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June 26, 2007


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I'm first! Boo yah!


You're such a nerd, BossLady! That's why I love you. Aren't you supposed to be in meetings all day today? Are you hiding in the bathroom with your Blackberry again?


This is hilarious, MD. I love how you poke fun and parody celebrity kids...while still being "in the know!"


Celebrity kids: the ultimate accessory. They should come with handles.


This is my favorite: Proactiv wants you to do a baby-acne commercial.



What is it with celebrities and the weird names for their kids? I never understood that.


I love this Metro. You're cracking my ass up.

Truly, it's fucking sad for those kids. All they did was be born. That's it and their lives will never be normal. I will say, I'd take that Escalade any day. Kid has a nicer ride then me and I'm 27. Freakish mother, but a nice ride.

BossLady, you're funny! I know I've said it before, but you should really start a blog.


Poor kiddo... you can just see him in drug/alcohol rehab in a couple years.


Why do I get the sneaking suspicion that the toy Escalade cost even more than my REAL car?


"I'm a Slave 4 U" as a lullaby ???

hmmm...sounds like a good enough idea that i'll have to give it a go.

great post.

Angie in Texas

the only other sadder celeb accessory is the adopted chinese or korean baby . . .


Oh fabulous, MD! Although I'm dismayed to learn that life is not all Bugaboos and Balenciaga. Dammit.


WTF? You write this whole thing, which is obviously an ad for FameCrawler, and you don't link to it?

I even called you man candy on there the other day. Okay, i actually called you mandy, but the reader(s) got it.

I thought we were tight.


I'm so with you, MD. Whatever happened to the days when people were famous for actually DOING something? I can't tell you how many times friends of mine living in Europe or Asia ask me, "why the hell is Paris Hilton famous again?"

Really, I have no freaking idea!


The kid's got K-FED as a dad. Give him whatever he wants. He's fucked.

ray lee

I'm with Phoenix on this one.

bosslady.typepade.com? hehe.

-ray leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


LOL - the only SUV my 2 1/2 old daughter is getting contains Little People.

Mama Nabi

He looks really sad. Poor baby... indeed, money cannot buy you a happy childhood.
Yeah, I'm not too sure about the Paris Hilton obsession... it only makes me want to NOT stay at a Hilton ever, lest I become partially responsible for that girl's sad empty life.

creative-type dad

Somebody needs to buy that kid a friend.
He's looking pretty lonely.


Do celebrity moms actually raise their kids? I barely have time to take a shower during the day! How do they do it with magazine shoots, movies, and more?

And...having a nanny is not a form of mothering.


Do celebrity moms actually raise their kids? I barely have time to take a shower during the day! How do they do it with magazine shoots, movies, and more?

And...having a nanny is not a form of mothering.

L.A. Daddy

If I were a celebrity, I'd have a dozen kids! It's not like I have to raise them! That's what the hired help is for!


(Hope you're feelin' better!)


Oh MD. Don't hate the playa, hate the game.

pnuts mama

go to theology school, bwahahahaha.


Mitch McDad

My next door neighbor has the same ride, but in red (sweet) but his boy has to sit bitch because my daughter always insists on driving.


Britney and Kevin - a couple of in-laws Bossy wouldn't want to tangle with...


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samantha Jo Campen

It's nice to know Sean Preston is being raised with global warming awareness.

Oh, wait a minute. . . .


You rock. For real.


Who swept the Mets? Who?

I can't hear you.


Would love to see what your open letter to Britney and Kevin would be in regards to parenting skills!


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