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October 07, 2007


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Happy Birthday Miss Fancy!

Do you really make out what she's saying on the bike?


Beautiful Girl and very lucky to have a dad as nice as you are!

Jonathon Morgan

HOORAY for being three!


Only you could go from Betsey Johnson to Jungian therapy to pho ga in the same post. I love it. Happy 3rd birthday to the Peanut, one of the coolest little kids in the entire blogosphere!


Happy Birthday Peanut!!


Happy Birthday Peanut!! My peanut turned four the same weekend. Isn't it great?


Happy Birthday, Peanut! I agree that three is the best (and cutest) age EVER for a little girl. I'm lucky enough to have one, too!



I love that toddler stage where they pick up on all the things they hear from their parents. Recently, our 3-year-old came up to us and said very sternly, "it's YOUR turn to do the dishes!" My husband and I were laughing for hours over that one.

Happy birthday, little one!


Happy Birthday Peanut! My daughter will turn three at the end of November, a fellow Monkey (as in Year of, no political incorrectness meant). Her recent favorite things to do is to *read* and peruse the real estate magazine. We get her a new one each week (anything for my daughter, especially when it's free!) Given the market here in the SF Bay Area, I'm not surprised she's giving herself a head's up.


Awww! Happy Birthday Peanut! Beautiful girl.


You're posts are awesome MetroDad. And I don't usually say this (because its really not all that true in a lot of instances) but with complete sincerity in this case, Peanut is adorable!

p.s. You'll be loving her style once she starts raking in the $ for it. Let's just hope she'll rub your "boo boo" with that instead of moisturizer one day.


I'm with alexthegirl, MD. Peanut really is an adorable little girl. I hope she had a great birthday!


Happy Birthday, Peanut! You are one lucky girl, to have such a fantastically loving and affectionate dad.

Spencer from pinkbluecafe

What a touching letter! Peanut is just adorable, too! The letter is a great idea for when my son turns 1.

Jen G

Touching and lovely without being sappy! I loved this post, MD. I'm sure Peanut will too when she's old enough to read it. Always good to keep records of the memories of these precious years.


Yeah! Happy birthday, Peanut!!!

Love the post, MD. Oh, those awkwardly cute moments? I'm afraid you should expect more of those...(But they ARE cute, aren't they? In a cringe-inducing sort of way?)


The Peanut is absolutely scumptious! How do you and BossLady keep from nibbling on those cheeks all day? Sooo cute. Hope she had a great birthday.


The joy of parenthood never cease to amaze me with these type of posts!

Happy belated b-day to a beautiful, fashionista, culinary expert Peanut! May your parents be blessed with another sister (or brother) for you to play with!!

The Waya clan


Such a cutie! Happy 3rd birthday.


Happy belated birthday, kiddo! Stay sweet and God bless!

Mets fan after all these years

We recently moved to Georgia, and I've been thinking about dressing my 2yo as a Mets fan for Halloween. I thought you might enjoy knowing thta when you google Mets fan toddler, MetroDad comes up in the top 10.

Mama Nabi

Happy, happy belated birthday, my little fashion diva! HUGS and KISSES!!!


aaawww... happy (belated) birthday Peanut! you are so adorable!! :D


I found your site a while ago and figured that our daughters were close to the same age...apparently they are, as her 3rd birthday was Oct 9th! I totally hear ya on the dressing and showing off the underpants.

Calli's Mama

My 23 month old daughter likes to dress herself too. Sometimes she does well..other times, not so much but I love that she is creative and has very strong opinions abut her clothes and well, everything else. Anyway, Happy Happy belated birthday to the Peanut (as I just discovered your site) Your daughter is beautiful and she sounds wonderful!


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