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November 05, 2007


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JJ Daddy-O's Baby Momma

Did she have a lighter?


You have taught her well.....does she have her own lighter?


Okay, I seriously think it was Laurie Berkner singing 'Little Boxes' on Weeds this week. I'm now obsessed with confirming it and it's not on Showtime's website yet.

jenne the niftywench

ok, that settles it. i MUST get myself and Daughter a Laurie Berkner cd!! right on for starting her young on music and concerts. Cass' first show was a big outdoor Dave Matthews Band show at 7 months and she's never turned back. For halloween she wanted to be a 'punk rock girl' like the dead milkmen song...and she was!

love the blog!


Just discovered your blog. It's fantastic. Have a great birthday!


Darth Vader in love




We saw Laurie Berkner last year in Central Park. It must have been 120 degrees outside. With all those kids running around crazed, it really did feel like Altamont. Or maybe Woodstock.

Happy birthday, MD! You're 39 years young!

the other amy

Is it a sign that I'm way too old (or, rather, that I have old kids) that I have absolutely no idea who Laurie Berkner is? I do know Death Cab and Feist and Incubus though, so I must be on the other end of the crazy cool concert spectrum.

When I went to a concert last summer, no one was using lighters anymore. There was a whole sea of people holding up their arms and beckoning an encore with the screens of their cell phones. Sad, really.


Happy BDay, MD. One year closer to death!

Berkner is everywhere! She did "Little Boxes" on Weeds this week, too! I was surprised when I heard she was playing Carnegie Hall, but then I remembered that my first of only two trips to that esteemed institution was to see Spinal Tap.


Happy Birthday MD! Have a scotch and a smoke for me!

I actually opted to bag the Laurie Berkner show earlier this year when she played in New Brunswick--I didn't think I would be able to take it. I feel sort of bad.

Now, I am trying to get tickets to see Dan Zanes in Allentown. Should be fun.

jenny b

I love that you guys saw laurie berkner at carnegie hall! Sounds like a rocking gig. I'm jaelous. Happy bday, MD!

jenny b

I love that you guys saw laurie berkner at carnegie hall! Sounds like a rocking gig. I'm jaelous. Happy bday, MD!


I hope you have a great birthday. I'll be 39 next month and I am taking my dad's motto to heart, "You may have to grow old, but you don't have to grow up!" Enjoy your day.

Your daughter sounds absolutely adorable.

the weirdgirl

Happy Birthday, MD! And might I add the Peanut looked adorable as Orphan Annie. (I"m sure you looked cute buzzing and flapping, too.)


Happy birthday!

daddy in a strange land

Happy belated birthday, old man. :)

BTW, tag, you're it:


That's what I love about you, MD. You're old-school AND new-school. So fantastic that you could somehow relate BDP/Janes with your Laurie Berkner experience.

Happy birthday!

ray lee

Happy Birthday MD!

"PLAY FREE BIRD!" that is so freaking awesome! You gotta introduce some GNR to Peanut as well and teach her how to do Axl's snake dance while singing "Sweet Child of Mine."

-ray leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


We had a wild pack of unrestrained toddlers over at our house for Halloween. I've never seen anything like it. At one point, I hid in the closet and cowered in fear. It's scary when you're outnumbered by a bunch of toddlers!


"Ridiculously cute" alright! I can see you do the flapping thing, are you sure you didn't do the chicken dance in paying homage to Popeyes?

And you just slipped in that "oh by the way, happy b-day to me" hoping no one notices that you're 1 year older/wiser? Anyhow, happy happy b-day and maybe you have plenty of Scotch and foie gras to consume for one day Pierre!! Bon sante as well!!


After I read your story twice, shared it with a coworker who use to work in the SF music businness throught the 70's and 80's could I finally quit laughing my ass off. All I have to say is I now have a goal of teaching my 18 month old twin daughters to scream "Play Free Bird!" Though I have expect one of them to shout "Play Big Bird!"


This was the funniest thing I've ever read about going to a kid's concert. I'll never look at kid's music again in the same way. Could your daughter be any freaking cuter?

Happy birthday, MD!


That is pretty funny. Sad to say I can relate to the whole kids thing. Ok, not sad at all.

But who would have thought that I'd know all the words to The Wiggles White Album. oy vey.


You should add some Digg functionality to your website. This is some pretty funny shit.


Did you at least give her your phone and let her wave that around?

Happy Birthday!


happy birthday!

I love it when people are older than me.

now sing freebird. I'm in awe. cool kid.

Devra Renner

Growing up in NY, I still remember that scary puppet theatre my parents used to take me to. The shows were great, the reason the place was so scary were the children. Honestly,I'm surprised that experience, of seeing Punch & Judy a few extra times than necessary, didn't put me off parenting.
I think BAM made up for it. As did the Young People's Concerts at Lincoln Center. I have wonderful recollections of those places.

Happy Birthday and many returns of the day!


Sounds like a great time. :) She's a lucky girl.

I gain far more from my kids than they gain from me.


Happy belated, MD. Hope you had a great birthday week!


Hilarious! Yeah, I nearly broke my neck diving onto a pile at a Jane's show at the Palladium. Spent half of the first set with the paramedics.

Lisa Solomon

Wow, Laurie Berkner has really come far!

We're fans from ages ago: back when she was doing gigs at the Galleria Mall in White Plains and at the Jewish Museum.

I taught my 5-year-old to say "We live in a capitalist society." Is that so wrong?

This is a battle of good and evil:::I am good.  The gods are evil.

This is a battle of good and evil:::I am good. The gods are evil.
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In this deteriorating, godless enviornment testing people with temptation compelled people to "think wrong", corrupted by telepathic positioning and the wicked enviornment that exists today.
This is a battle of good and evil:::I am good and the gods are evil. Everything that follows will illustrate this.

How can energy drinks be MY fault???
How could the 7.4 Caribbean earthquake be MY fault??? Oh, yea. I brought this to their attention saying the Goleta oil spill of the San Francsico Bay Area may have saved us from the 7.5 earthquake they had planned for us.
Not god-fearing yet? As their anger is revealed and their wrath inflicted that will change.
How can the Goleta oil spill of the San Francsico Bay be MY fault??? Oh, yea. UCSB.
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The tiger killed the Latino. Now you understand the heirarchy.
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The 40% of these 20th century monsters who volunteered to enage in their evil should no longer be with us.
Throughout history people have died for less.
These Italian's are acceptable losses. The gods should have set them up for their party of 2000 then called it even. Incidetally this is yet another event that costed them big.
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There is no such thing as a savior. You're just looking for a free ride. Start doing the work.
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"Black people have to try harder and do better than everybody else."

My advice is recognize they gods offered Ned Flanders for a reason.
The gods place a very high premium on innocence, which is why they take children. Try to identify with that innocence within you and pick up where you left off.
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I believe the preditory Italians who telepathically accepted the "black project" assignment under the guise of 1906 went from clone hosts fucking up the economy in 80s corporate America into a black gang-banger to act as and become victim of an assassin.
Am I suggesting there may be black children running around with no brains? When there is a major project like Black War I was, certainly.
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There's all kinds of fucked up strategies the gods utilize which the disfavored of Earth couldn't even imagine. Don't be surprised.

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There is nothing the gods can't do, and as far as supernatural incidents go this one is merely the tip of the iceberg.
Be god-fearing.

The Indian casinos is another good example illustrating how the god's offensives are designed to inflict on everyone involved::::Expect these four powerful tribes were sold on preying on their fellow tribes, convinced this bill could help them crush their competition. Expect ALL FOUR to have pursued telepathically pushing people into losing money in their casinos, a common temptation the gods employed in Nevada casino executives as well, all of whom are rotated clone hosts, unlike the Indians. This is yet another example of the gods employing a strategy which fucks everyone involved::::The preditors who accepted these assignments as casino brass will die for this (and other) evil.
Penny machines are the clue they enlightened those whom they run through Nevada casinos now. I think the days are mostly over now. Incidentally, this new tactic accomplishs other goals as well and need to be taken by the disfavored as a clue.
The gods use their tools in government to promote this offensive. They then turn around and use this perception to corrupt the disfavored, equating their evil with sucess.
equating their evil with sucess
equating their evil with sucess
equating their evil with sucess
equating their evil with sucess
equating their evil with sucess
equating their evil with sucess. I think we've seen this already in the Situation, sppropriately with the Italians.
This is a excellent corruptor and a frequently recurring strategy in the god's arsenal of weapons.
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This is not for the elite. I hope talking about this has dispatched those whom the gods have assigned.
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I don't want them picking ANYTHING up from this.

Expect the absence of blacks at PreditoryItalianCompany was a clue that they have a history preying upon blacks.
All things considered, expect their history would be along the lines of economic repression of blacks, appropriately.
Criminals doing business with criminals.

Their "cheap tricks" are preditory:::poker, cars, boss, movies. Every item of the $50 billion is all evil, designed to prey on the disfavored, a clue regarding modern popular culture and society. Perhaps not so "cheap" after all.
"If you don't come around…" All this shit is cheap and easy, a tactic which ensurs people wait AND aren't recepitve to my teachings because they think they're getting a free ride. It also serves as its most basic of purposes, as preditory distraction.
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The Final Prophet is merely a formality, like they gods are required. It's kind of like "Black off the books.wav":::An event designed to merely meet some policy requirement while ensuring the disfavored have no real hope:::Life in the ghettos of California.
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Brokeback Mountain says you understand:::Fuck off god.
Things I've ruined::::Midnight Madness. Note that to the gods both are merely cheap tricks.
Denying money is one of the goals of positioning in the Italians::::The gods used this evil to ensure the Final Prophet was not financed.
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Sinisterly, wickedly brilliant.
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I'm not investing. I wouldn't knowingly help the elite who you used to prey on those I try to help. I want this preditory evil dead.
Guess I can't count on HTH. I was hoping it meant I was being assigned to this task.
Lake Michigan is defnintely not a self-reference.

"We're going to enforce positioning." You better make them get their hands dirty AND BRING BACK THE 20TH CENTURY FOR THIS. Killing fucking niggers in celebrity clone hosts AIN'T no fucking fun.
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The Situation is VERY 20th century. Maintain consistancy, please.
Management by convienience.

The "early cut-off" of the disfavored::::The fall of Russian communism vs. Cuban (Chinese?) communism in late '00s.
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The gods are weilding a wicked sword, and this proves it. They're playing both sides of the coin. People should be afraid.
Most of you are going to die. They want a full-blown Apocalypse.

I perceive a level of "magic" surrounding Osama Mobarack, a red flag and a clue.
The magic surrounding Osama is not going to be used to promote bi-racial, for this will represent the gods accepting culpability . His mere presence on this national stage is all that is necessary to justify telling uppity-negros to enter into bi-racial unions, ensuring people fall on their own swords.
The gods offer a clue through his name.
It's one thing to understand the concept of "acceptable losses". It's quite another to promote them::::His deal with the record company executive suggests he preys on the disfavored.
Despite the preditory event that was the impeachment of her husband in the crucial years of 1997-1998 and her continued loyalty to Bill Clinton, Hillary is a better choice for the disfavored.

The fiasco over his $400 hairdo captures my attention and makes me think John Edwards may be the right candidate, the one with the most empathy for the disfavored.
Without a doubt:::The best hope is the first to fall.

"We make evil look good." And then use it as a corruptor.
Look how these wicked, immoral Manifest Destiny gangsters, the kind of individuals who planned WorldWarII, come across merely as businessmen. As they're doing with the strategically preditory personality baseball player, as they've done with Preditory Italian Company, who merely exists as a Manifest Destiny talking heads for the blue chippers in the "eye of The Beast".
And they dirty up good, as we see with me, as we saw with Bonds.
Much as with all the other empty promises, I will be CHEATED out of the fulfillment of the HTH entitlement. As a result I DEMAND you address the history of the individuals involved, public and private, current and FORMER LIVES. We'll see who the fuck is evil then:::::
Expect the absence of blacks at PIC was a clue that they have a history preying upon blacks.
All things considered, expect their history would be along the lines of economic repression of blacks, appropriately.
Criminals doing business with criminals.

And courtesy of M&A you do business with this evil every time you patronize corporate.
The Amish in Pennsylvania is the clue:::Set a goal of simplicity, strive for purity.


Said Italy has heavy volcanic activity for kinda the same reason they put the Mormons in hell.
Motherfuckers. Serves them right.
Of the male Italians in the United States 1906 worked on at least half of them.
I say the number is closer to 80%.
Of those AT LEAST HALF were corrupted voluntarily, meaning the gods did not push them into being evil. This half should already be dead. This is an immoral people, quick to prey on others, as their history suggests.

Understand the god's methodology, for it will help you decipher future events. KKK killings are a good example::::
The gods either told or pushed the black males into acting up. Rednecks, corrupted by 1906, thought their participation would help them. Many believed it gained them protection from their illegal bootlegging activities.
They role played 1906 to Italians, told them that their fellow Italians were using this platform of 1906 to achieve global economic domination, and told them that if they wanted a piece, if they wanted to belong and be a part of this they'd do what they're told.
They illustrated the Moorish invasion, and the gods pit the Italians against the morbidly disfavored blacks. A majority of the KKK incidents were Italians who did the actual killings.
This is a good example of how the gods get the disfavored into place to fuck everybody involved.

Alcohol has always been a way of hurting the men, making them less than decent.
Women traditionally have been the enforcers of decency within the family unit and used their motivation to help men behave appropriately; due to their disfavor men's indecency has negatively impacted not only the family but the community as well.
Cultures which offer wine have women who consume wine, and the result is an indecent society. Combine this with Italian male's demand for sexual without the consideration of decency and you have masculinized women defining a morbidly disfavored society.
Anyone involved in the wine industry has no empathy for either the disfavored of the Mediterreanean basin or women, disregarding the superior gender. If they understand this as the goal and are sold on "earning" they will be punished very harshly.

The wine industry changed radically in the late 80s or early 90s. Likely still believing they were "earning", certainly thinking they were "golden" expect the gods funneled many Italians into this new "micro-winery" explosion this industry experienced, maintaining the god's preference that Italians prey on god's most favored gender.

"They deliberately planned those things (90s "parting shots":::The Sitution, end-of-revelry cycle media preditation, AIDS in Africa). When they found out the truth it was too late." HTH supports this. They shared they instructed his grandfather preyed on women emotionally to set the legacy necessary for the late 90s event. And of course 95% of the KKK deaths were revenge killings for the Moorish invasion of Italy. I believe 1906 is responsible for the economic repression of not only Africa but also the American ghettos.
"(Blah.)" Expect we won't see such activities on the income statements. Italians may be stupid but they're not positioned to be THAT stupid.
That monster who laid the legacy still alive? "He's been a pig a couple of times." He needs to be dead, as do the half who signed on to 1906 voluntarily.

New Orleans/Louisiana is French, while California is positioned as Italian.
Katrina was used to help the disfavored escape that wicked enviornment. Blacks in California won't be so lucky.
Know who your friends are.

I think Louisiana is like California:::Considered god's favored land. Perhaps this is because of the river, sportsman's paradise, etc.
Abuse dercted to Cajuns, Creoles and blacks in Louisiana suggest this:::Anytime the disfavored enter god's favored land they get fucked for it. I believe they used the Jena 6 ruling to send this clue.

Flanders is the shining example of a role model, but his parents were wicked. They were beatniks, the original hippies, purveyors of social poison, etc. Incidentally, beatniks emerged from the Italian North Beach neighborhood in San Francisco as a clue.
Because Flanders was raised in that evil enviornment his mind was poisoned. Only through understanding was he able to alter his behavior and become decent. Because of it he provided Rod and Todd a REAL chance, one that he will receive in the next life as well, but he can't go up because of his youth.
My advice is recognize Flanders is offered as a role model and emulate this decency. Do the very best you can with your children and perhaps the gods will see fit to bless you with a real chance much like you gave your children.
The Flanders role model suggests you are multiple lives away from ascention.

Ned Flanders was born into a cancerous environment. As a result his mind was poisoned.
Somewhere along the way he came around and began to do the right things. He provided a good environment for Rod and Todd, who have a real chance because of it.
It doesn’t mean Rod and Todd are going up. They still have to earn it.
Anyways, because Flanders did the right thing and provided a real opportunity for his children the gods may bless him with a similar real opportunity to ascend as a child in the next life.
Flanders wore beetle boots on Judegement Day. There were other clues suggesting he hjas to be reincarnated, and it is because his youth poinsoned his mind. The gods place a VERY high premium on innocence, one of the purposes of today’s ever-deteriroating society:::The gods have to pave the way and justify The End on Planet Earth.
You people are all multiple lives away from your real chance. If you look at this realistically you will set achievable goals, ensuring disappointment/backsliding isn’t going to be effective on you.

Manifest Destiny's WWII project produced Port Chicago which was parlayed into civil rights.wav
And these Italians who helped plan and impliment WWII thought they were in charge because of 1906. It shows the moral vacancy of the Italians involved.
Poetic justice that the gods funneled these monsters through the Nazi death camps.
They shared that many of these Italians involved understood clone hosting and believed germans would be the ones dying in their own death camps, much to their amusement. They targetted germans and theei descendants throughout the 20th century because of the german invasion in the dying days of the Roman Empire. An attempt to enforce decency, no doubt.
It is poetic justice they were victims of their own death camps. I wish them all to remember their horrors daily.
I demand the lives of those involved, the MD Italians who initiated and implimentted this plan to destroy my life in the years before they were shipped off to the Nazi death camps for this poetic justice.
And they'll do ANYTHING they're told. That's why the 20th century was so disturbing.

Prior to civil rights blacks had their own press. In the absence of civil rights these entities would have grown into legitimate media outlets serving the black community.
Maintaining segregation would have produced economic entities which arose from within the black community to fill the demand for goods and services.
The presence of these "black industrialists" would have FORCED the gods to factor them into positioning, producing voices in support of the black community and preventing the gods from inflicting ALL THE SICKNESS WE HAVE WITNESSED IN THE last few decades::Crack babies, drive-by shootings, AIDS in Africa, drought/famine!!!
I have mentioned people can expect an AIDS crisis among heterosexual blacks here in the United States. Considering that the fastest growing industry in the ghetto is the oldest profession on Earth expect them to be the targets of this punishment.

Italians/Romans are imperialists. They finaince their lifestyles off other people's misery.
Black people's misery. Blacks are the targets of this imperialism, and as a result it is IMPERITIVE they learn empathy, for this has been the case back to the age of Pharroh.
Imperialist pigs are an important dynamic to implimenting the god's strategies on this planet. As a result most Italians will be compensated with some time. Blacks will not be so lucky because they fail to recognize the difference between preditor and prey.

The gods ARE responsible for the evil of their technology. Their attempts to position away this culpability is a tactic, one they will use to further shrink the number of disfavoreds who suceed.


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Great story, Paula. I hadn't thought of the suatte being an object of worship but you are right, it could have been to an ancient group. You left me wondering what happened after and then . This must mean you had even more ideas. Well done, Paula.Ross Mannell (teacher)Australia

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