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June 23, 2008


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What's the record for most consecutive viewings of this video? I think I passed #25 half an hour ago. It really is amazing.

My DH and I love to travel and you're right. Seeing this video reminds me of all the fun times I've had meeting strangers around the world while dancing and sharing a beer. It's what life is all about.

Princess Katie

Inspiring and beautiful. Thank you for sharing that.

Family Fantasy Sports

Wow MD. I think this video is incredibly appropriate right now, especially with the Beijing Olympics just weeks away. Your words were spot on...all 6 billion of us are more similar than we are different. And this video doesn't let us forget how awesome our world is.

Purple Mouth

Hey MD,

Sorry to hear the news. Hope things start to get better soon. This is a great video getting a lot of play on today show and others.

Thanks for sharing.

Warm Regards,


I've heard lots of people talk about this video today but only you put it into a perspective that I could relate to. You have a way with words, MD.

Hugs to the BossLady. I'm praying for her dad and for all of you.

spontaneity and afterthoughts

Hey!! MD
Checked the background score. Its infact bengali poetry, by the Great Bengali poet Rabindra Nath Tagore (Thakur)from West Bengal, India.
The music is so westernized I had trouble making it out initially. Though, I like a music :-))


That's so funny, I just posted this on my blog after seeing it on somone else's. It made me cry too. So affirming, so many good things about it. As one guy on the blog commented, 'I fucking love humans. I wish I was one'.


for BossLady


One day I will write a poem
about my father as a mountain,
and there will be no shame for the dynamite
and the blasted hole, the pickaxes and steam drills
paving their own resolute path,
for the railroad ploughed through his core,
for shattered rocks, for pungent scent of pines.
My father will be a mountain surrounded by wind
that wears him down as slowly as marriage,
as America, as time. But he is still
a man and a mountain: drilled, hammered, alive,
unaware of all who love him from the far track.

--by Ishle Yi Park
Poet Laureate of Queens


What a wonderful video! I was laughing out loud and crying at the same time. I am envious of that guy being able to go to so many countries and meet so many awesome, light-hearted people (the clip of him at the Demilitarized Zone in Korea was hysterical for stoicism of the soldier/official standing beside him).

The best to your family...


Its 6 am here and iam grinning like a monkey...thanks...needed to see something like this to continue believing ....

prayers are with your father in law...


heh, now I can't stop watching either. The Cape in South Africa where I'm from is there too! :) Needless to say I forwarded to everyone I know. Thanks!



all the greatest thoughts to you and your family right now.


Oh, man. That is awesome. Thanks for sharing that. We all stand to be a little closer to mankind.


That was an awesome video, thank you for sharing it. I'm thinking of you and yours at the moment, and glad that you're able to find some bits of sunshine in the midst of the cloudy times. Here's hoping that happiness returns to the Metro household in due time. Take care bro.



I was thinking exactly this when I saw the video "...we're more similar than we could ever imagine." I've been to a handful of these places and I've been teary eyed since the first 10 seconds of the video. Not sad, just overwhelmed by how beautiful people can be and how one person's smile, and sense of adventure, can move so many.

I've been so busy working I'm behind on my MD posts. But I know you posted this video and a friend sent it to me through Facebook, so I thought I should watch it. Incredible.

Be well MD.


I played this for my 2 year old and started bawling. He thought I was nuts -- nice. Prayer for your FIL --


This video almost made me cry. Thank You! :)

katie k

I forwarded your post to everyone I know. They all love the video and your poignant sentiments. Best wishes to BossLady's father. We'll pray for him too.


I hope someday I'm rich enough to go to different countries and dance :)

Hygiene Dad

You know how to make the world stop for just a moment and see what is truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing something so wonderful.


Greetings from Singapore! This video is great. It makes you understand that it really is a small world and we all love to dance.

Prayers to your father in law.

mr nice guy

watching this on the late shift, with my baby daughter. thanks. brilliant.


This is so great. I've been reading for some time and I love your blog but I really liked this entry. I like how you connected blogging and travel. It's a big world but these days we can be so connected to everyone and everything via internet. And your right, with all the beautiful differences at the heart we're all connected; we're all human. That's palpable in this video.


Well said.. it is one world. Prayers!


I love Matt! It's also nice to see a couple of cities close to my heart (Seoul, Chicago) on the video.


Made my day is the perfect articulation. Thank you.


Dance is the universal language. Dancing, at least for me, leads to laughing and smiling. How can we hurt others when we're laughing and smiling? Make dance not war.


The only thing better than dancing is...dancing naked!


If only chaos, madness, hate, hurt, depression, anger, sorrow, violence, racism, etc could be washed away with the symbolic joyfulness this video intends at bringing people to the same tune to harmony, this world would be at peace.

Why this brings tears to a rugged guy like myself is what an inspirational video like this has intended to do.

Thank you, hyung, for sharing this video!


MD - thanks for the video - it was truly inspirational and we posted on www.coochicoos.com. Also, following up on your "Spiritual? Definitely!..." post, I thought you might be interested in our site at www.kindlejoy.com, where you can share your prayer requests with your friends, family, and the world. My prayers are with you and your family.

Manager Mom

Darn you, you made me feel an emotion.

That was lovely, thanks for sharing...

Jeremy (Discovering Dad)

Very cool video. I love to travel too, and you can just feel the love in that. People have more in common than we think, but we have to let go, act goofy and dance more often. Thanks for sharing this, and I hope all is well with your family.

Diana C

Love it!
Everything everyone else says and more!
So can you put it on a loop to hear it again and again?


This afternoon I sat on my daughter's bed and we watched this and laughed heartily and cried like we'd not done in a long time.

I hope your family is doing well. I can't even leave a smartass comment today. Just want to spread joy.


What a glorious, joyful piece. I can see how it could make you smile through tears. Hope you don't mind -- I think I might post it on my blog too.


Yep, made my day. TOTALLY made my day (and I needed it today). Thank you.



Linda L.

What I enjoy most about your blog is your personal ability to see the bright side of life. It's always inspiring.

Mrs. Fussypants

Oh Gosh. ~wipes tears~ Beautiful.

Yes, the internet does make the world smaller. Sending good thoughts to your family.

Love to you all,


I stood at that EXACT same spot at the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland last November (at 26 seconds in) - that's so cool!


I LOVE, love, love the Where the Hell is Matt videos! This is the best one yet. Thanks for sharing it! Made me cry!


MD, thanks for sharing such an inspirational video. I too laughed and teared up simultaneously. Wow.



I am saying prayers for your family at this time.


wow - thanks so much for sharing that video. What a small and beautiful world this place really can be...


Danced with matt at 2:50 in Seoul. He originally went to the 'east gate' instead of the 'south gate', which led us to wonder where the hell he really was. He rearranged another meeting at the south gate again. Strangely enough, it burned down a couple weeks later.

would've been cool if he could've danced with all the mad cow protesters.


I really needed that today. Elby watched it with me and she demanded to see it 10 times. I'm thinking about your family!!


What a coincidence... I also posted about Matt's video/website (although indirectly) in my latest blog entry. Guess we full time dads do think in synch sometimes :)

I'm sorry to hear about your dad in law. May God grant you courage and strength during hard times and that he WILL recover soon.

... been a silent reader btw.


The kids and I met Matt Harding and his girlfriend Melissa earlier this year when he was in San Francisco. (Really nice guy and VERY good with kids, my kids still remember him, they get excited when they see his videos and ask if we'll ever visit him.) We missed being part of the San Francisco portion by several minutes due to some traffic and my getting lost. I've been following his blog for the last two years and watch his videos almost every time I look wistfully out the window. They remind me of how beautiful the world is and in the case of this one, how much everyone around the world is pretty much the same.

All that to say, I love this video too and I was inexplicably happy that it cheered Bosslady up. Has she shown it to her father?


That was AWEsome.

Best wishes for your father-in-law...


What a great video! Thanks for sharing!

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