him there for his entire life.”

Choosing to go vegetarian is simply a matter of living according to the values so many of us hold dear, such as being fair and kind to others. Most people would never dream of cramming up to 11 egg-laying hens into a file drawer-sized cage, ripping the testicles out of a screaming baby piglet, or cutting the throat of a cow as she stares back at you with her big brown eyes. How then, as compassionate individuals, can we justify paying others to carry out these atrocities on our behalf?

The average vegetarian saves the lives of approximately 95 animals each year. That adds up to thousands during a lifetime. Every time we eat, we are making a powerful choice that has profound consequences on the lives of animals. At each meal, we make a decision between supporting cruelty or living compassionately.

If the cruelty to animals video doesn't touch you consider some of these facts on how meat production (and dairy production) affects our environment:

"A groundbreaking 2006 United Nations report found that raising animals for food generates more greenhouse gases than all the cars and trucks in the world combined. Luckily, we can help fix this problem by changing our diet. According to a 2006 study done by researchers at the University of Chicago, most Americans can reduce more greenhouse gas emissions by becoming a vegan than they can by switching to a hybrid electric car. They found that eating a vegan diet prevents the equivalent of 1.5 tons of CO2 emissions every year, more than the 1 ton of CO2 emissions prevented by switching from a typical large sedan to a Toyota Prius."

Amount of U.S. grain fed to farm animals: 70%
Pounds of corn and soy required to produce just one pound of pork: nearly 7
Water needed to produce a pound of wheat: 14 gallons
Water needed to produce a pound of meat: 441 gallons
Of all water used for all purposes in the United States, more than half goes to: livestock production
One ton of methane has the global warming potential of 23 tons of carbon dioxide. A single dairy cow produces the equivalent to over 1.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide.
Threatened and endangered species imperiled by livestock grazing: 161
Amount of farmed animal manure produced in the United States:five tons of waste for every person


That was a really funny post.
The most extreme thing I did was to try a detox diet. I had to pick one veg or fruit from a list and eat only that for a full day with lots of water and rest. By evening, I was craving for some really greasy fatty food. I did stick through it...but I've decided to repeat it in...oh..maybe 30 years!
Oh...and I've been a vegetarian since birth. Have never eaten meat...so don't have a desire for it at this point.

Mama Nabi

The craziest thing I've done is to quit smoking (and now drinking - at least for now) for the sake of LN's health and safety. (Couldn't do it for myself, though!)

On the other hand, my sister does all kinds of cleansing stuff, she's vegan, she does yoga, she does the foot bath thing that sucks out all the toxins, liver cleanse... pretty rigorous shit.


I read a piece in the NY Times about the Calorie Restriction (CR) lifestyle. The argument is that humans consume far more food than they actually need and that the process of digesting this food takes a severe toll on our bodies. When mice were put on CR diets, they suffered no ill effects related to nutrition and their lifespans improved dramatically.

Since I'm always looking for immortality, I gave it a try for 4 months. My daily caloric intake was about 600 calories/day. I will say that you get used to it. There's a whole host of literature that tells you how to get the most nutritional value out of everything you eat.

Naturally I lost weight. However, I was skinny to start out. I did feel somewhat healthier but ultimately I decided that this was no way to live one's short time on this planet. Life is short. Why completely deprive yourself of one of its greatest pleasures? FOOD!


Did I read that website right? $65/day for three days? So, I can spend my entire monthly food budget for those three days, and then starve for the rest of the month. Yeah, that'll get the weight off! :)


I am an Indian from India (Hindu). we are raised (lacto)vegetarian from birth..as we like to say,'we are born vegetarian :-)'

we have an incredible variety of vegetarian recipes, probably runs into thousands if collated from different parts of the country!

90% of my extended family and a whole lot of friends too are vegetarian..since many of us have never tasted fish/meat, how can it be missed?

but that doesn't stop us from being fat! it is asimple equation of calories consumed vs. expended.


I call myself a 99% vegetarian. The reason I'm not 100% is because I could never give up steak completely. I allow myself to have on steak every 6 months. Because I only have 2 per year, I make sure I go to the best steak house possible. Last year, I didn't have meat for 9 months because I knew I was being sent to NY for work and I wanted to hold out for Peter Lugers. It was worth it!

Alison L

My sister and I did BPC earlier this year. I loved it. She hated it. Like you, I didn't necessarily do it to lose weight (although I did.) I went through it to give my body a rest after the holiday season. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I've incorporated home-blended juices into my daily diet. At least half my calories every day come from raw vegetables and organic fruit. I feel a million times better. Now I'm trying to convert the rest of my family (esp. my husband.) I figur if I tell him that YOU liked it, he might be willing to give it a try.


MD, your life is like a mirror of my own. I started reading about detox and cleansing about 2 weeks ago, but I'm to chickenshit to try it because I'm afraid friends will laugh at me.

Craziest thing I did to lose weight - when I was getting married, I went to get measured for my tuxedo and was shocked and horrified to hear that my waist had gone up by 6 inches since my 'six-pack abs' days. That was in may and I was getting married in august. I said I would come back in august and get remeasured. Started jogging, then had to turn to elliptical because my knees are shot from skiing accidents. My diet consisted of alot of canned tuna in water and salad greens with no dressing and a whole lot of water. In the end, I managed to lose 4 inches off my waist, but only lost 10 lbs or so because my legs got pretty big from all the running and elliptical workouts.


My sympathies to everything your family is going through. And while I can understand the desire for radical measures (14 days of crappy juice is pretty damned radical!), it is probably worth remembering that everything in moderation is worth far more than yo-yo-ing between "bad" and "good" diets. Besides, there's nothing inherently "bad" about a gyro -- it all has to do with context (how the animal was raised and killed, who made it, how fair the price is to the vendor, how good it tastes to you, the kinds of good or bad memories it can stimulate, etc...). For that matter a vegetarian diet is not inherently "good" -- I know a lot of morbidly obese vegetarians who don't eat a drop of meat, but devour tons of carbs and plant oils that are horrible for them. And if you need a lesson in the extreme weirdness of extreme colonics just read up about John Harvey Kellogg. Cuckoo. Everything in moderation, my friend.

I'm a fan of Michael Pollan and I find that his book "In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto" strikes the perfect balance between health (less meat, more veggies), cultural significance (dining as a social event), and social justice (local food not only tastes better, it is better for the environment and society) while celebrating the flavor of great food.

Best wishes to your whole family and good luck making it through this difficult time period.

manager mom

I pretty much gave up meat, not from philosophical reasons but it throws my stomach into turmoil. But the nuttiest thing I did to try to lose weight was the Rice Cake Fast. I only allowed myself to eat Quaker Butter Popped flavored Rice Cakes (35 calories a pop) for 3 days.


i fast on yom kippur.
and i eat like crap the other 364 days of the year

Modern Single Momma

Have you enjoyed your barkdust cocktail today?
There must be something in the air, because I decided now was the time to detox for me too.
I'm only on tailend of day 3, but I'm already buzzing from the change. Cheers to us with a tall glass full of psyllium husk and cran water!


That's awesome man, glad you're feeling better.

Ya know, I was kinda fat for most of my life up until just a few years ago. I tried getting in shape a few times, but always with little to no results. What changed it? My wife got pregnant. I dunno, something kicked in that made me want to start eating better and working out regularly. The holidays are tough, what with the release of all the great winter beers, but I'm still in better shape than ever. And I guess in a way I have my kids to thank for it. So I guess that's the craziest thing I've ever done to get in shape.

Eric Jacksch

Now that it has been a few weeks, how did the Blueprint Cleanse work for you? Would you do it again?


Unfortunately, my decision to become a vegan wasn't optional, in my opinion. With no cardiac risk factors, I had a heart attack at age 37, two years ago. I had to have a triple bypass and almost died, leaving my two-year-old son without his mother. So to me, the Standard American Diet (not just meat, but also chicken, low-fat dairy and other things they tell us are "healthy") -- isn't just inadvisable, it's dangerous. The bad (but temporary) side effects you were feeling during your cleansing were the result of normal WITHDRAWAL from the toxic diet you consume. As your body became less toxic, you felt better. This happens to almost every American who does a detox cleansing.

So when it comes to food, it's easy for me to resist the junk. Science has already proven that animal protein causes heart disease and cancer -- it's just that the powerful meat and dairy industries don't want you to hear it (read The China Study). But once you're in my position (young heart attack and bypass survivor and facing an uncertain future), the sausage vendor no longer looks appealing, because he's essentially a messenger of death. Conventional wisdom about diet (e.g., olive oil and red wine will protect us from heart disease, women need yogurt to prevent osteoporosis, our government's ridiculous food pyramid, etc.) is dead wrong, and it's killing us (see Tim Russert). As a society, we're digging our graves with our knives and forks.

Being a vegan gives me the lowest cardiac risk profile possible (next to being an elite marathon runner). Going vegan wasn't really a political choice for me, and I'm not a member of PETA. I just want to see my kid grow up.


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Magic Formula Stocks With Higher ロエベ フラメンコ キャンディ '1' if rise in revenues exceeds rise in total assets グッチ 財布 二つ折り メンズ Piotroski Scores

Joseph Piotroski is definitely an former accounting professor in the University of Chicago, and an active valuebased investor. He noticed when reviewing stocks with highly low pricetobookratios that lots of of them have been in poor monetary shape, unlikely to survive and deserving of their low valuation. Piotroski set out to devise a method http://loewecheapsale.handsomelab.com/ to take these low pricetobook stock lists and mechanically filter out the ones that have been ロエベ 財布 メンズ unlikely to survive and prosper, leaving plenty of potentially attractive investment opportunities.

Piotroski's technique is quite hassle-free. A stock is scored by 9 distinct criteria that measure the company's efficiency involving ロエベ 長財布 レディース the previous 2 years. The stock gets a "1" for every single test it passes, and a "0" for each test it does not. At the end, all the scores are added up to come up with the Piotroski score. Within this scale, a "9" is a perfect score, passing all tests. "8" is also a fantastic score worthy of consideration. Backtesting has discovered that selecting stocks with low valuations and Piotroski scores of 8 or 9 vastly outperforms the market.

4. High quality of Earnings: '1' if operating money http://loewecheapsale.ondemandcashiering.com/ flow is greater http://guccihotsale.whytopaint.com/ '1' if rise in revenues exceeds rise in total assets ロエベ 財布 メンズ than net income, '0' otherwise. "noncash") charges.

five. Longterm Debt vs. Assets: '1' if longterm debt to assets ratio is reduce than yearago number, or if longterm debt is 0. Is the http://guccihotsale.pbxbasic.com/ '1' if rise in revenues exceeds rise in total assets グッチ 財布 メンズ 二つ折 firm ロエベ バッグ フラメンコ lowering グッチ 財布 新作 it is debt relative to assets?

six. Present Ratio: '1' if shortterm assets / shortterm liabilities ratio is higher than prior グッチ 長財布 ハート year. Would be the enterprise GUCCI バッグ 武井咲 having financially stronger?

7. Shares Outstanding: '1' if outstanding shares is lower or exactly the same as prior year, '0' otherwise. Is management shopping for ロエベ アウトレット 店舗 back shares and becoming affordable with selections http://guccihotsale.ondemandcashiering.com/ grants?

8. Gross Margin: '1' if gross margin from final year exceeds earlier year, '0' otherwise. Has the organization been in a position ロエベ バッグ 新作 to preserve GUCCI バッグ 新作 pricing energy against cost of goods?

9. Asset Turnover: '1' if rise in revenues exceeds rise in total assets, '0' otherwise. This can determine unprofitable investments by management.

So what does the Piotroski technique need to do with the ロエベ フラメンコ キャンディ Magic Formula Investing (MFI) strategy? It's グッチ 財布 新作 clear that these tests are meant to filter out stocks with rather apparent reasons for any グッチ 財布 アウトレット 佐野 low pricetobook value, similar to getting unprofitable, getting a declining organization, or facing rising debt burdens. A few of these tests are automatically performed by the method. By way of example, test 1 would constantly pass, else the stock would possess a damaging earnings yield and in no way reach the MFI screen!

Still, the majority of the other tests are indeed beneficial to Magic Formula investors. Tests 5 and 6 are really good financial ロエベ 長財布 ゴールド health measures, an issue with some MFI stocks. Tests two and 7 can red flag potential accounting oddities, and a few with the other people are measures of home business momentum, whichhas been shown to enhance value investing approaches. Thus, it is intriguing to calculate the Piotroski scores for stocks around the Magic Formula screen. The highest scores need to clearly indicate a affordable stock price tag place on a excellent http://loewecheapsale.beanlucas.com/ business with fairly strong business enterprise momentum a pretty strong recipe for achievement.

Taking a look at the three MFI screens covered by MagicDiligence (major グッチ 財布 二つ折り メンズ 50 more than 50 million, leading 50 more than 1 billion, major 30 over 3 billion), listed below are the stocks with a Piotroski score of 8 or above. The calculations have been completed employing the terrific tool at Graham Investor.


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