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June 19, 2007


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Glad you enjoyed Wild Ginger. It's kind of a Seattle institution. Did you ever get a chance to try Christinas or Ship Bay?


The Inn at Ship Bay? What a delight!


You forgot the severe avoidance of make-up, here. I mean, what's wrong with a little well-placed lipstick? But, I have crocs for my baby! She loves them! And while you were enjoying the beauty of the PNW, I was traveling from there with said baby back to nyc for a long weekend. OMG. The cement. I'd forgotten in the short year I've been out here just how much cement. And how, in the sun, that's all there is, sun and cement. And cabs with broken down air conditioning. It was a sweaty dirty cementy time. Fun, too, but now that the child has rendered good clothes and good drinks out of my price range, I'll take some seriously questionable fashion--green cordoroy in June, love it--in exchange for green landscape and easily accessible organic produce. It's true, too, though, that the happier I get here, the more I can't escape the feeling that I've lost something I really liked. Thanks for keeping ny present, if virtual!


I agree that unless you're Scottish, you don't have a right to wear a kilt. BUT kilts are sexy!! And I can't help but point out the weather in Seattle is almost as rainy & cold as Scotland!
I'm so glad this generation of dads really understand & value parenthood!


Glad you and BossLady enjoyed our little corner of the world, MD. Having lived in NY and Boston my entire life, I was a little nervous about moving here, but everything you said was right on...the beauty, the scenery, and the people are awesome. Sure, the weather could be a little better but a little rain never killed anybody...yet!

urban urchin

I too work in fashion, and completely concur with your advice. Patchoulli is the devil's cologne.

air web

How 'bout sharing the wine list with your readers???

Her Bad Mother

Am born and bred Pacific Northwesterner. LEFT the (breathtakingly beautiful) Pacific Northwest for every reason that you outline above. Life's too short to wear fleece and get bad tattoos.

Welcome back!

Family Man

I agree MD, Seattle is an odd meeting of stunning scenery and bland fashion. Flip flops and jeans are a fashion statement, as are Hawaiian shirts. Come back anytime though.


I only take issue with one thing in this post: You are indeed the arbiter of good taste.

(And your wedding stories are wonderful. I wonder which of them was wearing the crocs though.)

british mummy

oh, you put the underware on your head...my little girl (17 months) has a thing about gettin her daddys boxers out of the laundry and putting them on her head, nice!


i won't be surprised to find you bloodied in an alley, kicked to splinters by a few PNW steel-toe-driving, utilikilt-wearing bears.

fleece, utilikilts, crocs.

welcome to the PNW, my friend.


I think your bad boy, Noel, was totally stalking you in a SWF-type of way. Who does that?

Sounds like you had a great trip. Your fatherhood speech choked me all up (ya girl); It's refreshing to hear men be so open with the gushiness of parenthood.


Ok on kilts.. I give you the p-man


And, maybe you were close but no cigar this time. I suppose you might remember us when you swoop in for 2010. Speaking of which; one for the mailbag.. where do you stand on the Olympic Games?

Debating exercise: http://motherwoman.blogspot.com/2006/02/alternate-olympic-sports.html


Rockin' post, MD. What a great time... and thanks as always for sharing.

Funny how the people that lack pretense often lack fashion sense.


very nice post. loved it all.


I'm also a native (Portland) and I cannot stand the crappy fashion sense of my fellow Northwesterners. But man, I actually thought PeeYooEee had run its course.

Glad you had a good time and got to experience the openness and sincerity of folks out here. I actually think it's a relatively new thing in our regional culture. It seems most people aren't from here and with all sorts of newcomers decending at once everyone needed to make new friends and everyone opened up. It's a refreshing change from 20 years ago and part of the reason I decided to stay.


I got all teary reading your tribute to today's fathers. That was very well written, and I can attest to that through my own hubbie. He's a great father, very hands on and never shy from giving me a hand with our 4 kids and so much more patience than me.

With the birth of Parker, I feel a bit guilty when I nurse him, I feel like I'm neglecting the other 3 kids. I need to clone 3 more of me so that I can spend more time with each of them.

David Conrad

Wow - well thanks for your sweeping generalizations about Seattle. Unfortunate that you felt compelled to make them after a short limited view of a city what ID magazine named one of best cities for design, one that is at the center of a rebirth of contemporary modern sensibility, and one that happens to be home to some pretty great dads – who happen to be able to dress also appropriately. I'd be happen to give you the real dad's tour next time you're in town!


David...where did MetroDad say anything denigrating about Seattle? If anything, it was the opposite. Get that chip off your shoulder and chill the fuck out.


I don't know, I think the whole fashion advice from nyc is def meant condescendingly. And why not? Truth is, nyc has fashion in a way that the PNW does not. What makes folks angry is that fashion tends to get associated with a sophistication that may or may not be real. As I learned the hard way, nyc is home to some of the most provincial people you'll ever meet, isn't it?


Classic post, man. Keep 'em coming, you're so right on so many levels.


Congratulations on the new venture. There is a ssriouely lack of professionalism and business maturity when dealing with young artist because they are young. It's hard to mature because everyone is racing to the money. Glad to see you and your team willing to share your experience. Do I see, a Boss Lady Manual for Amazon Kindle in your future. Hmmmm .Just a thought.


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This artilce keeps it real, no doubt.


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