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March 07, 2008


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You have some talented readers and all the banners are great although my faves are 2 and 3. But you really need a banner with a "pee before you read this" warning, especially for those of us who have had multiple vaginal births.

So, things I never thought I would say:

"uh oh" (after sneezing)

"no I will not hold your penis for you"

"stop humping my leg please"

Sorry for stiffing you on the cab. I had a brain fart. Next time first round's on me.


I like the simplicity and familiarity of #2, but wonder if it would look too plain with the rest of the page design?

In saying so, #3 is my 2nd fave...but I think #4 or #5 would compliment the rest of the site the best. So really, this post is supremely unhelpful. Holla!


I like #2, too.


I like #2 and #3. Is there some way to combine them?


Michelle,funny Mc Cain flavours! FunnyHubby!


#3... or #1. Both great!


I say #4, just the right mix of familiar and fresh!


I initially liked #2 the best, but I see why a lot of people like #3. I like how it introduces the characters in a very stylish and modern way, but you also have to redesign this if you choose to have a second child, but if you were planning on revamping your banner every few years, I guess it wouldn't matter.

I like #2 the best because I think the icon and the poppycock line should definitely stay. It may be simple, but I like the clean lines. It will have longer staying power. Less is more.

#3 is too crowded, and I don't like the emphasis on the map. It doesn't look classy enough.

I get the scotch reference in #1 and it's clever, but it only encapsulates a certain aspect of you who are.

#5 is clever too and very MOMA-esque (as another reader commented), or like a cover for a TASCHEN art book (those little small ones you get in art museum gift shops), but if you weren't a reader before, it would be hard to decipher the letters standing for METRO. I also can't tell if the M is made up of two laundry pins or chopsticks.


#4 is my favorite!!!


#3 followed closely by #2.


no.1 also... "Stop putting Cheerios in your vagina."?! wow. may i never have to say that!

ann (fchen)

voting for #1.


I love three but also like four quite a bit. Tough choice!

I like #4!


#4 gets my vote.

Re: calculating how much the babysitter is costing... argh!! That's all that seems to go through my husband's head while we're out. Totally sucks the fun out of the evening.


#2 it is.

Fran Magbual

I'm voting for #4. I love that it incorporates your "iPod" silhouettes. Perhaps if this turns out to be the winning banner you can do an update of the silhouettes since the Peanut is of course bigger now.



#3 with your tagline added ... or #2




They are all great, but I vote for #2.

Yes, concerts change as you age. I knew I was old when I gave up my backstage passes and the opportunity to meet U2 so that we could "beat the rush" and get home at a decent hour. In my defense, I did have to be at work very early the next morning. Still, what a loser!


Hubs and I went to a concert last night. While waiting for the band to come on, I could tell that he was thinking about how much we'd have to pay the babysitter. I told him about your post and, after laughing about it, he relaxed a little. Of course, we still left early to beat the rush!


I think some sort of combination of #2 and #3 would be perfect. I love the chair idea but I also love the ipod sihouette.


Been telling that "Yes, Pecan" story all day. Everyone agrees that it's pure genius.

P.S. I like #3.


we vote for #3. think that the ipod reference is dated now and not as hip as you probably are.


Definitly number 2

Tom N.

Number 3. My second place choice would be the first, but I think the third one is best.


The first one!I would love visiting a blog with that design!

#1 or #4.






no. 4 goes well with the colour scheme here.


I'm going for the classics these days - re-reading Jane Austen, making my mashed potatoes from scratch, digging out my Coach tote purse - so I'll vote for #2.


Beautiful banners. I like #2 for you. Clean, simple, modern.

But, props to the sesame ball.


Definitely #3. Although, they all pretty much rock.


#2, foll. by #3


You got some cool entries. I'm going to say #3 is the best. #5 is really creative, but I love how the third one incorporates your whole cast of characters (which is what I always cally *my* family...)


I love the first one.


I'm so jealous that you guys saw the Beasties in concert. I used to have such a crush on all of them. How did they look?

My vote's for #2.


Those are great banners. I'd say the first one.

Does MCA ever come up to you in the park and ask, "yippie, yo, you know this kid?"


I like #1. Goes with the whole scotch motif.


#4!! You need to keep the dad witht the I-Pod holding a baby (it says everything in a picture) and the map puts in NYC - this says it all!!


I like #1 and #4


Love #4


#4 is the best


i think the o on #5 should be a cheerio -- but i like #2 & 4 the best.


#3 for sure. but don't forget to add "Poppycock from a cocky pop" under "Metrodad".


1st choice: #4. Second choice: #2

They're all pretty rad. These two stand out especially though because they'll mearch well with the rest of your blog without your hanving to overhaul your whole space (font/color scheme, etc.) Happy shopping!


I personally would pick #2. It's pretty crisp and clean.


I love #3! It allows plenty of rooms for imagination.

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