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June 05, 2007


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MD - thought about exploring anxiety as a cause of your chest pains? I've had several friends who started having panic attacks who had symptoms that sound like yours.


I met John Edgar Wideman (favorite author of that summer) on a train. And introduced myself. We drank cheap train wine together all the way to nyc.

My summer list includes Un Lun Dun by China Mieville and something by Proust.

As for public/private and democracy...in my idealist moments I want to get involved and participate as a parent in a way that helps make public school what we want it to be, not just for our kids or my kids but for our country.


Darkness at Noon by Arthur Koestler and Under the Volcano by Malcolm Lowry


I'm a frequent lurker...thought I'd post finally. I enjoy your outlook on life with a toddler. We have a 2 1/2 year old son who keeps us on our toes!
A Thousand Splendid Suns was a great read, in my opinion. I finished it in a day!


So much ROFL -- from "You Da MAN!" to the teacher joke. Funny. Humor. Good. Thanks, MD. :)

I'm eagerly awaiting the 1998 Filofax post --- THAT really caught my attention, for some reason.

Glad to hear your heart is OK! But now I can't get the Six-Million-Dollar-Man TV Show theme song out of my head (even though you wrote "Bionic Woman", but I don't remember her theme song).


Hi MetroDad! I'm delurking, finally, to say how much I appreciate your humor and your kid! We don't have children and aren't planning too, but between The Peanut and Juniper, I feel I'm covered. :) I'm reading The Devil in the White City this month... the absolutely true and sometimes gruesome story of a serial killer in Chicago during the building of the World's Fair... Should I be concerned that I'm enjoying it an awful lot? Thanks for the great laughs! Looking forward to the 1998 Filofax - just thinking about what mine would contain is causing hives. :)


I was looking at your reading list and realized that I haven't read a book since my twins were born 14 months ago! Wow! Gotta get back into reading again (and working out and showering and rejoining the human race in general.)

creative-type dad

Really? You can toot into a hand...

I'll have to try that


Underworld, Blood Meridian, Devil in the White City, and Chabon's latest, about the Yiddish detective in Alaska, is on deck. (If I have either the author's name or the premise of the book correctly. I am using at as a door stop right now.) And Tintin in Tibet.


I need to catch up on the world of reading....

I'm having a WORST Father of sorts....come check it out....even if your dad is Father of the Year!



Reading? hmmm...I seem to have some vague recollection of what that is...remind me again.


Excellent post! The "You da MAN!" had me laughing out loud; you have a delightful child (which is no surprise considering what a goofball her dad appears to be!).

Books --the one book I've read lately that I gotta tout is Middlesex by Jeffery Eugenides. Some friends of mine lent it to me and I just read it on vacation to San Antonio this weekend. What a fabulous book (and incidentally, Oprah just chose it as her next book club selection).

Rock on, dude!


That's my new favorite joke.

And don't give up on the public schools! I can give you an earful on them, but I won't. But remember without parents like you and BossLady the public school system IS doomed. So hang in there.


"You da MAN!" is priceless.

My older son recently told me he one found his little brother -- now 18 -- under the stairs with some tampons. Little Brother was sure they were some kind of candles.

I'm listening to No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy right now. He's a minimalistic wonder with language.


That's definitely cute "You dad man" lol


MD - This might sound silly, but I would love to know the name of the park and what time it is that it's closed up at night - I'm amazed because I live next to a playground in Brooklyn that is never closed up when it should be (and we are told the parks dept. doesn't have the staff to do so). Any info would be appreciated! Keep up the good work - and thanks the laughs.

metro mama

Just finished On Chesil Beach. Thumbs up!



You da man! love that


time to read? email is burying me!
DVDs is where we're at. Just saw "God Spoke" by Al Franken very good


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w00t! Although the cigarette smoke at the top is mkinag me cough a bit. But the comments are gorgeous!Yeah, this is EASY reading!! Good call NDFG. Replied to the mass email you sent, hell of a story . . . . . Feel free to forward to all others if ya want, I replied to you only because I didn't want to breach any personal stuff. I'm guessin this subject is wide open with all Bumz on the email list, so from now on I'll hit reply to all' . . . . PB, this is REALLY easy to read!!!


yeahas for the avatar's i'm not eertinly certain. there might be options in the profile, but i got mine through gmail it seems if you use a gmail account and set up a picture there (which is what betsy, cassie, and I have already done), they show up


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Hey, killer job on that one you guys!

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