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March 04, 2008


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Here's a story you'll enjoy...

One of my best days ever was going to a ball game at Shea on my 23rd birthday. The Mets happened to be playing the Giants (my hometown team) and I bought the best seats I could afford. I ended up sitting next to a seven-year-old boy and his mom. I was keeping score and I could see he was interested. So I started teaching him how to keep score and we followed all nine innings together. It was a great day and at the end of the game the mother silently thanked me and I realized he didn't have a father.

I have never been able to forget that day and I have so looked forward to teaching my son and daughter about baseball and how to keep score while eating so much ball park food we'll be sick afterwards.

I can't wait.


you are truly a wonderful father. keep it up =)


We've been taking our two girls skiing every winter for the last few years. This year we're thinking of going to New Zealand. It's SO much fun skiing with your kids (ours are 7 & 9).

Both the girls started horse riding lessons when they turned 6, so I've started taking lessons too. I hope that when they're teenagers and they hate me at least they'll let me come riding with them.


You've skiied 50 mountains in 4 different countries? I'm more jealous than you could ever imagine. That's awesome.


MD - you rock! The peanut is adorable in her helmet and skis. I love seeing all the little kids all bundled up! Great time to teach her skiing, she doesn't have nearly as far to fall as us adults (just started skiing this year, after a great ski trip two years ago).

It's great when you share some bits about your parents too.

Janet F.

I can't believe you drove 3 hours with a hangover to take your 3 y.o daughter skiing. I'm impressed. You're a great dad. "Keep doing what you're doing, man!"


Lovely post.Says a lot about how Parenting Best practices are passed down from one generation to the next. Ever since my son was little I'd wanted to take him scuba diving. He's almost 18 now and has done most things his dad wanted him to, like golf and tennis, but we never took that scuba diving holiday in the Maldives with one thing and another.Have to do it before he goes off to college!


That is beautiful. Sharing stuff with our kids has gotta be one of the greatest rewards of this whole parenting gig. Definitely makes up for the sleepless nights and all the snot.

I live in Texas, but a few years ago I developed a love for snowboarding. Needless to say, I don't get to do it much, but I remember coming back from my first trip, long before I even had kids, and I knew it was the kind of thing I wanted to take my kid to do.

Gene Floyd

For me it was always bicycling. When my ex left, she took the car, so for the next couple of years the kids (5, 3, and 1) and I rode our bikes everywhere. Fast-forward 17 years and now we're getting ready to leave in two months to ride across this country of ours...together. We'll be in NYC, maybe we'll get to meet.

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