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October 07, 2007


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Happy birthday, my twirling, singing, often screeching, joy of joys. Muah! Mama

hello insomnia

Awww, happy happy birthday Peanut!

Jennifer K

Every time I see a photo of the Peanut, I want to have a baby! I guess I should find a mate first, right? Happy 3rd birthday, Peanut!


Happy birthday!! And congratulations Mr. & Mrs. MD on three years of joyful parenting.


Henry Miller once wrote: "Lucky the father who learns to see again through the eyes of his children, even though he becomes the biggest fool that ever was!"

You are indeed a lucky man.

Happy Birthday, Peanut!


Happy Birthday, Peanut.

Your daddy's stories about you make me wish I would have had at least one girl.

Hope you tore the house down (or at least set the roof on fire!!),

Nomadic One

Happy #3 to the Peanut! You are one awesome kid!

And happy "birth"day to MD and BL, too. What a wonderful letter (brought tears to my eyes!)...I do the same kind of letter each year to my DD (who just turned 5 last Friday!).

Hugs all around!


Three is a fun age. They're old enough to have funny conversations with you all the time. Trust me. It gets even better! Happy bday, Peanut.

Carol Snider

You forgot to mention how BEAUTIFUL she is at three. You KNOW she'll want to know this when she's 16... and 26... and 56.



Swee'Pea and TheMonk say "Happy Birthday" but yelled at me to stop singing when I started up.

TheMonk also mumbled something that sounded like "hubba, hubba" when he saw the photo of Peanut.

Smiling Mom

AH! She is the prettiest little girl!


Happy Birthday to the Peanut.
Awesome post Dad. She is so cute!



Congratulations on three peanut! The world, no matter what the news tries to tell you, really is a wonderful place open for exploration. May you always find joy and grace in it as you do now.


Happy Birthday to the Peanut. Three rocks.

Papa Bradstein

Dude, the Peanut is the awesomest, as you so clearly know. And you are the awesomest dad for seeing and celebrating all those parts of the Peanut that make her so awesome.

Happy Birthday, Peanut! And here's to many happy returns of the day!

the mad momma

Happy Birthday Peanut. You are one lucky girl with two very lucky parents. And hey - you've brought sunshine into our lives across continents.... Thank you!

Lois Lane

Happy 3rd, Master P. She's beautiful, MD!


Happy Birthday Peanuts!!! Dont know why , but your birthday seems to hve put a grin on my face, like my son's birthday did...I think, thts ur fathers doing...have a great life..well, just carry on with wht u r doing, u seem to hve system already in place...

mr. big dubya

Holy crap! Three already?! Where has the time gone? Didn't you just post a Happy 2nd Birthday last week?

Happy Birthday, Peanut!


Happy Birthday Peanut! Is that a big bag of Smart Food in front of her? Love this kid!


Polite, funny, AND beautiful? Can I please set Peanut up with my favorite nephew? They'd be adorable together.

Angie in Texas

happt birthday little woman! happy "birth" day to MD and boss lady . . . it only gets BETTER from here (if you can believe that!)

Anne Glamore

I know everyone says this- but I can't believe she's gotten so big!

Best to you all!

daddy in a strange land

Happy bday Peanut! The Pumpkin wishes she could party with ya!

Jamie E.

I love hearing your stories about the Peanut. Posts like this just make me adore her even more. Happy birthday, Peanut and happy anniversary to giving birth, BossLady!


Gotta love the bullet points of hilarity. Happy birthday!


Three years old and she still has her limbs! How have you not eaten this child yet? Mmmmm, Peanut. Happy Birthday little one! And kudos to the parental units for reproducing most effectively;)

Can The Peanut expect siblings, or, do you have reservations about tempting the Gods a second time?

metro mama

Happy birthday Peanut!


Whenever I see photos of the Peanut, my utuerus starts screaming. She's sooooo beautiful. Hope she had a great birthday. Congrats to you, MD and BossLady. You done good!


oh happy birthday!!

new york kids are so amazing. she's wonderful.


Happy Birthday to a beautiful little girl (both inside and out)!

And dude, they make combat boots for 3 year olds?

Paige Jennifer

Why can a three year old do all of that and be labeled adorable but me doing it at thirty-four would get me committed? Like yesterday when I pulled up my skirt and announced I was wearing big girl panties... never mind.

Happy Birthday, Peanut!


You've got to love the bizarre clothes. My two-year-old daughter and I strive to create the most clash in any outfit.
What a great post/column. Happy Birthday.


Love it! My 19 month old now says "eat" whenever the buzzer goes. I'm escaird.


Happy birthday, kiddo! I'll smuggle some old Star Trek into your DVD player so dad can stop punishing you with musicals...

jennifer hull

i'm pretty sure i saw you, bosslady and peanut this weekend in downtown tribeca. what a beautiful family. i see where the peanut gets her looks from.

Lisa C

Three is such a wonderful age. Happy birthday, Peanut!

pnuts mama

the happiest of birthdays to you all- enjoy!!

Shannon Best

Happy Birthday Peanut from Austin Texas. Your dad is so damn hilarious. I love the mental pic I get of you two riding along the Hudson. beautiful.
Here's to 3 DUDE!
Hip "hop" hooray!


Happy Birthday, kid, just try to not break wind in other people's faces during adulthood, alright? ;)


she sounds like a fantastic little person already. happy birthday peanut!


Happy third birthday!


My daughter just turned 3 last week. Fun times! Happy birthday, Peanut!


Inspiring post. I really need to write one to my 3-yr-old to remind me what's weird and wonderful about him. He's a piece of work much of the time, and a post like this would help me remember what's good about him. I'd start with the huge Cheshire Cat grin he gets when proud of himself--not shy or demure in the least, but a "Yeah, I'm the baddest kid ever to buckle his own seat belt, yo!" kind of look.

Really well written-you found a way to say all the cliche'd things without using a single cliche. Bravo, cocky pop!

samantha Jo Campen

Happy Birthday Peanut!

Three is quite the accomplishment--congrats to everyone!


HEY! Awesome birthday, Peanut. You and me are going out for some cake.

JJ Daddy-O's Baby Momma

Little Mary Sunshine and Chang & Eng send their best!

You're gonna love 3.


She is beautiful! Congrats to you and the boss lady on raising a confident, intelligent, and gorgeous person.


Happy birthday, Peanut!

She's beautiful too. And I love the showtunes thing.


Happy Birthday to the Peanut. She sounds like a hoot.

My niece does the showing of the panties. "Look it, I have panties." Like the rest of us don't or something. Three is a fun age.

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