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September 23, 2007


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why are you gone from babble?!?!?!


Wonderful post, Metrodad. I've done a lot of the things I wanted to do (check out KoreAm Journal next month for my first-ever article in print!). The only thing I can think of is skydive, but I don't think the hubs would approve.


That must be so cool to sail around the Statue of Liberty, Metrodad. Is there any way to do it where you're just a passenger on someone's sailboat?


What's with all the Iced Tea? Do people really sip iced tea on front porches?


That Mark Twain quote is great. Quite inspirational. Thanks!

Kara @ Fear and Loathing inStepford

I want to open my own business without having to take out any loans to so so... I'm laying the groundwork, bit by bit for that now :)

P.S. Never leave the city... bad things happen in the suburbs.

Kara @ Fear and Loathing in Stepford

that's to 'do so', not 'so so'.

It obviously won't be a proofreading business.


If you ever move the suburbs, they should air a sitcom about it. I can't imagine a funnier "fish out of water" scenario, MD!

the weirdgirl

Ah, sailing! I've been on and around a lot of boats, learned how to canoe when I was a kid, and my dad used to take me on the fishing charters in the San Francisco Bay but I never sailed until I went to a trip to Hawaii with Keen. We both loved it. We're saving that one up as a family lesson.

Other than that, I really want to learn to play the drums and I'm planning on starting in a month or two. Life is short.


That, and you can't WALK in the suburbs. There are no fucking sidewalks! WTF? It just seems dead to me, like no one would ever hear you scream.


Sounds incredible. I'm very happy for you. And how awesome is BossLady?!

I plan to eventually spend time in all 50 states, hopefully at least some of them with my kids before they are grown.


Oh, and you'd be surprised how many suburban parents don't like beer.


Well, I'm only in my 20s, so hopefully I have time. But I've always wanted to write a book (and have received copious enthusiasm about what little scribblings I've managed - one of my profs practically demanded that I join the Creative Writing MA program at my univ) but I am generally very intimidated by the idea! Must work up the courage, must develop the guts... I've always wanted to go to Ireland... but the plan is go visit Germany early next summer so that's a start, I reckon. I want to build my mom a house in Jamaica. And I want to be a mother.

P.S. My hubby is rabid about sailing too. He got his certification two years ago, but with all the craziness of moving and househunting, he hasn't had the chance to go out on the Galveston Bay lately. But Oct is supposed to be one of the best months for sailing in this area, so we hope to be heading out again soon. One more thing we have in common, hooray!


The hubby and I grew up in suburban surroundings, so it only made sense to raise our sons in a similar environment. But we've promised each other that when we retire, it will be in a nicely-equipped condo in downtown Chicago.


I gotta say that this whole entire time I didn't realize you live in NY.
Sailing sounds splendid. I should definitely try that with my kid and husband. Btw I love your blog.

Shannon Best

I wanna go back to Hawaii but this time with the kids and I want to at least try to surf once. Even if I bite the dust. I just wanna say I've done it. I also want to go to NYC. I want to eat at hotdog stands, see the Statue of Liberty, see a play and get a great slice of pie, fold it and let the grease run down my hands. Maybe watch the steam rise out of the manholes. Sit on porch steps and watch people go by. Ride in a taxi. There's so much and I want to do it all with my husband and kids.
Maybe I'll see ya'll in NYC one day.
Shannon in Austin


Sailing sounds really nice, particularly if the boat has a big-ass motor on the back and there are no waves - otherwise I barf a lot. Come to think of it, I think I'll just skip it and go bow hunting instead.


condolences--no fan should have to endure a gutting like that...


Sorry about your Mets, MD.


Can I just reprint this post and sign my name to it? It's so perfect. I also get a little choked up and emotional every time I cirlce the island - and not just when I see the statue. It's an honor and a privilege to live in NYC, even when it's a pain in the arse.

As for me, I'm dying to go to Venice. Always have been. I'm hoping it happens in the next few years.

Nancy R

The sailing sounds awesome! I've only been once, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Ed Bacchus

Believe it or not, but I have had a dream of going back to New York and setting up house there. Although I was born there, I never stayed more than 3 mths as an adult. Living in Dallas has been great for my two kids so I will have to get MB (Mommy Bacchus) used to the idea....

elliot cohen

Another great vacation idea that does not require crossing a bridge or a tunnel - Fall Foliage in Manhattan. Central Park or Cloisters.

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Devra Renner

I really really miss our apartment in Brooklyn Heights with the view of Lady Liberty. When I look our our window now, I see a big tree. Yes, it is tall and green for much of the year, but it's just not the same feeling, nope. not at all.

Tell her "Hi" for me!


wonderfully written. thank you.


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