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June 11, 2007


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Big Pumpkin

It's not gonna be easy not talking about the peanut! All the best with Le deuxieme 'enfant! Enjoy...




HEY!! You are coming to my 'hood! We are on Whidbey Island. Orcas is so beautiful, I am jealous! Good luck on the second coming, we are going to start for #2 at the end of the summer too. I feel like such an adult actually "trying" to have a baby instead of randomly getting knocked up after a night of drunken bowling. Have fun!


Have a fab time, MD & Bosslady! You'll definitely be missing the Peanut big-time but it's nothing a lot of wine and some massages can't overcome.

metro mama

Oh my, that does sound heavenly! Enjoy, MD!

Papa Bradstein

Sounds beautiful and relaxing. If pinot noir prices go up here in a week, I'll know who to curse.


Hey, I'll pick you up from the airport!!

Seriously, have a wonderful vacation and I hope that the weather cooperates with you. Enjoy!


So jealous. I could use a childless vacation right about now. The kids have only been out of school for a week and i'm already at wit's end!

Momma Em

So jealous I can't even see straight! Take lots of pictures for all of us who wish we were in the San Juans too!


Orcas is beautiful and is our favorite of the San Juan islands. This is a beautiful time of year to visit there. Have a great and relaxing time!

Paige Jennifer

There wasn't a single thing missing from that description. In other words, I'm utterly jealous. Have a great time!


I love the fact that you even know what a mani-pedi is. You truly are MetroDad!

cam c.

Living within walking distance of a ferry through the San Juans, I wasn't feeling jealous until you mentioned the Audi and the wine... enjoy the vacation!


Congrats! Orcas is incredible. We desperately want to move there someday. Two years ago our Baby Deux was with us but had yet to make herself known (except to her 2 yo sister who told me I had a baby in my tummy about 100 times). And last year we camped with a 2.5 yo and a 6 week old and in-laws, which wasn't as bad as it sounds. This year we're doing your way (almost--we're still bringing the kids) and we've rented a gorgeous house for a week. Don't miss the hot springs and the cafe at Doe Bay.


Lovely, my in-laws have a place in the SJ's.

#2? You are a glutton for punishment.

So jealous. Get drunk and pampered!


Have fun and good luck at the baby making.

Man 7 days with grandparents...she'll be spoiled beyond all hope after that. ;)

Peanut and Orcas has a nice ring.


Howd'u manage to separate the bosslady from peanut. Would never happen in my neck of the woods...

Good choice of car by the way, good to see you went european. Have a great break!



Have fun and enjoy the nice weather!!


That sounds awesome. Have fun! Although, I have to say Killer sounds more edgy than Orcas.

Hygiene Dad

Don't drink too much pinot noir or the minnows don't swim as well. I want to be an uncle, you know.

Enjoy the time away. Mani-pedi's rock, dude.


Jealous with a capital J, man. Have an awesome time.

Julie H

Have fun! Just got back from our adults only escape to Roatan, Honduras. If you ever want a fabulous retreat in the carribean check out


Good luck on Orcas! How lucky are you, the name is gender neutral!


Have fun with the booze and the sex and the stuff.


ooo a new baby!!! that's nice, the Peanut will be a big sister!!! enjoy your vacation!


Have a GREAT time. But just remember not to drink any f!#$ing merlot. ;)


That is so SWEET.

Good luck to the both of you on baby#2.


Have a great time. I last conceived on our last 7 day vacation. Don't worry about drinking too much Pinot Noir--the minnows still manage to swim just fine.


Try Christine's for dinner.

(Bainbridge Island)

Nomadic One

How wonderful for you and BossLady, MD. Enjoy your time away from the Peanut but it will make the reunion with her all the sweeter! (And I love knowing that you'll be here in my state for 7 days!)


Watch out for bicyclist on the island. Especially a tall guy on a red bike that may or may not be pulling his 4yo daughter in a trailer.

Also, try Ship Bay Oyster House. Many locals believe it's even better than Christina's.

P.S. Be careful in your zippy little Audi in the 20mph zones on the island. The SJC Sheriff's Dept likes to pad the county coffers from tourists' pockets.


Your trip sounds amazing! Have a great time, and be careful with the pinor noir and operating heavy machinery on open waters.


Maybe we can see that San Juan isle from my bedroom? AKA if you sail into Vangroovy (as Dooce once dubbed Vancouver) look us up eh.

Especially if you want to do a little more fieldwork around life of a family four? I make some Ukrainian Sushi I think you'd really like or maybe it would be impetus to my husband to actually take me out for dinner. Come on help a Mama out.

Happy Holidays.

ps. Peanut would make a great big sister, I just know it.


Wow, I'm impressed that you pulled off such a feat. Have a fabulous time!

Spring would be baby-hatching time. Good luck!


Sweet! My man and I just got back from Colorado sans kids...All I can say is that it was wonderful to have the opportunity to miss them. Enjoy yourself!


Hey - have a great trip. I've spent alot of time there. My aunt and uncle, who is an architect, built a house on Lopez Island.

Don't forget to visit the island with the Agressive Nuns. Ask around - they can tell you which one.


Ohhhh, I hope you have a WONDERFUL time! DH and I just did that very thing (okay, a trip, but no sailboat was involved) a few weeks ago. His parents came down to stay with our 15-month-old while we went and played for a week in the wine country. It was glorious! Looking forward to your synopsis when you return.

JJ Daddy-O

Uh, I mean, have a nice time.

Mitch McDad

Bon voyage mon ami...happy baby making...and pinot drinking.

ray lee

Bonne chance avec votre deuxieme bebe! Bon voyage mon amie! =)

-ray leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I hope its a boy.


You should'a come last week -- the weather was phenomenal! This week, we're just back to the same ol' cloudy stuff. But it sounds like you'll be spending a good amount of time indoors anyway... Have fun with all your San Juan activities!

Juan if it's a boy and Juanita if it's a girl.


Kara at Capebuffalo

Hooray to you foer getting away. If you make it to Port Townshend, be sure to inhale that clean air extra long for me.

Orcas Whalerider SanJuan DoubleLatte Kim....That has a nice ring to it but I bet you money there'd be three other kids named exactly the same thing in his class.

Her Bad Mother


No, really, this is great for you. Good for the heart, no? ;)

(Still. Jealous.)


I second the recommendation for Ship Bay. Be sure to go catch the sunset on Orcas at least once-- it is consistently one of the most vivid I've ever seen, especially at this time of year.


A childless vacation? Man, I'm jealous. I think I'd spend the entire week sleeping!


right on, MD!

ran my first marathon on Whitbey Island last year... my first venture to that part of the Pacific NW. friendliest people in all of Christendome.


Wait! In the words of a great relationship book: If You Leave Me Can I Come Too?


Words cannot express how jealous I am of your RS4, even if only rented.

I noticed you are nominated for the "Hottest Daddy Blogger" over at the blogger's choice awards, and doing quite well I might add. I also noticed you don't have a badge here to promote yourself. You've got my vote today, but you might want to grab that embed code to mobilize the rest of your readers to vote for you.

Keep on Blogging!

Mama Nabi

I can't wait to "meet" Orcas and look back on this post fondly... 'I remember when they went off on their own... and came back with someone special...' Sigh. :-)

Hope you two have a wonderful time! Aw, I'll bet Peanut misses you both! (Probably not as much as you two miss her...)

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