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November 13, 2007


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Kate C.

In case you've never considered the number of places where vomiting can happen - let me add this gem from personal experience. Always keep an extra shirt FOR YOU in the diaper bag. That way you won't have to drive home from the grocery store wearing only your bra and a towel. ;)

Mama Nabi

Sigh... LN just got sick again and this post definitely hits home. She threw up big time (the couple times she threw up few weeks ago was NOTHING compared to this mess) in bed, sheets had to be changed, pajamas had to be changed... Last night, she was playing happily when she suddenly threw a tantrum with big tears and screaming; she said she was wearing the wrong baji and needed a different pair. WOW. Psycho~
So. Got any butt-soup left?


You just described my last two days with TWO two-year olds. Actually, now that I'm thinking of it, it's just my daughter that's effin' crazy. My son is sick and just wants to sleep. My daughter? Sick and wants to argue. And scream at me. Hope Peanut feels better soon!


From experience, a face full of toddler vomit is no fun. I feel for you. Also, great observation about their sick time. Our son turns seems to be bipolar when he's sick. It's no fun.


We got a whole house filled with sick over here, MD. All six of us have been laid out in bed for the past two days. We're taking turns feeling sorry for ourselves. Hope Peanut feels better!

creative-type dad

I fully expect to beat my child in every imaginable board, video, contest, whatever game ever created to show my vast human intelligence.

Unless she bats her eyes. Then I'll throw in the towel...


absolutly not...i beat my 4 yrs old in everything..it also helps that hes probably the only person i can beat in anything..

hows peanuts now?


My dad always tells the story (not nearly as engagingly as you) of the time I was sick and my mom had to work and he stayed home with me. By the second day he was begging her, offering her anything, to come home.

Sure hope the P'nut's feeling better by now.


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