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October 02, 2007


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I thought about you the other morning when they featured the Mets season on NPR.

Me, I'm a Twins fan.


There will always be next year, MD. Keep hope alive!

moe berg

terrific post.

personally, i'm always bugged by the folks who ask me "how can you wear that hat?" when they spot me rocking the orange and blue the night after a tough loss.

it's because i'm a fan, you douche - which is why i wore the hat out on sunday afternoon even after the last ounce of blood was drained from my team.

for the record, only 5 strangers wandered up to me and asked, "you know they lost, right?"

6th Floor Blogger

Yeah. that sucked. I actually own a Saturday Plan, and therefore also had tickets to the World Series, 2 NLCS game tickets, and tickets to every NLDS game.

On the plus side..I'm already paid for next year and getting a nice refund...what to buy?

6th Floor Blogger

oh, and like moe berg, I do continue to wear my Mets stuff in the offseason. I usually retire it for about a week of mourning, as I have yet to end a season with them not losing.


After last night, I almost think it would have been better to not make the playoffs than get swept by the D'Backs like that. Such is the life of a Cubs fan.


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