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September 04, 2007


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Regarding Dallas, I quote the great Hank Hill. "I don't want you going to Dallas at all. There ain't nothing there but crackheads and debutantes. And half of them play for the Cowboys."


New music? Can't help you. I stopped listening to anything new way back in '93 or so. And since I don't watch TV either, a whole generation of advertising has no apparent effect on me. That Movado billboard on the northbound Henry Hudson Parkway? I had to Google it to discover the slightly hunky dude is Derek Jeter.


I see you've discovered the Golden Rule of Parenting: Never make a threat you're not willing to follow through on. It may seem trivial now when she's a toddler, but by the time she's a teenager your credibility will be shot.

I spent my weekend driving from the island you visited this summer to New Jersey as we move there to the NYC suburbs. 4 days on the open road with a u-haul trailer, a dog, two cats and my 14 y.o. son. Now I'm drinking.


manorexic has been added to my vocabulary. But seriously you have to try shaved pubs. was scary the first time but now it's a habit. I feel like a porn star and the wife loves it. Local DC radio morning jock Elliot was talking about laser hair removal though can't imagine that near my cajones.

As for Music top 40 sucks (but that's my humble opinion):

Rush - Snakes and Arrows (their best)
Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet
Spock's Beard - Octane

I would also check the local music scenes of major metro areas there are some gems out there.

In DC there are bands like:

Fighting Gravity, Stella Mira, No Second Troy, Laughting Colors, Honor By August, Emmet Swimming...and The Mesmers (shameless plug since I'm the drummer! :-) ) anyway best to you, the bosslady and peanut.


I just started the Denis Johnson book this weekend. So far, it's amazing. Have you read it yet? You'll love it.


Greetings from Austin, where we're visiting the family and JUST got back from Cabela's, which is like the world's largest bait shop & camo store. My kid got lost in the bulk ammo section and they nearly had to issue an Amber Alert to find him inside the store. You have to love a store with catfish in the aquarium and a stuffed polar bear. It rocked!


Okay, not that you need any more comments... you do have 56 of 'em already... but here is one more. I stumbled here today, and I'm so going to be back. If only to find out if "trying" for L'enfant numero deux is working out for you or if you are going to fall into a depression due to a) lack of sleep "honey, it's that time... we need to have sex NOW" or b) hair loss.

Greetz from PDX.

Jeremy K.

I'd love to see you in Cowboy Country. What a great idea for a new sitcom!


I'd recommend Sean Kingston, The Plain White T's, and Soulja Boy.

Dude seriously you haven't heard the Plain White T's? I wake up screaming from their godawful song resonating through my head from the 10000 times I hear it each day. They suck.

Music really isn't what it used to be. I've gone back to relistening to stuff I listened to as a kid but with a new perspective. Lately a TON of Joy Division. Oh Kings of Leon I do listen to Kings of Leon.

Shannon Best

We're in Austin. We'll hook ya up Austin style. Com eon back pardner. No camo vests here. Maybe a little armpit hair, mohawks and sweat.
Here are some bands out of Austin to keep you occupied:
Secret Weapons
Yuppy Pricks
And have you checked out Leslie and the Lys?


Good to see mention of you in the Chicago Tribune Q section this past Sunday. Have enjoyed your blog for years!


Re: Google analytics and toddlers.... Ha! And those are strangely all connected....


Just discovered your site via the Chicago Tribune and have spent the past 3 hours reading all your archives. Loved it! Hilarious and touching and smart. I'll be back again soon!


MetroDad, I've been lurking on your page for several months now and have not laughed out loud at my desk the way I just did. You are fucking hilarious. keep it up and i'll need to shut my door at work.

Audubon Ron

Funny stuff dude.

Listen, the health shit.

One day this little fairy-fucking age princess waves her fairy-fucking wand at you and the next thing you know your ass and your hair line are in a race to see who gets to your heels first. Don’t overdo the carrots; you want Angus cow-flesh or burger, go for it, and growl a little when you bite into it. It tastes better that way.

If you see that fairy-fucking bitch, you tell her I've got NO MERCY! I’m taking her nymph-stick and turning her into a pixie kabob. She’s go’in down. Nobody ruins my girlish figure and lives to tell about it.


You gotta try the band "The Shines" I adore them! Not your over the radio kind of stuff but still good!


I suck: the band is "The Shins"


I'm a little bit late with this, but here are my two favorite recent albums, apart from Common and Kanye, who don't need my help promoting them:

- Mudville, Iris Nova. Haunting, downtempo mood music -- think Portishead, Morcheeba, Sade, think electronica mixed with jazz-rock fusion sprinkled with classic R&B and a little dash of hip hop. Go to mudvillemusic dot com. Full disclosure: I'm friends with the band. But after you hear them, you'll feel like you are too.

- Blu & Exile, Below the Heavens. An MC (Blu) and producer (Exile) duo from LA. Hip hop for prematurely old people who sit around grousing, "Why don't these damn kids make music like [Pete Rock & CL Smooth/Native Tongues/early Nas & Common] anymore??" These kids do. Smooth, warm, soulful tunes with thoughtful rhymes and head-nodding beats.


first time here and really enjoyed the visit. About the cholesterol, I happen to remember a friend telling me that a certain type of pancreatitis leads to high cholesterol levels .

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will take the round-about way and just refuse to discuss the stories that the "writers" inexplicably find fascinating and worthy of consuming the entire show.


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MetroDad: CHAOS THEORY: Labor Day '07

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