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March 12, 2008


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brian j.

My last meal would be Popeyes fried chicken, Cajun rice, cole slaw, corn, and biscuits. Washed all down with a 6-pack of Heineken.

Hmm---I wonder what that says about me?

Rachel E.

Favorite meal? A whole box of Hostess Ho-Hos.


I can't believe you mentioned the fried chicken from the Horny Toad!

My parents retired to Scottsdale years ago. Every Christmas, we pack up the kids and drive there from L.A. My husband used to hate going to AZ. However, a few years ago, he discovered the fried chicken from the Horny Toad. Now he actually looks forward to driving to AZ 'cause he knows that the first thing he's going to do is eat the whole fried chicken from the Horny Toad!


For my last meal? I grew up with a Mom Who Can COOK, so I would request a huge meal of my favorite dishes from my mom.


Aha she's so dam cute.

My last meal would be ribs with my mom's homemade BBQ sause, fried rice from Beni Hauna's, a spicy tuna roll, some steamed aspargus and for dessert a slice of Sarah J's (a bakery in LA) chocolate rasberry to die for cake.

Then I'd die from stomach overload, but I'd die happy.


Death row dinner:

Lake Superior whitefish, cooked on a wooden plank. I don't need the Duchess potatoes that are commonly served with it; wild ice pilaf will do. This is just the best fish that swims. I'd also have asparagus steamed and served with brown butter. For a little palate cleanser I'd have the freshest, reddest strawberries. For dessert, I'd have chocolate mousse.

There you have it, my favorite fish, starch, veggie, fruit, and sinful dessert. I'd skip the booze so as to really savor it.

JJ Daddy-O

Spicy sliced fish from the late, great Moon Palace, 113th & Bway or a mixed Grill from the Famous Dairy Restaurant, 72nd btw WE and Bway (also defunct).


The Mio Fratello calzone from Vitos in L.A. A bottle of Screaming Eagle Cabernet. My grandma's strawberry shortcake.


wow. i'm shocked by all those who'd like fast food for their last meal!

my my last meal, i'd probably go korean. some kind of soup like kimchi soup, or fish egg soup.. tons of various ban chan and fresh fruit for dessert.


The Peanut is adorable! I love how she's chomping on french fries as she recites her "recipe." Too cute.

For my last meal, I think I would want some comfort food. I'm going to go with Chinese hot pot and soup dumplings. All made at home with my mother.


I agree with that Peanut. Ketchup on anything but fries is disgusting.

I'm kind of sad that my son is going to grow up thinking that dinner appears in 30 minutes with a 'ding-dong'. I have tried to get it together, but just can't cook. My husband is a pretty good cook, but never has time and is OBSESSED with food and is hyperventilating with excitement over the new season of Top Chef.

Last meal? Oysters and Pearls from Per Se.


I love to cook and I enjoy cooking fancy meals on weekends. And I love the Food Network.

My last meal: Dominican Salcocho*, Shrimp Mofongo*, Mangu with fried cheese, red onions and fried eggs*. I would have to have some spicy Indian food and sweet beans* (habichuelas con dulce) to finish it off. And after eating so much food then I would certainly die.

*All childhood comfort foods.


Peanut has great hair.


appetizer: himachi sashimi and raw oysters eaten off of george clooney's thighs with a bottle of nice cool daiginjyo

intercourse (yeah, just wanted to say that): prosciutto with asparagus and hearts of palm with a bottle of dom while being massaged and fed by matthew mcConaughey

main course: a grilled Maine lobster tail with lemon and drawn butter, a giant bowl of pho tai with all the fixings, a 2" thick filet mignon cooked medium rare (closer to rare) in lots of garlic and butter with sauteed mushrooms, a huge bottle of pinot noir, all eaten and drank while having a lengthy conversation with bono and paul mccartney

dessert: this one's tough. but i'm going with dutch apple crumb pie fresh out of the oven from mom's in julian, california with cinnamon ice cream, a big cup of home-roasted coffee, and a bottle of well-aged port.

then an all-night orgy with all the men I just spent the meal with.


My last meal would be at one of those seaside restaurants in Greece where they bring the fish straight off the boat to the restaurant. Top it off with some grilled octopus and a bottle of ouzo.

pnuts mama

omg this is torture for a pregnant lady stuck on the couch with no good food in the house! next time you're in queens by stjohnsuniv. go down the road to sushizone- sounds cheezy but the sweetest japanese couple with a teeny little sushi shop of your dreams. mmm...i think that's what we'll be having tomorrow!

on your last post- we saw the beasties last time they came through town (3-4 years ago?) in a large venue and we agreed it was a weird cross-section of the population in attendance. would have loooooved to have seen them last week- glad you did!

last meal- i know the place, the italian place on the cliffs of the west coast of tortola, bvi. retired italian couple from brooklyn set up a small place down there and we had the best goddamned fettucine alfredo with garlic bread in our lives- and we both had italian grandmas- oh, this is torture!!

ann (fchen)

i'm not sure what my last meal would be, love the idea of a backyard kegger/que surrounded by family & friends.
however, the funniest line i've read to date?: "In the grand scheme of things, I drive way too fucking fast to be worrying about my cholesterol." brilliant.


your blog always makes me smile. . . .

as to my last meal, i think it would have to be day old kimchee chigae w/a few slices of wonder bread(kimchee sandwiches are awesome!), some kick-ass foie gras and a chopstick full of japanese ramen with a side of ikura and rice.

i just bought some omega-3 supplements to help 'adjust' my cholesterol


my last meal: a traditional maldivian feast.
garudhiya with rice , and rihaakuru and perhaps fried leaves. and oh dear. this is harder describing than i thought. ...


I too am a foodie.

For the record, Geno's DOES NOT havehe best cheesesteak in Philly. Holla at me when you come throughand I will send you a list of places to try.

My last meal would be a Fried Bake and Shark sandwich eaten a Maracas Beach on he island of my birth...Trinidad, with a bottle of Carib beer.

(Andrew Zimmerman just featured Trinidad on his show and this meal was in his top five EVER eaten).


Loved your post! And you listed all my favorite chefs (except Bobby Flay - let's just say I always root for whomever is challenging him on "Iron Chef"). Love Anthony Bourdain, mein Gott. I watch him faithfully every Monday night. And he was just in Jamaica, hooray!

But what of Jamie Oliver? I adore the dude!

My last meal - all comfort foods from growing up in Jamaica: my mom's stewed chicken with rice and peas, my best friend's mom's roti and curried chicken (they were this huge extended Indian family), white flour dumplings, escovitched fish (fried fish topped with pickled carrots, onions, scotch bonnet peppers and allspice berries). This would be washed down with Jamaican-style carrot juice (fresh squeezed carrots with condensed milk and nutmeg, yum!). Dessert would be that sinfully rich cake soaked in Red Label Wine that is made only at Christmas time.

Ah, my mouth is watering... so glad I'm going home in June. My mom better get ready to cook up a storm, ha! It'll be funny to watch my lily-white Texas husband trying to work his way through all that spiciness too.

marsha m.

It's so cool that you have so many readers from different countries talking about their favorite foods. I've never heard of half the dishes some people have been mentioning in the comments. Now, I have to go look them up online so I can try out all the recipes at home!


For me, my last meal would be breakfast.

Eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce. Belgian waffles with fresh fruit, butter, and maple syrup. Blueberry pancakes. Pork belly bacon. Smoked apple sausage. Krispy Kreme donuts. Buttermilk biscuits.


Holla! for The Salt Lick... 20 minutes from our doorsteps, seconds to heaven.


Thanks for this post!


No doubt about it: a steamy HUGE plate of Pozole!


I used to say I wanted Peking Duck for my last meal since according to all the menus I see it takes 24 hrs to prepare.Lol. Buy myself an extra day. I go from one extreme to the other, one day I want a filet mignon wrapped in bacon from a place in Rumson NJ called the Fromagerie. Or I want a sort of fast food tour of the world: a bean burrito from Taco Bell, a Big Mac, a Filet O' Fish, a Whopper, and a Big Bacon Classic from Wendys. Like I can eat all that. Fries from McD's, O-rings from BK (how weird is it they are all the exact same size - fried onion paste...LOL)to top it all off - a bowl of sugar corn pops. all I can say is when the electricity hits be somewhere else LOL
take care all


OK, I know it's lame to post multiple times, but I cannot live without posting "pulpos a la gallega" (octopus Galicia style) from my friend's mom in Madrid.


I'm pretty much with you on a nice big rare steak rubbed with salt and pepper, but I think with sides of new potatoes and green beans or asparagus. Wine might be a bit fuller bodied. We've had some nice Baco Noir around the house last year, or maybe a cabernet. If I was feeling for something lighter, I must admit the Shiraz/Syrah trend has had me happy for some time now. For dessert I might go creme brulee, I might go flourless chocolate cake, depending on my mood. And some nice warming liquid to finish with the dessert, maybe cognac or Grand Marnier, just to wrap things off nicely.


Cutest peanut :)

Last dinner - my mother's Christmas dinner - scalloped potatoes, red cabbage and chestnuts, bread/nut/mushroom stuffing.
And a toss up between her birthday cake or cheesecake.
I cook it all, now she's not here but it was better when she did :)

Have you read Alex Kapranos' Sound Bites? Nice food writing, especially the bit about pheasant.

I don't get your dislike for french cuisine when you talk also about butter and foie gras (or are you just being pretentious -- or perhaps even ignorant?). you just want to avoid being labeled a food snob and you are doing that by inventing fictitious food snobs and placing them in france because making fun of the french and equating them with being "pretentious" makes you feel less poseur-ish and more authentic. There could not be anything less pretentious than cheese (and bread and wine) in France - it's everyday food that is inexpensive and enjoyable and in fact enjoyed by everyone - snob or not, pretentious or not. cheese is pretentious in the U.S. only because good stuff is so hard to get here (unless you go to a restaurant like Artisanal - now there is a pretentious place full of culinary frauds and ignorant snobs -- and I am talking about the staff there, not necessarily the clients)

citing Grimaldi and Shake Shack as a way of showing that you are not a food snob? Those are food snob favorites! If you prefer your random corner pizza by slice joint over Grimaldi's, then you might have an argument. But you'll never admit that, since that will make you feel like you have no taste.

My suggestion - just admit that you are a pretentious snob and move on.


Hey Metrodad, Try fish oil capsules(3000mg-5000mg Spectrum brand is tested for too much mercury) for your triglycerides at least and garlic tablet for your cholesterol.I had really great results. I'm a nurse in California who didn't want to take statins. And if you take statins, take coq10.


Hey Metrodad, Try fish oil capsules(3000mg-5000mg Spectrum brand is tested for too much mercury) for your triglycerides at least and garlic tablet for your cholesterol.I had really great results. I'm a nurse in California who didn't want to take statins. And if you take statins, take coq10.


That kid is an angel.


On my last day of earth, I would like one bite of the following:

My halmuni's kimchi
My mom's panjun & jigae
curry rice w/chicken
My friend Jen's chili
grilled ribeye steak, medium please
my version of bulgogi
pork adovada from Los Dos Molinos
Everything @ Wong's Place in Tempe, AZ
miso ramen from my fave little dive around Shinjuku station in Tokyo
#6 from Lee's Sandwichs(hold the cilantro)
Anything from my friends' kitchen in Santa Cruz County
Bacon, not under done, but not crispy burnt either.
Assorted banchan
a nice mixed green salad w/ fresh mozzerella and balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and lemon
The ham, brie, and apple open faced sandwich on pumpernickel @ House of Tricks and their raspberry iced tea
Spinach florentine & Belgain waffle with berries and REAL grade B amber maple syrup from US Egg
Ben & Jerry's butter pecan, oatmeal cookie chunk, Fudge brownie, and cherry garcia ice cream
vanilla bean and super dark chocolate gelato from Angel Sweet
dark choco brownies
strawberry shortcake
a vanilla malt from Sonic
fresh strawberries, raspberries and Queen Anne cherries
Peet's Downy Jasmine Pearl Tea
A thai iced tea w/boba
creme brulee
a vodka tonic w/Grey goose or Belvedere.


Heh, your kid is quie the charmer, man. Anyway, I'm not a foodie, but I do like lobster and especially steak. I'd probably have steak for a last meal with nice mashed potatoes and flourless chocolate cake for desert.


My last meal?

Gotta be prefectly cooked Foie gras!


I'd like to think my last meal would be some amazing thing like the meal I had on my honeymoon in Paris...but I'd probably settle for some Natural Ruffles and a coke. And since I'm almost dead, not diet coke this time.


Last meal....Antonio Banderas....all in one bite. Heh.

Everything served at a traditional Churrascaria in Brasil.

Loved the post.


Gotta be mountains of BBQ with plentiful sides of sweet corn, baked beans, potato salad, and cornbread.


My last meal? Smoked salmon and beluga caviar as hors d'ouevres, with vintage champagne. Roasted filet mignon with roasted new potatoes, with a great cabernet. Asparagus with hollandaise sauce. And Opera cake with espresso for dessert.

I wish someone would make that meal for me now.


great post, MD. 10 lbs? day-m. is that with or without scotch?
Next time, bypass Yank Sing--too expensive. Try Koi Palace down the road in Daly City--best dim sum on the planet. and if you stick with the steamed gows, su mai and fung zhou its practically health food.


The Peanut is so adorable, MD. I love how she's munching on french fries as she recites her pasta recipe. Too Cute!


Off the top of my head, I would want to recreate and enjoy my favorite meal of all time. It was Pan Roasted Halibut with Dungeness Crab Orzo at a place called 900 West in Vancouver, BC. I still remember every bite despite it being 6500 meals ago (6 years or so).
But if push came to shove, I may revert back to a big thick Filet cooked medium with sauce Bernaise, roasted shallots, mashed potatoes. Jesus I'm hungry...


I don't know what inspired it, but I've recently developed a real love for cooking. Nothing all that complex yet, but I'm already itching to try out more complex stuff. Except the house we're renting right now has a tee-niny kitchen. We're moving into a new place in the fall that has a fantastic kitchen and I can't fucking wait.

When I finally manage to make a trip to NYC, I'm gonna have to remember to email you to get the lowdown on where to eat.


Big time props for name-checking the Salt Lick. Yummy 'cue. However, my last meal might have to be the brisket from Smitty's or Kreuz Market, two fine bbq establishments that are both in Lockhart, TX and sit either end of a family feud in that town. But they both smoke a mean brisket.


I loved everything about this post. Well done! But it must be said: you will be laughed out of the Anchor Bar or any respectable wing joint in Buffalo if you order "buffalo wings". Its just wings here. Cheers!


So late to post this, but I had to chime in for my last meal. I'd have to go with the foods I'd miss most on this planet.

My last dinner: a lobster roll, Yuengling, perfectly cooked french fries with lots of ketchup, and raspberry pie topped with cinnamon ice cream. Eaten in Montauk, preferably.


Peanut is too cute. How does she feel about toasted bread crumbs on that pasta and cheese? Yes? No? Sacrilegious?

For my last meal it's hard to say. If my stomach capacity didn't have its current limitations I'd probably stuff it with everything from pho to crab to kielbasa. I'd probably be satisfied and really happy though, if I could just get to eat a few ears of that fresh roasted sweet sweet corn I had on the side of a Vietnamese dirt road when I was 14, sprinkled with a little sea salt and fresh cracked pepper. No butter necessary, it was so juicy, sweet, and creamy. I had an epiphany eating that corn. It taught me that the most euphoric taste experiences can often be the simplest and in the most humble of circumstances. My parents bought me that corn on our first trip back to the old country from a small woman who had this wide smile knowing how good her product was. It was awesome. If I could have that same taste experience again before I die whether it be from something as simple as roast corn or as extravagent as a raspberry white chocolate cheesecake, I'd die happy.

Other taste relevations in my life: fresh off the boat and steamed langoustines, fresh mangosteens and jackfruit, and butternut squash ravioli (seriously).


I commend you on teaching the Peanut how to cook! I am at the tail end of a French Pastry Program and my 3 year old (Small Fry) has developed a distinguished palette for finer chocolate. Hershey dare not enter the house or it will be deemed, "Yucky!" She is a wonderful sous chef and can actually retrieve ingredients from the pantry with astounding accuracy. If she had her preference though everything would be used to create pink cakes, pink cookies and pink cupcakes and if wearing a tutu and rain boots with her Cinderella wig were appropriate chefwear she would be set.

Bon Appetite!

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