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October 02, 2007


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Scott A.

As a Brewers fan, I share your pain, MD. I can't believe both our teams blew those huge leads. Totally depressing.


Condolences, MD. There's always next year!

Daddy Dan

As an Angel fan I truly feel sorry for you. The Mets were the one team in the NL that had a safe playoff spot a few weeks ago. Unbelievable.

the other amy

I thought about you the other day, imagining you screaming at the TV while the Mets lost. I feel for you buddy. I'm a Tiger fan. 'Nuff said.


What can I say? I'm a Giants fan (not a Bonds fan!), so... there's always tomorrow! (and the day after tomorrow)

mr. big dubya

Need I really say anything? We know where my allegiances lie and how many times my heart has been broken. And once by your Mets.

However, this year, I will have to hold off offering my condolences and pithy comments about "there's always next year" - I gots me some more games to watch.


Sorry MD, Better luck next year. I feel you though, I'm a life long Dodger fan.

Jonathon Morgan

At least you're not a Yankees fan. Then you'd be like the Empire in Star Wars -- even when you won it'd still feel kinda crappy inside.

Krissy Poopyhands

As a Cubs fan, I can entirely relate. If we had any sense at all we'd have switch loyalties sometime in the past 99 years. Instead, every non-Cubs fool is coming up to me and saying, "Think they'll win it?!"

No. No I don't. Because last time I said yes they turned a gorgeous medal-winning dive into a tremendous bellyflop that was so spectacular I took myself into a quiet corner of the kitchen and cried.

I fucking wept. Over baseball.

Pray for us.


As a die-hard Pirates fan, I'm not sure whether it's better to have your favorite team competing for a playoff spot every yearn and falling short OR reconciling yourself with the fact that your home team will always suck.


I am so heartbroken by this that I can't even read any of the analyses of their collapse. Only time will tell if this heartbreak will last as long as or longer than the one from the '01 Subway Series.
Maybe we'll get lucky and next year our heartache will be erased a'la '85 & '86.
I guess since some of my first words were "Shea Stadium" I should expect to be heartbroken often ;)


what is it with daddy bloggers and sports related posts... a second into reading them, i start to hear mrs. donovan's ( charlie brown's teacher) voice in my head - wha wha wha wha, wha wha wha wha, wha wha wha wha...


go white sox!

pnuts mama

yeah, that was a suckage fest like no other. it's not been good to live in queens this week, not pretty at all. hang in there.


I could offer condolences, or compare the life of a Seattle sports fan, or offer you a cheery "better luck next year!" but that wouldn't be me. Instead, enjoy this:



GO SOX! (Sorry, MD)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

The Mets season was brutal. What did Mets fans do in former lives to deserve this?


I would like to point out that during your preseaosn post, I did say the Rockies would do better than the Mets.

Man, I was gonna put up a Malnati's deepdish pizza, 6 Vienna Beef chicago dogs, a Eli's Cheesecake and 1 slab of Caron's Ribs.

And a bottle of Lagavulin.

But Tom Glavine pissed that away for you.


Muh-muh Mets? Will it kill our fantastic friendship when you find out Bossy likes the Phillies?


My hubs is a Mets fan too. Any advice on how I can get him to stop moping around the house and start speaking in coherent sentences again?

Mrs. Chicky

I'm a Red Sox fan. This attitude about "in the grand scheme of things, baseball is only a stupid game played by a bunch of overpaid athletes" has no place in my life. Baseball is life.

It's a sickness, really.


And my Padres last night??

Mets fans are not alone.


Hey, those of us in Philadelphia have been waiting 14 years to get into the playoffs, so we feel ya'.

And on a related note, the judge from Eagles Court? Is running for the PA Supreme Court this year. I guess citing guys for pissing behind the seats has really prepared him for deciding the important issues of the day...


I have felt your pain many times, MD --- I'm a Red Sox fan, as you might recall.

Don't despair. Whenever you're down, just replay in your mind the moment the ball went through Bill Buckner's legs in game 6 of the '86 Series.


I've been a Giants Fan since I was born. How many World Series have they won? That would be ZERO.

Now that I live in San Diego, I thought I've found myself slowly rooting for the hometown team. At least they win, I thought.

Well, last night I sat down and watched the ALL TIME FUCKING SAVES LEADER BLOW ANOTHER DAMN GAME.

I'm okay now. Really.


See? this is what happens when you dream. You get all postseasonal and doe-eyed and goey at the prospect of a title race. Then the girls in tights that play for your city crush your wet dream like Nurse Ratchet putting the thumb on Billy Bibbett. Collapse on the last day of season = baseball vasectomy. World Series Ring = Baseball Reltney

Mitch McDad

I have to admit that I grew up a Yankee fan...my dad grew up in the Bronx, so I had no choice. I always pulled a little for the Mets until "Kid" Carter and the 86ers came along and made me hate them. My college roommate, from Queens, needless to say is a Mets freak. We fought often.
Sunday made my laugh, smile, giggle, and pee may pants a bit.
Sorry dude.
Like you said--maybe next year.


I'm a Cubs fan. I'm used to disappointment.


I can't believe Willie Randolph gets to keep his job after that disaster!


I have those tickets too...in fact we learned that DHL only gives you two chances to sign for them (unlike UPS who gives you 3)...so to add insult to injury we had to drive to the DHL distribution center to get the tickets we will never use.


I love that Goose/Maverick Tailspin analogy. That's how I felt when the ball went through Buckner's legs. I still don't think I've fully recovered from that.

Go Sox!


As a Padres fan, I have to agree with you (and the ghost of Bart Giamatti). This was the year that the Pads were supposed to go back to the World Series. Oh well - at least we have the Chargers.

Oh wait.


While baseball makes me sleep, I feel your pain -- I sat through several years of the NY Rangers not making the playoffs, with those useless postseason tickets on my dresser. Sometimes the days just before the season starts (right now!) are the best days, with the excitement of great potential untempered by its subsequent waste.

Case in point, I also support Tottenham Hotspur, which appears to have already blown its offseason hype only two months into the EPL season. But I don't expect my fellow Americans to even know what that means...

Angie in Texas

i love how your men readers have delurked to show their suppport . . .

sorry about the mets. i'm a cubs fan myself (even though i live in texas) and i know/feel your pain. but there is always next year. (thinking about taking the kids on a baseball stadium tour next summer).


I'm so NOT a sports fan, MD. I guess the only thing I can compare it to is American Idol. I was devastated when Melinda Doolittle was voted off last year.


I'm with AngieInTexas. Who knew you had so many male readers? It's funny how they all come out of the woodwork whenever you write about sports.

Go Phillies!


While I'm a huge fan of your blog, a devoted father (Korean-American at that), and feel certain commonalities between your blogged life and my own, I fear we part ways on this one, MD. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Philly, I have lived 32 years in the shadows of a championship era that occurred while I was no more than a chipmunk. For all of my life, i've pleaded with the gods of sport to grant me one championship for my city to experience for myself. Though I understand your P.O.V. and that of others from Chicago, I must tell you all, that Philadelphia holds the distinction of having the longest championship drought for a city with all 4 major sports teams. The same cannot be said for Chicago or New York. People misrepresent Philly sports fans all the time. Noted for their incorrigibility and sometimes vicious demeanor, the Philly sports fan is the bi-product of decades of passionate losing. So while I can identify all too well that emotional response to a gut wrenching collapse, I can't help but state, "welcome to my world" and at the same time say, "It's about damn time." To me, the most perfect justice in baseball -and really all of sports- would have to be represented in the fashion of a Philadelphia vs. Cleveland World Series. For while Philadelphia holds the longest drought without a championship for a city with 4 pro teams, Cleveland holds the longest drought of any city, period. Here's to my prayers being answered and the gods of sport serving up at least one sunny day on this tired and forlorn dog's head of a city.


I'm so sorry MD! But how about those Red Sox huh? It's been 12 years my friend but they did it! I know, this is from the "fair weather fan" here. Maybe next year then!


Apparently Jon Stewart also feels your pain.


Check out the "Crying Shame" clip.

Go Sox!


i won't say it'll be okay because it takes a while for the sting to pass and the bruise to heal. i still can't look at anything from 2004. what a bitter taste that left. that and i almost got into a fight with my best friend's bf that night. not a good time to poke the bruise...

i do understand as a michigan fan and alumna...as well as victim of levels #7 & 8 in consecutive weeks. i wish the first 2 weeks NEVER HAPPENED


That Goose/Maverick tailspin thing may be the best sports metaphor in history.


as a Mets fan by birth...now a Nationals fan since thier arrival to DC. I was really hoping that both teams would win on Sunday but alas. it wasn't meant to be. The wounds may start to heal after October..unless the Phillies win the World Series.


Long suffering Cubbies fan here..and after watching the 7th inning of tonights game against the D'backs I just want to dig a hole for myself and cry.


I feel really badly for the Mets. They choked so badly they ought to consider moving to Boston. Oh, except Boston just won it's first game of the playoffs. Sorry! But we in Beantown know all about choking. Too bad it wasn't the Yankees that choked. Even as the wildcard, I still think they didn't deserve to be in the playoffs.


The Mets still play baseball?

kidding, kidding....


My family is bunch of die-hard Cubs fans so while I feel bad for the Mets' collapse, I really have only one thing to say...



I am thinking about the background noise in Bad Lieutenant. As a confirmed Canucks fan I think I can relate.

Papa Bradstein

Take heart, my friend. At least the Mets won more than one game, at least they gave you hope, at least they were well managed, all of which is more than I can say for my cursed fantasy football team which is going down like the Hindenburg.


speaking of the mets:



So how do I get my 19 month old daughter to quit saying "Go Mets" everytime she sees the Mets logo anywhere in the house, or anytime she sees people dressed in any sort of sport uniform? We've tried to get her to say "Go Play Golf, Mets!" but it hasn't caught on yet. [sigh]
What are you going to do with your book of tickets? I'm thinking about burning mine, but the rest of my household wants to hang onto them for sentimental reasons...


Your post is so heartfelt that it almost makes me feel guilty to live outside Philadelphia with a major Phillies fan. I do have to live with him, though, hence the "almost" remark. My condolences anyway.

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