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November 28, 2007


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Metrodad, you are absolutely AWESOME! I'm blown away by the short descriptions of these sites you've included; my curiosity is piqued by every one! You are a master of words and I would be the first to buy and read your book if you ever decided to write one.


For someone who can't write, you've done a terrific job of describing these crazy, eclectic links.

Get well soon!!


Love the Gangster Wiggles. My toddler always wants to click on that link and I have resisted.

Like Fantasia, I have often thought The Wiggles would be better with drugs.


You can tell a lot about a man by what he reads on the internet. So why am I not surprised that you offered us this amazing selection of eclectic, funny, smart, and interesting links? These are awesome, MD! Rock on.


Oh, I have to add the MetroDad to my Facebook! I'll be the envy of all of my dad poker group!


Dude, Cate Blanchett is MY pretend girlfriend. Back off!


Motherfucker, MD. Like I don't have enough to read already. I can't. resist. clicking. on. all. of. these.

I think Metrodad on Scrabulous (on Facebook) would tear that shit up. Myself? I just like reading everyone's status updates. I think my friends are funny.


Oh god I am loving the letter generator. Christmas cards will be so much easier this year!

That, and I can totally wave your friend's husband in Misterpie's direction next time he needs reminding about how very lacking in the romance department he is. Not that I bring it up often, but it's good to have artillery just in case.

Mama Nabi

Yeah, don't accept Scrabble match requests from halfmama - she's a shark... but then, I guess you ARE Metrodad. Hmmm... this could be an interesting Scrabble-off.
Dude, rap Wiggles are the shit, yo. LN seems to like the rap versions quite a bit - although she does get a perplexed look and wants to know which wiggle is singing the song we're hearing.

Derek J.

I've been reading your blog for years now and have never commented before. I'm delurking to thank you for these links. I've been surfing them all morning.

You've turned me on to some incredible stuff. The NPR site is amazing and that Cat Power cover of Bob Dylan might just be the greatest song I've ever heard.

Thanks, MD!

Anne Glamore

Perfect timing on the dysfunctional family letter. You just saved me an afternoon and lots of angst. Thanks!

Driver B

MD, I totally understand the hatred for Billy Crudup. I mean, MLP was like 8 months when he left her. But didn't the Bridge and Tom break up BEFORE she knew she was pregnant?
(Of course, we don't know for sure, but that was my impression.)


Wow! Thanks for the shout out! Now I wish I had spent more than ten minutes of "toddler quiet time" on the post.


Welcome back to the States!

I'm on Facebook (mainly given my profession in marketing and the vast opportunities that exist there) and I have become highly addicted. The open source programming has allowed so many cool applications to be used.


Oh my gosh, you weren't kidding about that FreeRice website! I'm already hooked (I'm at the 43 level, whoohoo)!

samantha jo campen

I am SO going to poke you on Facebook.

(heh heh heh)


:: raises hand :: i've been saying the same stuff about k-fed! i'm so sick of it. i haven't heard anything about his other 2 kids since brittney had the last 2. highly suspicious. i'm so glad i'm not the only one who remembers!


so...here I am entertaining myself with your links on the right half of the computer screen while my 4 year old watches a DVD on the left half of the screen. When I pulled up that college link the subliminal naughtiness immediately grabbed her attention and she said, "Mommy, Mommy I wanna watch that!" I think she caught a boob shot. I found out the amazing speed at which I can click the back button.

The NPR site is AWESOME. So glad you posted it.

JJ Daddy-O

I'm watching The Wire, dammit! And I just bought the first 3 seasons on DVD and I am getting ready to order #4! And they just finished filming the final season a couple of weeks ago, which is just another sign of the TVpocalypse.


Wow, you weren't kidding. I can see how FreeRice can be addictive. I hopped on for about 15 minutes. Got to level 46 just to be able to say I made it there, and then made myself stop. I'm wondering if I'll be doing my friends a service or disservice by forwarding the link.

The Wire is one of the best shows ever. Have you watched Firefly? Nothing to do with the Wire, but also excellent. Really good writing. So good it was clearly over the heads of most people, so the show only lasted a couple of seasons.

Anyway. I'm a mom-of-a-three year old, a freelance writer, the executive director of a nonprofit and I'm finishing up a novel, so I seriously try to limit my collection of ways to procrastinate, but I have to tell you, I've been checking your blog daily since a friend of mine told me about it a few weeks ago.


I got to 46 but my daughter made it to 48. She is determined to hit 49. Freerice is fantastic fun! I love The Wire. Very addictive. As usual you are a great read.


Was only able to get a high score of 45...

mr. big dubya

Free rice - 47

Gangsta Wiggles: Were we reading Bill Simmons recently?

Can we take Details for the rag it is? And, how about the other article in this same issue: Are You Raising a Douchebag? Um, yeah, I am if I'm reading this poor excuse for a magazine for any sort of parenting tips from pseudo-hipsters who think K-Fed is the idea of a good parent. Douchebags.


Damn you, MD! That Free Rice site is going to be the bane of my existence. Last night, I hit 45 in the first 10 minutes but then got a few wrong and I dipped down to the high 30's. It took me another 90 minutes to hit 45 again. Now, I've arrived at the office and I'm playing again.


(at least it's for a good cause, right?)


FreeRice needs a dictionary. Pedantic does not mean bookish. Oops. Am I being pedantic? Ah well. They got 320 grains of rice. Who gets to count all that rice, anyway?


I hope you are good and ashamed of yourself, Metrodad. I have been nice and productive all week and then it all slammed to a halt about 1/2 hour ago when I checked in on your blog and then went about trying to provide free rice to malnourished youths. Don't you know I have reports to write? I love words, and that stupid rice for words website will pose a serious procrastination menace.

Not to gloat, but I got to 47. LOVE that link.


I just spent an hour on that NPR music site. I can't believe how much music they have on there. It's incredible.

Then, I headed over that that Free Rice site and spent another 20 minutes on that. So addictive.

Are you TRYING to get me fired, MD?


Damn you, MD, I am now addicted to Free Rice and made it to level 50. But bless you, too, because I always raised about 12,000 grains of rice.

Peanut will enjoy this website http://www.popularfront.com/snowdays/ --my now four-year-old had a nightly ritual last December of getting ready for bed then being allowed to make five snowflakes. The site should start its annual charity fundraising via snowflakes Dec. 1.


Free Rice-41 and still playing


Either you have the smartest readers on the internet (very likely) or I'm a dumb ass (also likely.)

I can't break 40 on the Free Rice site!


I couldn't break 49 before I had to wrest myself away to pick my kid up from preschool. Free Rice will be the death of me.


I stand corrected. Urgh. I hate being a bookish dork.


I love the Wire! Omar is the bomb.

And Free Rice is awesome.


lvl 43. my boss just walked in to my office and saw a big bowl of rice on my screen. he started giving me shit until i asked him if he knew what "lascivious" meant, he walked out head hanging low.


My high score was 45 the last time I played, though I seemed to comfortably sit at around 41, with occasional peakes into the 44-45 range. I got a "46" word once, and just kind of sat there thinking that these fuckers had too much time on their hands to sift that deeply into the Unabridged Oxford... and then, of course, missed the word completely.

So fun though...


I thought you might find this article interesting:



Free Rice is way teh cool. Made it to 49. Putting it on my favorites with weboggle. Thanks!


These links were great, MD. Loved your descriptions of all of them also. You really are a talented writer. Thanks for helping me waste time on a Friday afternoon!


Good thing Evel and Kayne made up when they did. Today I heard that Evel just died.

Re I'm Not There: Thanks for the idea, now I know what to get my father-in-law (loves Dylan, enjoys cover albums). I'll wait until he tries it out before making a copy for myself.

Speaking of websites and corduroy, have you heard of www.corduroyclub.com? A friend was recently at a wedding out here and met someone who had to duck out early to fly to nyc for the annual meeting. (held on 11.11, the date most resembling corduroy!)


If you haven't yet told her about Santa, don't bother. Why let some fat man in a red suit take credit for all those terrific presents you spent hours hunting down?!

I love The Wiggles, but my kids have outgrown them. I miss watching Anthony. Did Jeff wake up yet?


I got my toddler a corduroy shirt, and it's FLEECE lined. Haven't found a pair of Toughskins but when I do I'm living it up through my kid, dammit.


i just joined facebook a couple of weeks ago and i thought i was too old for it... but it's turning out to be pretty fun. they have a group devoted to doctor who and you can play scrabble with your friends through scrabulous. we'll see how long it lasts...


I know I have watched too much Wiggles because that video KILLED ME.

Damn, I miss Hitchens. I used to get VF just for his writing. But then I got too lazy to read so much, and last month's issue would still be sitting unread when next month's would arrive. I felt overwhelmed and guilty and cancelled my subscription. I should get a feed on him or something.

When you started the bullet about college kids, I was sure I was going to see a link to 2girls1cup reactions. Thank goodness it was so much more tame.

metro mama

Dude, I wish you hadn't told me about free rice.

I haven't passed 42 yet, but give me time!


It will probably be lost in the mix, but--and am I not yet a parent--I have figured out my philosophy of Christmas when I have kids, at least as far as the secular aspects of the holiday. My question for children will be:

"What did you give for Christmas?"

Going into the holiday, I will not encourage them to make lists, send letters to Santa, et cetera, but instead, think long and hard about what their sister or their brother or their grandmother might like.

Shouldn't that really be the spirit of Christmas? Instead of, what do I WANT?


Hey MetroDad,

Hope it's okay that I'm blogrolling you?

I love reading your blog,



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