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May 29, 2007


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This one is a winner.

"I just don't know how you do it" = "What are you crazy. Why do you do it THAT way?


Kathy - if you don't like what you are reading, don't read it, and for crying out loud, don't comment on it. This isn't the Times editorial, it's a lighthearted parenting blog.
Bosslady, if I read you correctly, MD is in the hospital. We're sending speedy recovery vibes - no translation necessary.


I get this all the time: "It must be because you stay at home with her that she has such a large vocabulary/ expresses herself so well." = There's no way she's *that* freaking smart on her own.

But she is, dudes.


Are they twins? = I can't tell any of the Asians apart.

I actually heard this as a 28 year old next to my 25 year old brother sporting an afro. Can't wait till i hear it with my kids.

BTW - great blog, been meaning to comment for a long time, but this post pushed me over the edge.


"It's so great that you've managed to nurse this long" (18 months) = "You hippie freak, do you think you'll have weaned your child by the time he goes off to college?"


I can't tell you how many times I've heard some of those!

"Oh, wow! He still crawls in the bed with you? He must really like to be around his mommy!" = "You freaking nutcase! Get your lazy ass up and send him back the fuck to his own bed!"

I read MD for a good laugh when my toddler has worn me out all day. Do you write a blog? Is it funny? 'Cause you are pretty hilarious.


I read MD for a good laugh when my toddler has worn me out all day. Do you write a blog? Is it funny? 'Cause you are pretty hilarious.


ROFLMAO, as usual.

The Pink Bride

When I say:

"Well, it's a very personal choice...I mean, I wasn't breastfed..."

I'm thinking:

"...and it's obvious that I have a good twenty IQ points on YOU, so I'm not sure what the problem is."

When I say:

"S/he's so active!"

I'm thinking:

"Can you duct tape it to a chair?"

When I say:

"She's a bit young for a pet, I think,"

I'm thinking:

"If your brat tries to pull my cat's tail one more time I'm punting her down a flight of stairs."


Does he look like his daddy? = you look like the Irish nanny.

Does he visit you at work? = Do you ever see your kids?


My wonderful wife is chinese, I am a white. R2 is our 4 year old boy with a rat tail/top knot. Old Chinese women, constantly ask:
"Is she yours?", followed by "Are you sure?" which translates to "Are you sterile? Why did you adopt a white kid? There are perfectly normal Chinese kids available!"


I haven't laughed out loud over a post like this in soo long! (= I am such a saddo!)


How did I miss this?? It's wonderful!

Ok, "where did you get that cute outfit for her?" =

"Your kid is so ugly I can only find it in my heart to compliment her outfit."


I have twins and have had true dumbasses ask "so which one is the evil twin?" ummmm......YOU are? Idiots.


Ha...this is great.

Someone just commented to me about my 14 mo old daughter, "Wow, she's going to be a real go-getter!" Of course the brazen bitch in me replied, "What are you trying to say, that my daughter is pushy?"


This was too funny. Great post.

One time I was shopping with my friends 2 year old daughter,adopted from China.

These two young black girls came up to me and said "Oh your baby is so cute! she looks just like you!"

I am white , with blond hair and blue eyes.

Translation: you all look the same to us. :)


"aww did she just wake up?"

translation- could your little devil child be anymore demanding and could she be any bitchier?!?

"she's going to be so pretty when she grows up!"

translation- shes an ugly duckling...here's to hoping se grows into those features...cheers

"he has such an active imagination"

tanslation-" what kind of horse shit are you shovelling in to your kid's brain"

"my my he seems like he's had lots of sugar today"

translation- control your kid!

Always Home and Uncool

I think I wet myself. Great post, brother.


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I really am so happy that you are pntsiog these. I know it's difficult to watch- but from my perspective, it's helping me deal with the emotions that go along with it. Being able to see what is happening beyond the news coverage is calming for me. Thank you!!!!!


I really am so happy that you are pntsiog these. I know it's difficult to watch- but from my perspective, it's helping me deal with the emotions that go along with it. Being able to see what is happening beyond the news coverage is calming for me. Thank you!!!!!

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