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March 07, 2008


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BTW, I like #3 best. If there were some way to incorporate the ipod photo, it would be even better.


#3 and #4. Wait a minute. I can't make up my mind. Moon in Libra anyone??


Here are my husband's suggestions for a McCain flavored ice cream:

Crotchety Cream

Iraqi Road

Vanilla Coot

Extremely White Chocolate

Fossil Food

Prostate ‘n Cream

Vanilla Forever

Rob O.

Banner #2 is great!


Last week, our not-quite-3.5-year-old daughter told me in the car that she "needed to have some personal space." I almost lost it.

I like #3.


My vote = Number 2


I like the last one.


I like ALL of those banners. Your readers really are talented.


I like #2


Definitely torn between 1 and 3. You know what, I'll go with three.


This was such a fun post, MD. Thanks for making my afternoon.

BTW, those are some of the best banners I've ever seen. I like #3.


Candy McCain? (ooooh!)

I like #2 because I've always loved that little icon of yours. But I also really like #3 for being a bit more filled-out while staying pretty clean. It tips the hat to your design snob sensibility, immediately says family, and points out who's who to newcomers. I think I vote #3, but only if you keep the little icon guy on the sidebar.

Paige Jennifer

Wait, what's wrong with putting Cheerio's in your vagina...?

(I almost took this further but then I realized I would forever ruin my chances to one day run for President)




#4 because I just love that iPod photo. You gotta work it in somehow.

Chris Austria

Best post of the week!!!!
Go for #4...


Wow. Those are frickin' awesome!

I'm partial to #2 but I like #4 a lot too.

Good luck picking!

JJ Daddy's Baby Momma

#5 Rocks! It has all the elements - chopsticks and rice balls, comb for your sacrosanct hair, etc. etc.

JJ Daddy's Baby Momma

Loved the cheerios in the vagina.

Lately mine has been "Boogers are not a food group".


I want to like #4 (I have a thing for maps) but against my better judgment like #3 with the chairs.




I like #3.


The other day I heard myself yelling "will you please stop eating the dog's food?"

I like #2 and #3.


I love love # 3 better.


chairs, map, jin-dui, plain metro dad - in that order. Scrap #1, I see the whiskey label effect, but I agree with another poster, not metro enough.


#3 then #2


4 FTW!


I'd say #1 is very much you, but a lot of people didn't get that. #5 is cool, more children-focus, but what's the "T"?


Number 2!
What a great name for the ice cream. At first, I was at a loss, until I tried saying it in a more enthusiastic tone of voice. =D


Here's a great Beastie Boys joke I saw on College Humor and now cannot find the link to to save my life.

Guy one: Ch-che-che-che-check it out!

Guy two:
Wh-wha-wha-what's it all about!

Guy one:
Th-tha-thanks for m-m-m-aking fun of my s-s-stutter, asshole!

We're big BB fans here. My 16-month-old twins have Beastie Girls shirts.

# 2 with the chairs added to it (i dont like the green text box on the side of 3




#4, but metrodog should be the only thing not in silhouette. Make him look "real", for want of a better word.



Carol Snider



Great banners - #2 and #3 get my vote!


Number 4. :D



Hygiene Dad

I nearly lost my dinner when I read the Cheerios line.

#4 would fit better. #2 is nice, but doesn't look different enough from what you currently have.


I vote for #3


My vote is with number 1... but number 2 is a close second.

And you really never thought you'd utter, "Eat your broccoli or no dessert"? Huh.


I like #3 but I would change the green box to blue.


#1 and #3.


i think #3 is really well done but i think #2 suits you more.


#2-- it's simple, clean and strong.


I like #3 but it doesn't have the poppycock statement which I love and feel it must stay....

Michelle's McCain flavors above are hysterical--Extremely White Chocolate! Love that!

A parental statement I never thought I'd say.... "Honey, don't put the rubberband around your penis!"



you make a good tom sawyer. brilliant.

orange slippers

vote for #4


gawd they all look so slick.

but #3!! the chair for peanut should be bite-sized though.


Most definitely #4

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